O is for… Orange

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Original ink & wash painting by Geoffrey Key entitled Welsh Valley

This week’s blog is a small homage to a glorious colour. O just had to be for orange.

Vintage orange Metamec wall clock | H is for Home detail from orange vintage pop art fabric | H is for Home

Vintage 'Dolly Days' porcelain coffee set designed by John Russell for Hostess Tableware in the 1960s | H is for Home

Vintage orange floral metal biscuit barrel | H is for Home Vintage orange & white 'Lotus' skillet produced by Cathrineholm | H is for Home

We are big fans, and judging by our popular photos on Flickr and items that always sell well on H is for Home, so are a lot of you out there.

Vintage orange & white daisy patterned enamel lidded saucepan | H is for Home Vintage teapot with tea cosy hand-knitted from vintage wool | H is for Home

Orange has the wonderful ability to look warm & cosy in the winter or lively & fresh in the summer.

Set of vintage 'Gaytime' drinking glasses | H is fo rHome Vintage orange plastic 'Party Set' snack dish | H is for Home

Orange objects really catch the eye. It enables them to shout loudly in a collection of other brightly coloured pieces.

Collection of vintage art glass vases | H is for Home

Alternatively, it’s perfect as a highlight colour within a muted décor or against natural materials.

We’ve given a few different chairs the orange treatment!

We did a G is for… Garden blog post a couple of months ago having just planted out some annuals. Our French marigolds are doing well with all the sunshine & showers we’ve been having.

French marigold flowers | H is for Home

Till next week! x

  • Love the color orange! I have to look through your whole alphabet now- very clever idea!

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  • robin

    i have a Ken Law picture and have been Googling to find out who he is. Sure enough its identical to yours. Can you tell me anything about him ? where did you get it ? i inherited it from my father, love it but don't know where he got it. Are you in America ? There seems to be a suggestion that the Picture is of Hampstead in London – I think the cars look British …

  • Unfortunately we don’t know much about Ken Law either. Our copy is a print on board – we picked it up in a charity shop a few years ago.
    The image is definitely British with the the cars, buildings, post box etc. A very 1960s feel to it – Hampstead sounds completely feasible.
    Can anyone else add any further information?

  • Anthony Conroy

    I am lost in the same castle ! Ken Law was a British Artist, his work was very popular in the mid 60's but virtually nothing on the Net ! amazing !

    I have a numbered print of "Winter Sun" which i picked up in a Retro shop in Albert Park (Melbourne Australia) i have asked a long time friend from London who is in the Art World to investigate further , any communication would be appreciated. sorry i can't help further , but i'm a bit like a dog with a bone and will keep at it ! Watch this space.