Etsy List: London Calling!

July 27th, 2015

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'London Calling!' Etsy List curated by H is for Home

We’re back home after a long-overdue trip down to London and Brighton. The Big Smoke has inspired our Etsy List selection for this week!

There are some wonderful products in our selection, including designs by a couple of favourite illustrators Kenneth Townsend and Miroslav Sasek whose work we’ve blogged about before.

London Calling!
Curated by H is for Home

The importance of wearing a hard hat

July 26th, 2015

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Every now and again, we get involved in DIY. Nothing heavy you understand. Perhaps a friend needs a hand repainting a room, changing their kitchen doors or demolishing a wall.

Our work also takes us to homes that are being refurbished and it’s clear that some people are far more skilled and adventurous than us. People will turn their hands to all kinds of things as a way to turn a shell into a home.

A lack of money is driving more people to do things themselves. Often they will sell or donate their old furniture to us as a way to raise funds or simply to make space for new furniture.

For the most part, things turn out well for these people. It’s amazing to see what people manage to do when they decide to learn new skills and carry out all kinds of home improvements themselves.

Sadly, every once in a while, things go array and unfortunately accidents happen. One such accident is prompting me to write this post. A friend of ours was knocked out when he was hit with the end of a scaffolding pole. It wasn’t a hard blow, no bones broken just a nasty bruise and a bit of a bump, but he still ended up in A&E being checked for concussion.

When I heard about the accident, it struck me that it wouldn’t have been serious if my friend had been wearing a hard hat. Of course, the accident could still have happened, but the consequences would not have been so serious. A hard hat would have absorbed more of the blow and potentially my friend would not have been knocked out and have needed to attend the hospital.

Golden retriever dogs wearing hard hat and saftey gogglescredit

Use the right safety equipment

When we work on a project or piece of furniture, we’re usually quite careful. We use gloves, safety glasses and wear a mask when sanding down furniture.

Over the years, the cost of safety equipment has fallen and these days, sites like sell to the public as well as professionals. On sites like this, it’s possible to buy industrial-quality safety equipment for a low price.

Man in a hard hat working under a wooden floorcredit

Keeping yourself safe while doing DIY

Staying safe while carrying out DIY is very much a matter of common sense, you just need to stop and think. It’s very important not to work with power tools when you’re tired, on medication, or after a night out when you’ve been drinking. Remember, it only takes a moment of inattention for an accident to occur and for someone to get seriously hurt.

It makes sense to wear gloves and safety glasses when using power tools. If you’re working in a confined space or somewhere where there are loose fixtures and fittings that could fall on your head, you need to wear a hard hat or helmet. Remember to protect your feet too. Wearing safety shoes is a wise precaution.

Next time you set out to do a DIY job in your home, stop and think about safety and take the necessary steps to keep you and your family safe.


Charity Vintage: Master sardine tin opener and fish server

July 25th, 2015

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Vintage Master sardine tin opener and fish server

We’ve found a really quirky item for this week’s Charity Vintage post. We don’t think we’ve ever come across a Master sardine tin opener and fish server before… but, if you’re a big eater of tinned fish, then what could be better? It looks good and does the job perfectly.

It’s currently up for sale by Pilgrims Hospices* with a buy it now price of £10 and a further £1.99 for postage.

*Pilgrims Hospices in East Kent run 3 hospices to help and support families and patients suffering from terminal illnesses. Their aim is to optimise the profits from items donated to their charity