Our home in Your Home

We’ve just been featured in the December issue of Your Home magazine.

Initially, the magazine asked us for one or two product shots of items from the H is for Home website. This escalated to a full house feature.

A couple of months ago, a photographer and his assistant spent a whole day taking shots around our house.

We’re very happy with the results, they’ve used a lot of the photos and the article is spread over six whole pages!

If you’d like to be able to read the feature properly we’ve scanned larger versions of each of the pages:

Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6

  • This is so cool! Hope I can find the magazine in Oslo 🙂 I once did that handbag wall thing too.

  • Oh how wonderful!

  • Your home looks beautiful, love the bags on the wall.

  • Wow, what a gorgeous place you have ! Thanks so much for showing the whole article – I read it all. And of course, a big thrill for me to see a Skinny apron in your kitchen too.

    Have a great weekend!

  • OOH! lovely to see everything in situ! Not at all what I expected! Modern can often be so cold! It's all cosy adn I'd definately park my bum in that swingy chair! t.x
    (cute cute dog!)

  • T. Bosnjak

    Great to see you getting some well-deserved coverage. Your home seems so warm and comfy. As kitschen pink says modern can be a bit sterile, the very opposite of your place!

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone!

  • Jess

    Your house is fab! It was very interesting to see the decor of your own home after having looked at all the stuff on your website so much! I might try the hanging bags on the wall idea as I have so many!

  • Jane

    Lovely to see your house. I've been trawling charity shops and auctions for a few years and laughed to see that we have some of the same things. I've also inherited a house full of stuff and was amazed to see it on your website. How great to see a house in the North West too.