They’re cute, they’re classy, they’re cool – faux hibiscus trees

Artificial hibiscus tree

No matter what business you’re in, they all begin and end with the customer. To develop a successful business you need to create a great impression through your products, service – and if you have physical premises – quality, unique or memorable décor. There are a number of strategies used in decorating corporate areas; a space isn’t fully complete until accent items are added and focal points are created. Although introducing natural foliage into commercial interiors & exteriors is a perfectly reasonable choice, it isn’t always the most practical due to associated care and upkeep. Because of this, reproduction horticultural products have become a common solution within corporate landscaping.

When looking for faux trees and plants to revamp commercial space – indoor or outdoor – the first thing to consider is whether the landscaping element matches your requirements. Regardless of what you install in your spaces, it should create real positive impact on the viewer. The outdoor landscape of any commercial setting creates that all important first impression, luring the visitor into the premises. The indoor landscaping hopefully continues the good work, potentially helping convert visitors into customers. With their gorgeous flowering beauty, artificial hibiscus trees can deliver you the most modern, clean and sophisticated landscape. These faux botanical items can add real interest, maximising the decorative potential of the space.

Yellow artificial hibiscus flowers

A great option for corporate landscaping

Having a commercial space that’s adorned with lush green trees, plants and blooming flowers is quite challenging to get right in reality – especially considering the busy nature of corporate life. Taking care of live plants requires time or dedicated manpower for regular watering, fertilising, applying pesticides, pruning etc. Perhaps these tasks can be sub-contracted out, but you could find the additional cost to be very high. In such cases, artificial hibiscus trees can be a suitable choice for their versatility in a variety of commercial environments including:

  • Corporate headquarters
  • Municipal buildings
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Luxury hotels and restaurants
  • Bars and casinos
  • Shopping malls & multiplexes
  • Exhibition halls & art galleries

Adds a touch of tropical flavour

With a variety of blooms, colours and textures, hibiscus is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions and belongs to the mallow family. With their amazing beauty, these flowering plants can enhance any commercial landscape. Installing artificial hibiscus trees both indoors and outdoors creates attractive focal points and introduces a dynamic tropical ambiance regardless of location. Additionally, they continue to enhance an area with their bloom throughout the seasons.

Tangerine artificial hibiscus flowers

An array of varieties

The Commercial Silk collection of artificial hibiscus trees includes many varieties that can fill blank space in commercial interiors & exteriors. With their dramatic trumpet-shaped flowers, lush green foliage and stately, rustic trunk; they create a positive vibe in any commercial setting. They’re available in heights ranging from 5 to 12 feet, with realistic polyester flowers in hot pink, red and tangerine. In addition, you can choose varieties of artificial plants with lush, attractive foliage to enhance the look of a space.

Better than natural

Commercial Silk is the leading manufacturer of quality fake botanical items. They’re designed by their team of experts consisting of botanists, engineers, architects and landscape designers. Artificial hibiscus trees are so beautifully crafted that they look just like their live counterparts in all respects, and can be intersperced perfectly with other landscaping elements. As they’re exact replicas of natural hibiscus, you can hardly tell the difference. Thus, you get a realistic, near-natural tropical landscape that doesn’t require any ongoing care or maintenance.

Pink artificial hibiscus flowers

Completely safe and legal

The problem with some fake foliage is that it’s made from a cheap plastic material that can catch fire very easily. Artificial hibiscus trees from Commercial Silk are manufactured from ThermaLeaf grade plastic. The material is impregnated with special elements via injection moulding to make it fire retardant. Their products pass all fire-safety tests and also fulfil the legal requirements making your landscaping project safe and legal.

A maintenance-free solution

Fading, discolouration or loss of leaves is commonplace with live trees and plants. Commercial Silk imitation hibiscus trees are manufactured using high-quality material and colour pigments. This means that they’re unaffected by the harsh UV rays present in sunlight. No matter where you position them, they’ll retain their colour in all environmental conditions. Also, being artificial, faux hibiscus trees and plants don’t shed their leaves, creating litter beneath. This eliminates the job of clearing up the debris.

Artificial hibiscus shrub

An attractive setting with no seasonal die-back

Whilst natural hibiscus flowers are season specific, blooming from spring to autumn, their manufactured counterparts retain their blooming beauty year-round.

Budget-friendly surroundings

Due to their reasonable cost and durability, artificial hibiscus trees are a tempting option for corporate landscaping projects. These unique products are simple to install, and don’t need any special maintenance. Additionally, you can rotate and store them easily for future use. Thus, you can save a lot of time and money.

With their colourful flowers & foliage and natural wood stems, artificial hibiscus trees are perfect for so many landscaping projects.


Unique décor ideas for a small apartment

Unique décor ideas for a small apartment

When it comes to decorating a small apartment one has to focus on creating a perfect balance between functionality and design. Often, people tend to concentrate exclusively on the functionality angle – however, that doesn’t need to be the case. Although your apartment is short on space that doesn’t mean that is has to be short on style. You might prefer an all-enveloping cosy feel or something a little more light and airy – there are stylish, functional solutions for both.

The way you style your home is a means to defining your personality, taste and creativity. Follow these decorating tips to incorporate unique items into your compact space, letting your personality shine through.

Area rug in a small apartment

Delineate & separate areas

Open-plan living has become increasingly popular, and at first glance you might think that these spaces are easy to decorate. However, in many cases, people get overwhelmed by the lack of definition which can make a space look untidy. It’s not that hard to decorate an open-plan space once you understand a few key concepts.

Start by creating zones, giving each area a specific purpose – whether it be cooking, dining, lounging, working or sleeping. You could use room dividers or screens, perhaps plants, lighting or wall colours. Delineating separate areas of the house by using rugs is an easy and effective way to give structure without compromising on flow. Rugs can be found in a great variety of shapes, colours and prices – they’re definitely one of the first items of to consider for your open plan space.

Sitting and dining areas in a small apartment

Invest in furniture

Another important element of any living space is the furniture. These items play a vital role in the process of transforming a plain space into a unique and personalised room. When it comes to making a tiny apartment functional, you can make use of flexible furniture that has a dual-purpose. Whichever items of furniture you choose, you need to make sure that their size compliments or is suitable for the space.

No one says that if you’re working with a smaller space you need to opt for plain and basic furniture. If you’re looking for unique Italian furniture for either large or small homes, you might want to check out Mondital. They provide all kinds of classic and contemporary pieces; and have furniture for bedrooms, living room, office or hallway that bring style and elegance to your home.

Curved under-seat storage

Rethink unused spaces

After living for a long period of time in the same place, people might get a little stuck or unadventurous when it comes to redecorating their surroundings. Often, when living in compact homes, people try to compensate for their lack of space by hiding pots and pans in the oven – or storing shoes and clothes under their bed. It pays to to rethink all areas of the home in order to find out whether or not they’re being used in the most effective way possible.

A simple first step is to take a short ‘stroll’ around the apartment and observing any ‘dead’ space that could in fact be serving a useful purpose. Perhaps you could re-arrange furniture or acquire pieces that fit into spaces more precisely, freeing up space for more storage or extra relaxing space for you and your visitors. A feature mirror could complete the design adding light, reflection and the illusion of space. If you’re feeling creative you could opt for mixing vintage and modern accessories for that timeless eclectic feel in your home.

Under-stairs area with bookshelves and sofas

Add curves with décor

Most people who live in tiny apartments know that they tend to be a little box-shaped. Perhaps incorporate some curves to add interest. A round table or organic shaped lightshades are both great ways of transforming a space in a blink of an eye. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on expensive lighting fixtures, the great news is that you can DIY your own vintage-inspired lampshade at home. Strikingly shaped accessories that incorporate the curved form will help to create continuity. Once you’ve found items that match your personal tastes in style, make sure that functionality follows for the key areas of the home. 

Layered pink & white patterned bedding

Layer to add depth

You can create depth & extra dimension to a small space by embarking on some layering around your home. Everyone loves a home that’s warm, cosy and inviting. Add multiple blankets, throws and cushions to beds & sofas, transforming the feel of your home without having to spend too much time or money. Shadow boxes are one of the easiest ways of adding definition and interest to your walls. They can house personal collections such as photographs and mementoes picked up travelling. They’ll provide a unique display that reflects your own personality and experience.

Lastly, keep in mind that layering doesn’t just mean placing different design elements on top of each other. It also refers to creating contrast. Opt for different materials, patterns and textures when adding depth to your apartment.

There are lots of ways to turn your small apartment into a unique space where you can enjoy spending time. Be creative, have fun and let your personality shine through.


How to decorate your home on a budget

How to decorate your home on a budget | H is for Home

If you’re looking to give your home a new lease of life, but you don’t have the budget to spend a lot on materials or furniture, then there are still many things you can do to brighten up your home. However, if you’re staring at the walls and struggling to think of any ideas, then here are a few that can help get you started.

Paint and paint brushes

Use paint creatively

Using paint to bring some colour back into your house is ideal, whether you are staying in the house or getting ready to sell. It is a popular idea to add a splash of colour to just one wall to create a feature wall. It allows you to use vivid and bright colours without going over the top. If you are feeling particularly daring, you can paint the whole room in a bright colour, though the rest of the furniture of the room should be in neutral colours to avoid clashing. Using paint can work in any area of the house, though it is particularly effective in bedrooms and living rooms. Also, don’t forget about the exterior of your home, either!

Spacious living room

Switch things around

If your budget doesn’t stretch to new furniture, then that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a new look. Think about what you already have and see if you can change things around. Maybe something that has been in the bedroom for years can find a new lease of life in the living room. It doesn’t matter what it has been used for in the past; you can create new and exciting ideas just by using it differently. You should also think about what you no longer need, as a room that is cluttered can feel untidy and cramped. If you can identify some things you no longer want, then send them to the local charity shop or sell them online. You may even raise enough money to buy something else.

Sofa, pot plant, chest of drawers and tall floor lamp

Choose your lighting

You may not think so, but lighting can have as much of an effect on a room as decorating. By adding some side table lights or a standing lamp, you can create a nice comforting mood in the room. It’s perfect for the evening when you want to sit back and relax after a hard day at work. If you already have side lamps, then think about moving them to other areas of the room, or to another room altogether. Why not use some old fabric to recover the lampshade? It will need to be fire resistant, but you can easily create a lamp that will match the décor of the room.

Grey sofa with contrasting cushions

Add some cushions

Your budget probably won’t allow you to afford a new sofa, but you can still give it a new lease on life. Try buying some cushions in a colour that matches the walls; they can be scattered on the sofas to give them a new look. Get some of different sizes and colours so that it doesn’t look too uniform. You can apply the same trick to the bedroom, buy some cushions to go on the bed during the day. It will make the room look better, and it will be great to sit up in bed reading with them around you.

Sewing workspace

Try matching fabrics

If you are handy with a sewing machine, the possibilities are endless with what you can create. Buy yourself some material that matches your colour scheme and make some curtains to go along with some cushion covers. It means you won’t have to buy new cushions and it will be cheaper than buying ready-made curtains. You can even take it a step further and buy towels in matching colours for the bathroom and kitchen. If you can get enough material, you can even make bedspreads or bed linen with one side plain to offer a contrast.

Small, circular mirror above a side table

Add size and light with mirrors

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add another dimension to your room is using mirrors. They don’t have to be new; you can find interesting ones in charity shops. By placing them on the wall, they can make the room look a lot bigger. They can also reflect any light in the room to offer a brighter look. To add a little style, you can experiment with multiple mirrors in a room; go for different sizes and designs, which will make it look special.

Using a staple gun to reupholster furniture

Recover and reuse

Apart from just moving your furniture into other rooms, you can also redesign them to make them more contemporary. An old chair might look as though it needs to go, but with some fabric to cover the chair and some paint, you can give it a whole new look. You will need to sand down the wood and remove the old coverings before you start, but it isn’t as hard as it sounds, there are guides out there that can walk you through the process. Once you have mastered the idea, you can tackle any furniture in the house in the same way.

Monochrome framed poster above two white metal trolleys

Add some artwork

To add something a little different to your room, why not think about adding some artwork? It can be something you create yourself, or perhaps some pre-framed prints that you buy from the store. You can also find some nice examples in charity shops; there are often hand painted examples that have been donated. Another idea is to find a poster that you like and buy a frame for it. It can be a new or used frame, and you can then paint it to match the décor of the room. You can create a nice feature wall by assembling pictures of various sizes and placing them all on one wall or a room. It’s also effective to have family members on the wall of the hallway as you enter the house. With a little imagination and some reworking of old furniture, you can redesign your home within even the smallest of budgets.


Eco-friendly home decorating tips

Eco-friendly home decorating tips

As looking after the planet has become a more and more pressing matter, many people are hoping to change their ways in order to do their part for the cause. It’s important to become more conscious about how human actions can have severe consequences on the environment, not only in an altruistic sense but also to protect the planet so people can continue to live on it safely. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process of decorating your home. For those who wish to help the planet while staying stylish, here are a few good tips on how to decorate without harming the environment.

House plant with blue glass lamp and books


Deforestation is a terrible issue. Natural resources are being used up and consumed faster than they can be replaced. That’s why it is important to help redress the balance in as many ways as possible. Although it may not quite be a forest, if everyone chose to decorate their home with more plant life, the world would surely benefit. Plus, greenery adds effortless beauty to any room. House plants help to keep the air clean whilst also brightening up their surroundings. You won’t need to worry about them clashing with your preferred sense of style either, as plants are timelessly attractive. Just make sure to research the characteristics of your chosen plants as some varieties can attract unwanted pests. You can look here to find out what you need to know about termite swarms to keep your home staying spick-and-span.

Green roofs on urban multi-storey buildings

Green roof

If you’re serious about your decision to help the planet recover from the overuse of its resources, a great way of reducing the amount on your energy bill is to install solar panels in your home. Whilst most are simply placed on the roof of a house, you can turn them into a feature. When the sunlight hits your roof, you’ll be able to store energy that’s completely green and environmentally friendly. If you’re lucky, you might even generate more than enough energy and the excess can be sold elsewhere. There are other ways of decorating the exterior of your home in eco-friendly ways. Why not grow grass or other low-maintenance plants on your roof to blend your home into the natural environment? Whether you live in the countryside or the city, a textured green roof is eye-catching and attractive to wildlife such as small birds and insects. Creepers and climbing plants growing up the exterior walls adds interest to any building and well-maintained window boxes make your home look pretty and will be bursting with life.

Hessian shopping bags

Recycling and upcycling

It’s all about reducing waste when it comes to protecting the environment. Fortunately, recycling has become almost second nature to most households. It might not seem like much, but by separating your metals, glass, plastic and cardboard and disposing of them properly you’re doing the world a huge favour. To extend this into your decorating, you can find or create furniture and homewares created from recycled or reclaimed materials. You’ll get the best of both worlds – stylish, beautiful, original interior design and a clean, green conscience.


Home decorating tips to make life easier

Home decorating tips to make life easier

Decorating your home can sometimes lead you down a path of extreme design and striking pieces of furniture, with elaborate and confusing elements. The emphasis on making your home look stylish can sometimes be given priority over the need to make your house comfortable. There are ways of incorporating both style and function into your home to make your life easier and less stressful, whether you need to recover from a tiring day at work or you simply enjoy having a place dedicated to relaxing. Here are some simple home decorating tips to help you update your home with the focus on comfort.

Orange upholstered reclining chairs

Reduce pain

Home is about comfort, safety and contentment. Whilst people are often made to feel guilty or lazy for needing to rest at work or in public, home is where you’re able to do whatever you want to ease your aches and pains. Unless you feel the need to adhere to a strict design aesthetic, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when adding touches that serve primarily to reduce discomfort. Take a look at stressless recliner sales to find a comfortable, stylish chair to relax in after a long, exhausting day. It will make your home look and feel more inviting as well as taking the weight off your feet.

open-plan living space

Comfort food in a comfortable kitchen

Do you enjoy baking but can never find the space to store the proper equipment or gadgets? Do you love coming home to a delicious, stress-free meal? When decorating your home, don’t forget the vital role of the kitchen in everybody’s life. Unlike the cold and utilitarian kitchens found in schools or army barracks, your kitchen should exude warmth and relaxation. Food plays an important part in home life, especially with families and children. Design your kitchen to allow for better flow of movement and efficiency by carefully calculating layout and planning the cupboard space you’ll need. This will make cooking much easier and give you more time to enjoy your mealtimes. Keep your dining area as close to the kitchen as possible. Perhaps find a table that fits perfectly in the kitchen, so the food has less distance to travel from oven to plate. You’ll be less likely to burn your hands, and your food will be hotter when you sit down to eat.

open-plan living space

Tactical furniture arrangement

Houses with too much furniture feel cramped and crowded, difficult to navigate. Homes with a large expanse of space seem cold and uninviting. Strike a balance between these two extremes to achieve a stylish cosiness that both entices and impresses. Think carefully about how you move around your house and where pieces of furniture need to be in relation to each other. There’s no point keeping your bookshelf and your favourite armchair in separate rooms. Have a look at the practice of Feng Shui for more detailed information about arranging your home to better suit your lifestyle.


How to make your room look classier without throwing anything away

Bright, modern living room

You may have recently been looking at the glossy home decorating magazines and finding the recommended room makeovers to be hugely expensive. Without breaking the budget, you’d probably prefer to find a way to make your existing room look classier and perhaps include the odd addition to jazz things up for that finishing touch.

Here are a few suggestions for improvements and upgrades that look upmarket without being exorbitantly expensive.

Plant on a bedside table

Go natural

Adding some plants or freshly cut flowers to a bedroom brings new colour, vibrancy and air purification into the room. Look for a vase that you haven’t used in ages. Maybe it’s in storage or tucked away at the back of a cupboard. If you’re unable to find an attractive one, look at a local charity shop to see if there’s something affordable that someone decided they didn’t like any longer.

Watch a YouTube video on flower arranging to get an idea how to put fresh plants together in an attractive arrangement for your bedside table. And there you have it; a fresher looking bedside table that brings a little nature into the bedroom.

Grey buttoned sofa with collection of throw cushions

Rethink the throw cushions

Older cushions, and particularly their covers, tend to look a bit weathered over time. The colours fade a little with each washing cycle and the fabric isn’t as interesting any longer. Changing cushion covers for new ones with an interesting pattern is inexpensive to do. Anyone who is a dab hand with a sewing machine can take some fancy fabric and turn it into a usable cushion cover. If you’re not this handy, then consider buying separate covers but keeping the existing fillings.

With cushions that don’t feel plush, consider adding a second foam or fill to the inside of the cushion to double its size. There are many new, inexpensive fills for cushions delivering refreshing comfort even to an older sofa. And when your sofa’s fabric or leather has seen better days, consider a long throw to cover the length of the sofa adding that touch of luxury and increased comfort without needing a complete replacement sofa.

Grey buttoned ottoman bed

Knowing when it’s time to replace the bed

Older beds lack suitable under-bed storage options and don’t necessarily provide the simple luxury and elegance that’s much needed. Wooden Ottoman beds provide new options for home-owners who feel it’s time to replace their tired bed frame with a more complete, modern one. Made from wood and covered in attractive fabrics or leather, these Ottoman beds offer something different than the typical brass bed frame we’ve all seen before.

Minimalist whitewashed room

Reduce clutter

Reducing the amount of clutter is often the last thing that anyone thinks to do; however, it’s effective in making every room look larger while giving the existing decorations and furniture a better chance to get noticed. Many of us collect too much of everything over the years. By cutting back on what we actually need to keep hold of and finding places to discretely store items out of sight, it transforms a living space and opens it up for further refinements to entirely change how it feels.

Adding a touch of class to every room doesn’t have to cost the earth. In many cases, it takes some re-imagining of each living area to determine how to get the most out of it along with a few small additions to bring something new.


Sponsored: Dark and dramatic autumn table setting

Dark and dramatic autumn table setting with cutlery and plates from Wayfair | H is for Home

It’s the first of September in a couple of days – and that means the meteorological start of autumn. As the evenings draw in, our minds turn to cosy nights indoors, warm blankets, wood-burning stoves, candles and fairy lights. And, of course, equally important – good hearty food and perhaps a glass of red wine or two. It’s the perfect time to invite family or friends over for an evening feast – an opportunity to celebrate the harvest season and all of nature’s bounty.

Nothing will suit the occasion more than a dark and dramatic autumn table setting! A black or dark grey tablecloth is the ideal backdrop – decorated and accessorised with antique brass candlesticks, feathers, fossils, pine cones, leaves, berries and fruit. Whatever you feel adds to the interest and drama for a special meal.

We’ve recently received some lovely tableware from Wayfair that is perfect for creating just the right style and atmosphere.

Gold coloured cutlery set from Viners with black linen napkin | H is for Home

First, is this gorgeous burnished gold cutlery set by Viners. It’s titanium coated stainless steel and has a real feel of luxury and opulence. It’s just perfect for that celebratory meal – and we loved it combined with the other metallic tones that we incorporated into the table setting through candlesticks, ribbon and other trimmings. On a practical level, the coating creates exceptionally hard cutlery that is ten times more resistant to scratching than untreated stainless steel. It also helps prevent corrosion, rust and tarnishing.

Black & white Seltmann Weiden porcelain dinner plates with black linen napkin | H is for Home

The luxurious quality continues with the porcelain china dinner plates by Seltmann Weiden. There’s a crisp white central presentation area with an organic, flowing black border which frames the food like a picture. Again, absolutely perfect for creating the dramatic table setting. As with the cutlery, these don’t fail when it comes to practicality either – the plates have a scratch resistant surface, are dishwasher safe, oven safe and microwave safe.

Two lovely items that we’ll be able to enjoy year after year.

Dark and dramatic autumn table setting with cutlery and plates from Wayfair | H is for Home