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Creative Collections: Bobbins

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

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collection of vintage bobbins and spools of thread

What a load of old bobbins! :-)  Welcome to the second of our new series of Creative Collections posts.

collection of vintage bobbins

We love these old mill bobbins and think they make a lovely display for a craft room or similar. All the different shapes, sizes & materials work really well together to form an interesting collection.

collection of vintage bobbins from above

We’re in the right part of the world to pick them up, but they’re getting harder & harder to find – especially the brightly coloured ones with their original paint.

collection of vintage bobbins with string and threads

A single, large bobbin is great for storing ribbon or twine. It will earn its keep while you hunt for others!

Creative Collections: Display stands

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

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collection of vintage jewellery display stands

We have all kinds of collections dotted around our house – some are permanent fixtures, others just passing through. We’re not talking entire rooms dedicated to Star Wars or every beer bottle ever made. It’s more little groupings on shelves & tables. We either acquire them as a bulk purchase or pick up piece by piece over a number of years.

trio of vintage jewellery display stands trio of vintage jewellery display stands

One new installation is this fabulous group of vintage shop display stands we bought last week. Some are Art Deco, but most much earlier – Edwardian & Victorian. They are made of various metals; with chrome, brass and bronze examples.

detail of verdigris on the base of a vintage jewellery display stand

We love the variety in shape & size – and grouped together, they make a very sculptural display. They’re currently sitting on a table in the sun where the light picks up on the fabulous aged patina. Whilst we like looking at them and think they look good undecorated, we also feel they’d look amazing with either antique or contemporary jewellery. We can imagine them in a Whitby shop window bedecked in Gothic jet – or we have a nearby shop called Element who always make a great effort with their window display & staging. They would do something fabulous with brightly coloured modern resin or perspex pieces to juxtapose the vintage stands.

pair of vintage chrome jewellery display stands

The tallest stands 38cm and the shortest 8cm. Anyone interested in giving them a new life please get in touch – they’d be perfect for a shop, craft fair or market stall. We like looking at them, but we can’t keep everything and we do have to earn a living after all!

detailed view of a vintage jewellery display stand

We think these collections of objects are a great subject for a series of blogs, so there’ll be more posts to follow in the future. We’ve certainly got plenty of subject matter!

Watch this Space!

Friday, June 7th, 2013

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collection of vintage watch faces

You’ll find old watch faces & movements at almost every second hand market you visit – often in a box of mixed bits & pieces. They usually cost just a few pence and a large collection is easily accumulated.

collection of vintage watch faces in a pottery bowl

There are all kinds of ways to display them. We think they look great sitting in a bowl or glass – or perhaps arranged in an old printers tray.

collection of vintage watch faces in a vintage printer's tray

Take a peek in that 10p box next time you’re having a rummage!

Mapping the world

Friday, May 17th, 2013

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three large vintage school wall maps, USA, Australia & New Zealand and South America

Our house is nearly back to normal after last year’s flood. This bedroom was absolutely crammed with furniture & boxes of books (refugees from the ground floor!!). The room’s now been cleared and we’ve actually got round to adding a bit of wall decoration!

large vintage school wall map of the USA

We decided to hang these vintage school wall maps. They’ve got a great look and they always draw you in for a closer browse. You learn something new every time you enter the room!!

large vintage school wall map of the USA showing a detail of the North East and Canadian border

This row of three features North America, South America and Australasia.

large vintage school wall map of South America showing a detail of the Caribbean

They were produced by George Philip & Son and date from the 1960s.

detail from large vintage school wall map showing date and maker

If you like the look of these vintage maps, we recently got hold of one that’s available to buy – photographed below. It’s actually older than the Philips maps and was produced by W. & A. K. Johnstone. It’s a physical relief map of the British Isles. The hills & mountain ranges are the main feature; but cities, rivers and major rail routes of the time are also marked.

large vintage school wall map of Great Britain & Ireland

There are a few small areas of paper loss, but it’s still very striking visually and measures just over 4 feet high! We’re going to hang it in our antiques centre shop when a bit of wall space becomes available.

Keep it reel!

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

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collection of wooden antique cotton reels

We love these old reels & bobbins. They originally come from cotton, wool & textile mills – so we’re certainly in the right part of the country to pick them up!!

collection of wooden antique cotton reels collection of wooden antique cotton reels

They’re usually made of wood, but there’s such a variation in the colour & patina. They also incorporate a wide variety of other materials – iron, steel, copper, Bakelite etc. – and they come in all shapes & sizes. That’s what makes a collection of them look so interesting.

collection of wooden antique cotton reels

They look great in the kitchen, on a craft table or in the potting shed. Perfect for storing ribbon, wool – or that ever useful string or twine.