Allotment Diary: Allotment friends and foes

April 22nd, 2014

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garden loppers, saws and packets of seeds

The last week on the allotment had us pondering mortality – the cycle of life, decay, death and rebirth. We did some hard pruning of trees and shrubs, some much-needed weeding and a little bit of seed planting.

old stone flag wall

This beautiful flagstone fencing was ubiquitous in the local area once upon a time. It’s made of the local millstone grit and borders one edge of our allotment. It’s such a shame that it tends to get broken, removed or demolished in favour of indeterminate brick or concrete walls or wood panel fencing. It’s all higgledy-piggledy like a mouthful of teeth in dire need of a good orthodontist – but we like them like that. A perfect Hollywood smile would look completely out of place! We think it may have originally been part of a vaccary wall – to keep herds of cows in check!

Snails, scourge of the allotment

We posted a photo of Mr Robin in last week’s allotment post, but not all the allotment dwellers are our friends. These snails, along with the army of slugs, are definitely our foes – needless to say they came to a sticky end! Having said that, they have a beauty of their own

This 10-foot length of green chain link fence was already on the plot when we took it over. We though it might be a nice spot to run a few climbers up.

green chain link fence

We turned over and weeded about a foot on each side of the fence and sowed a few garden peas and sunflower seeds.

green chain link fence

In a few months time if all goes to plan, they’ll germinate, flower and provide us with seeds to both eat and resow for next year.

Etsy List: Arrow through my heart

April 21st, 2014

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'Arrow through my Heart' Etsy List from H is for Home

I recently saw a bright yellow, wire arrow shelf on Bree & Andy’s house tour on the Apartment Therapy website and immediately fell in love.

I scoured the internet for ages trying to find the exact one but alas, came up empty. I did however find all these lovely items with arrow motifs on Etsy.

Arrow through my Heart
Curated by H is for Home

2014 Bathroom Design Trends

April 20th, 2014

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white bathroom with Mira shower and Mediterranean blue feature wall

Is 2014 the year you’ll finally chip off those flower petal tiles, rip up the maroon carpet and tear out that hideous avocado suite? OK, so maybe your bathroom isn’t that bad, but if it’s time for an up-to-the-minute style revamp, then read on. With a strong focus on natural materials, soft and fluid edges and a touch of drama and the unpredictable, now’s the time to transform your bathroom into a strikingly beautiful and practical space.

living wall in a bathroom

image credit: Siol Studios

As Nature Intended

The interior design world is moving steadily towards the creation of greener, more eco indoor environments and bathrooms are no different. Exposed wood, slate and marble all feature heavily, with some designers going as far as dividing spaces with breath-taking living walls. Dark wood flooring or beams will bring rustic warmth that will stand the test of time.

Mira Coda Pro Diverter shower

Causing a Scene

Injecting a sense of drama can help liven up any wc. In 2014, we’ll see many spectacular shower experiences created with the growing use of gravity-defying floating vanities and dramatic lighting, as well as the increasing use of mixer showers. Theatrical and stunning fixtures such as those featured on some of the best mixer showers from Mira will give your bathroom an appeal usually only associated with garden fountains and waterfalls.

Mira shower room with blue feature wall

Keeping it Smooth

Moving away from harsh angular edges in favour of soft arcs and fluid shapes is set to make a noticeable appearance in 2014. Think curved and roll-top baths sitting on seamless flooring accompanied by frameless showers and walk-in wet rooms. This sense of softness will be compounded by the increasing use of pastels, pale blues and pinks, which bring an uplifting spirit without the use of bold, sharp colours.

Mira Agile Adept wet room

Every day is Spa Day

2014 will see normal bathrooms become luxury retreats from the rest of the house and the stresses of everyday life. Subtle touches like comfortable seating to dry yourself on and beautifully designed spaces with ultra high tech shower and bath technology will create a sense of relaxation that encourages the individual to take all the time in the world.

black & white monochrome bathroom

image credit: Aspirational Interiors

Monochrome not Monotonous

Introduced by fashion houses in 2012, monochrome is fast becoming a mainstream interior look. Simple variations of the same colour throughout a bathroom create a clinical and timeless look, and one that will also suit all budgets and can be adapted to a variety of tastes. Creative storage and the clever use of ledges will eliminate clutter, while natural wood can be introduced to add warmth to the sometimes cold feeling theme. Monochrome can also lend itself to infusions of colour with yellow and mustard, which are very in vogue this year.

With a range of inspiring trends, 2014 is the year to get your bathroom revamp up and running. No longer will you point disconcertedly up the stairs when visitor asks to use the facilities. On the contrary, guests will be shepherded directly from the doorstep for a tour of the most chic, striking and elegant room in your home – the bathroom!


Charity Vintage: Jungle Book LP

April 19th, 2014

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vintage Jungle Book LP(ends 21 Apr, 2014 12:15:45 BST)

You always get the question in celebrity Q&As, “What was the first record you ever bought?” Well, I’m not sure if I actually bought it. I would have been a bit too young to go to the record shop on my own, with my own money, but The Jungle Book LP was my first record!

I played it over & over & over again, my clumsy hands probably ruining the needle on my parents’ record player. I knew all the words to all the songs – I probably still do!

This copy of the Jungle Book record being sold by & in support of Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice* is in very good condition – both the record and its sleeve.

What was your first record?

*Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice provides vital care to patients and families living with terminal illness across Birmingham and Sandwell. All monies raised through their online shop will help them to care for more families living with terminal illness.


Gimme Five! Deck chairs

April 18th, 2014

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selection of 5 deck chairs

HURRAH! We’ve had a few, sunny days over the past week. I’ve been working on the laptop in the garden making the most of the good weather. Alas, the fabric on our pair of vintage 1970s garden chairs has perished… or else we need to lose some of that winter weight! The seats have ripped at the seams and, seeing as neither of us is an accomplished micro-surgeon – or even a decent sewer, attempting to repair them is a non-starter!

Our old garden chairs, though lovely, were a bit too upright; there was no opportunity to ‘lounge’. A cheery deck chair or two is what’s required. Sitting upright with a laptop on your lap or moving it down a couple of notches with a glass of wine or a smoothie in hand. Bring on the summer!

  • Santa Fe Fields deckchair by Smart Deco: £65.99,
  • Chaise lounge with adjustable back & removable leg rest: £398.77, Etsy
  • Striped rocking deckchair: £70, Graham & Green
  • The Edwardian deckchair: £200, Albion Canvas Co
  • The Wideboy: £125, Southsea Deckchairs