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Pile of vintage Ladybird books | H is for Home

We bought a huge pile of vintage Ladybird books this week. They’re fabulous little books, designed to educate & entertain children of all ages.

Pile of vintage Ladybird books | H is for Home

We really enjoyed having a browse through them all. Having grown up with them it’s been a very nostalgic trip. They cover an amazing variety of subjects…

Collection of vintage science Ladybird books | H is for Home

…science & nature…

Collection of vintage nature Ladybird books | H is for Home

…careers & occupations…

Collection of vintage occupations Ladybird books | H is for Home

…fairy tales etc, etc, etc.

Collection of vintage Ladybird fairy tale books | H is for Home

The wonderful illustrations have a distinctive ‘Ladybird’ look, despite being produced by a variety of artists.

Group of vintage Ladybird books showing autumn scenes | H is for Home

Names such as John Berry, Roland Green and C F Tunnicliffe to name but three.

View of vintage Ladybird books showing different occupations | H is for Home

It’s not surprising that there’s a keen collectors’ market amongst adults too.

For more things Ladybird check out these websites:

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Official Ladybird website
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We’ve added the books to other items of stock that we’re accumulating for a new section on our website.

Set of vintage children's building blocks | H is for Home

It’s going to be called Child’s Play, and as the name suggests, it will consist of lots of children’s vintage items.

Collection of vintage Mr Men books | H is for Home

In addition to books, there’ll be vintage toys & games…

Vintage child's cooking set | H is for Home Vintage children's dominoes | H is for Home

Collection of vintage board games | H is for Home
…money boxes & tins…

…and bits & pieces to decorate nurseries, play rooms & bedrooms.

We should have gathered enough stuff to add the new section in the autumn – so watch this space!

  • thats a blast from my past!!! I had every single Mr Man book and loads of those ladybird ones! Nice to see them.x

  • Wow… I had so many of these books and items as a child. A real trip down memory lane. And damn, I wish I'd kept them too 🙂

  • dee

    Wow1great collection.

  • The books look great. I once got a box of old children books from a distant relative, because they knew I love to read. There were a few treasures in the box, who still have a special place in my shelf. You can't get those books anymore, which is sad, they were really good, but I understand. The picture they drew of women doesn't fit to modern times anymore.

  • Wow what an amazing collection – I love those ladybird books – Im constantly trawling the charity hops for them but only find a couple at a time – this is fantastic:)