Your guide to creating your teen-aged son’s dream bedroom

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Every teenage boy goes through the same phase: occasionally surly, sulky and sarcastic. So, if you need to redecorate his room, what can you do? You might not get much of a response from him – or anything useful anyway. You could try to second-guess what he wants, or take his comments at face value. You could try to push him into helping you, but that isn’t likely to end well. Likewise, if you haven’t told him you’re redecorating, and you want to do it as a surprise, then you need to know what to do without his help. Either way, you can learn how to create the right look for a teenage boy’s bedroom by following these tips.

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The colour scheme

For a maturing young adult, you need to think about moving away from any childish colours or shades. No more bright palettes or TV show-themed wallpaper. Instead, opt for sophisticated tones, like navy, greys and light browns. These muted colours won’t ever offend your son and will give an air of coolness and calm. You can try adding some brighter shades, picking them out in subtle decorations or in soft furnishings – but don’t overdo it.

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The furniture

Now is the time to say goodbye to cramped single beds or bunk beds. As a growing boy, he’ll both need and want a queen or king-sized bed. Choosing furniture in rich wood will ramp up the sophistication levels – as will opting for sets that match, or are at least made from the same material. Depending on your son’s style, you could add in statement pieces, like an antique chair or solid desk. Think about your son’s lifestyle: would he want something like a desk in his room? Or would he prefer a cabinet for his TV and video games console? Is he more likely to hang clothes up in a wardrobe, or fold them up into a chest? Think about how you can enhance his lifestyle, then put it into practice.

Teenager playing video games in his bedroom

The lighting

Keep up with the theme of smart, sleek and sophisticated by installing contemporary, modern lighting. If you can buy LED recessed lighting, you’ll be able to cover his ceiling in spotlights, instead of using feminine lampshades. Incorporating a feature like a dimmer switch is a good idea, especially if your son enjoys watching movies or playing video games – sometimes the glare from bright lights can be off-putting.

Teen-aged boy's bedroom with basketball memorabilia on the wallcredit

The accessories

Now for the finishing touches. Depending on the area you live in, and what the climate is like, you might want to add to any bedding with a decorated quilt or throw. If you choose to have bare floors or wood laminate, a rug might be a nice touch. Likewise, try adding a few framed photographs or pieces of artwork; are there any special posters you can get hold of? Sports memorabilia? Find a few things that will appeal to your son’s interests and get them framed. Little things like wire tidies for his computer and any consoles will neaten the look up. Plus, adding a slow-release air freshener or scent will keep the room smelling fresh for a while to come.



5 ways to (almost) instantly perk up your décor

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Ever feel like you’d like to give your home a jump-start in the style stakes but think it would take too long or be too costly? Here are five cheap, quick and easy ways to (almost) instantly perk up your décor.

Jug of flowers on a table

Buy some flowers

Plants and flowers are an inexpensive and easy way to change the look and feel of a space. Fresh flowers add colour and fragrance to a room. Check out the large range of bouquets you could display. They can also be used to soften hard surfaces such as concrete and stone – and bring nature indoors which is a useful tool in uniting interior and exterior living – a strong current trend in home design. The containers that you put your flowers in also offer opportunity, whether it be traditional vases or jugs, or perhaps experimenting with colourful vintage tins and bottles.

Grey and white feature wall decorated with triangles

Make a feature wall

Wallpaper, paint, stencils and decals are all possible ways to create a feature wall. All of these options can be completed in a couple of hours and offer dramatic results. A feature wall allows the introduction of bold colours and strong patterns without over-powering a space.

Fairy lights inside a fireplace | H is for Home

Update the lighting

A string of fairy lights gives a magical feel to the room; drape them over a mantlepiece, hang them from the ceiling or bundle them inside a fireplace. Set them to twinkle mode to imitate the flickering of a real fire.
Installing up and down-lighters can quickly change the focus of a room. They can be used to avert the eyes from less attractive corners onto strong features.
Old fashioned filament light bulbs are really popular at the moment. They radiate a soft, warm glow or candle-like flicker; a quick and easy way to enhance the mood of a room.

Handmade woollen throw over a leather sofa | H is for Home

Add soft furnishings

Soft furnishings such as cushions, rugs and throws can bring an instant shot of colour to a room – and can be very successful in adding highlight tones to neutral colour schemes. They introduce softness, texture and warmth too – perfect for that comfortable, cosy retreat.

Oil painting above a fireplace | H is for Home

Hang some art

Display prints, posters or paintings easily – it just takes a hammer, nail and a bit of string or wire. There’s no end of possible sources – inherited pieces, vintage market finds or online bargains! You could frame your children’s artwork – you never know, they may become a world famous artist when they grown up!
You don’t even have to go to all the effort of hanging it on the wall – art can often look great propped against a wall – or sitting on on a shelf or an easel.

If you’ve done any of these – or have any other ideas about adding a burst of freshness to your home – tell us all about it below.


Get your home ready for summer

Summer still life

Springtime is usually seen as the season to give your home an overhaul, but for us, this part of the year is merely the precursor to the most inspirational season of all – summer. Whereas spring is the time to get things tidy and to give your home a thorough cleaning, summer presents the opportunity to create an entirely new design on the clear canvas of a newly spring-cleaned home.

Paint cards, piantbrush and paint roller

Sometimes, all it takes is a new coat of paint on walls, doors and ceilings to completely refresh the look of your home, and we love any opportunity that allows us to go wild with different colours and shades. The summer palette is all about light, breezy hues which relate to the colours we’re currently seeing during the sunnier days of the year. Create a continuous stream of light which carries through the windows and into your living room, bedroom; and, in fact, any other room in your home by painting walls in a sunshine yellow. If you prefer the textures and patterns wallpapers can provide, opt for lighter shades with intricate patterns rather than papers with huge block designs. The more delicate the design, the more summery the feel.

Light-filled bedroom

It’s long been known that natural sunlight is a fantastic mood enhancer, and so you should ensure you make the most of summer’s lighter, brighter days by ensuring your bedroom captures as much natural light as possible. Swap heavy curtains that served their purpose during the winter for lighter, translucent drapes to maximise the amount of sunlight that enters the room. Treat yourself to brand spanking new furniture and take a look at the Bedstar range of wooden beds in white which will bring a fresh summery look to your bedroom. White furniture will really brighten up the room, so look out for wardrobes and drawers in a glossy white finish to complete your bedroom in a contemporary, seasonal style.

Bottles of herbs with tomatoes

Adorning your home with blooming house plants is a fantastic way of having a constant reminder that summer’s here, even on the not-so sunny days. Select colours and species that make your heart sing, and of course, ones that match your carefully considered colour scheme. Decorate your kitchen windowsill with herb pots to add fragrance to the room and extra flavour to your cooking. Plants are extremely versatile in that they can perk up any room in the home, and you should feel free to mix and match the types of plants you place around your home. Pet owners should be aware that some plants are toxic to animals, so do research which ones are safe to be around your little critters.



Tips for transforming your home on a tight budget

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Renovating a home is a lot cheaper than moving to a new one. You can spend as much or as little as you like to refresh old rooms or even add new ones, but if you don’t have a lot of spare cash, you need to look at strategies to achieve the maximum effect for as little as possible. Luckily there are lots of cool ways to do this.

Budget renovation projects can include this desk and shelves made from wooden cratescredit

How much can you afford to spend?

Before you begin, do an honest appraisal of your budget. It is pointless starting a project and then running out of cash halfway through. Work out what you can afford to spend and then do some cost calculations. After all, there is no point looking at expensive materials and furniture if you can’t afford to buy them. That would be torture!

Little girl painting a wall redcredit

Cheap labour

Labour is often a significant part of any renovation or building project. Say, for example, you’re intending to fit a new kitchen. Kitchen cupboards are not always terribly expensive. Indeed, it’s possible to pick up relatively cheap ones if you have the time and energy to shop around. However, the cost of fitting a kitchen can be very expensive, so there’s plenty of money to be saved by using cheap labour.

Cheap labour isn’t always to be recommended, but if you have friends or family who can do the job and are willing to help you out, enlist their services. Offer to cook them a meal or organise a BBQ to feed everyone at the end of the job. You can hire specialist tools such as Lincoln plasma welders from local hire shops, so no long-term investment in equipment is necessary.

Chair and table made from upcycled palletscredit

Inexpensive materials

Some materials will need to be bought new: timber, plaster, electrical components, etc. Other items can be picked up cheaply second-hand. Furniture is a good example of this. Why buy new when you can find good quality vintage pieces?

Look online for cheap or free materials for your project. Old pallets are a good source of wood for furniture projects, so ask local businesses if they have any going spare. If you need a bag of plaster or cement, see if a local builder has any half-used bags he no longer needs, or check Gumtree or eBay for unwanted extras left over from other people’s renovation projects. It’s amazing what you can find if you go out of your way to look!

Chest of drawers decoupaged with mapscredit

Make do & mend

Don’t buy new when you can give something old a makeover. We are all too quick to throw away items of unwanted furniture in favour of new pieces from high street shops. New is nice, but if you don’t have much money it makes sense to restore an older piece of furniture and give it a shabby chic makeover instead.

Budget renovation projects can be fun, but always adhere to health and safety guidelines. And if you need to hire tools to get your renovation project up and running, check out what’s available at Welding Outfitter.


Fast ways to give a room a fresh look

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Light filled artist studiocredit

We can all get a bit fed up with the look of our home. Most of us like to change things up a bit sometimes – it’s human nature. This is when we feel the urge to redecorate.

If you’re at that stage but are short of time, these quick fix ideas could be perfect for you. Read on to get some great ways to freshen up any room – and even better, you can do it in just a few hours.

Pumpkin books wallpapercredit

Transform a wall

Of course, one of the best ways to give a room a new look is to redecorate. You’re probably scratching your head right now after the promise of fast ways to transform a room – we’re talking about redecorating!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to decorate the entire room. You can easily paint or paper a single wall in a couple of hours. Doing this has an amazing transformative effect on any space.

If you want to achieve it even faster, pick out a wall sticker and use that instead. To apply it all you do is wipe over the surface, peel back the corner and smooth it on.

You can find some great ones for under £50. Decorative door stickers are also available. If you buy one of the easy to remove versions, you can easily change it if you get bored.

Living room with vintage Ercol day bed and artwork abovecredit

Add some paintings

While we’re on the subject of walls, changing what you hang on them has a surprising impact on the look and feel of a room. Hanging new, bold paintings can help to provide new focal points and interest.

off white living room with large mirror over the fireplacecredit

Hang a big mirror

Mirrors are also a fantastic option – they reflect the light back into the room making it feel more spacious which can have instant dramatic impact. A new statement mirror and a few fresh decorative pieces will give an individual look to practically any space. Go online and order everything you need from the comfort of your home. Unpacking it and setting everything up will only take a matter of minutes.

cream corner sofa with lots of large colourful cushionscredit

New soft furnishings

New cushion covers, throws and rugs are available everywhere but don’t forget the option of making your own. If you can sew in a straight line, you can easily make new covers, tablecloths, throws and other soft furnishings.

Making your own can save you money and even improve the chances of achieving the distinctive look you really want. These days it’s easy to find good quality upholstery and soft furnishing fabrics online.

Using premium materials gives you great results. They look fantastic, are easier to work with and are more durable. Recovering a dining room chair or footstool is another great project. You can do it no time and you don’t even need a sewing machine, just a pair of good scissors and an upholstery stapler or tacks.

With a bit of thought you’ll come up with lots of other creative ways to quickly freshen up any room.


Spice up your décor with vintage and modern designs

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modern and vintage interior

Variety is the spice of life – so why settle for one design approach when you can mix two together? At first glance vintage and modern interior styling may not appear to be a match made in heaven, but with a bit of imagination they can pair perfectly. The results can make homely, individual, practical and stylish living spaces. Here are three tips for blending modern and vintage design to create a balanced and elegant look in any home.

Tan vintage leather sofa with colourful modern cushionscredit

  1. Balance the styles

Since modern and vintage styles are in essence juxtaposed, balance is the key in pulling off a blend of the two. To decide how to effectively harmonise your space, consider the sizes of the various pieces you want to include. If the larger pieces fall more into the modern design side of the spectrum, use modern as your base design and vintage as the accent. If you have or plan to buy larger vintage pieces, then reverse the pattern. For instance, if you fall in love with a vintage sofa and coffee table, add modern cushions and a contemporary centrepiece.

This sense of balance can also be achieved by incorporating pattern, texture and colour. Choose accent colours that are apparent in both design approach schemes, and then mix and match patterns and textures. Contemporary modern, often associated with clean, sleek lines, can be beautifully balanced with a few of vintage’s frills and weathered materials.

Modern kitchen with vintage haberdashery cabinetcredit

  1. Buy selectively

Especially applicable in spaces such as the kitchen, where you’ll be working with a lot of existing structural bones. The feel of the kitchen stems from the units, wall coverings and worktop material. Choose your accents carefully. Products like the iCook cookware found in the ‘Home and Living’ section of Amway are perfect in both vintage and modern surroundings. If your kitchen is vintage, introduce modern design into the room with cookware from VITALOK™ or OPTITEMP™. If your kitchen is modern, accessorise it with vintage items such as enamel food storage containers or wicker baskets.

Recycle what you can from your old décor. Update furniture by refinishing or painting it, adding a new set of handles or knobs to transform a tired piece into a stylish, one-of-a-kind item.

mismatched vintage chairs around a modern dining tablecredit

  1. Take chances

Defy the rules, and don’t be afraid to take chances. If you come across a lovely vintage sofa, have it reupholstered with a bold, modern fabric. In a room with predominately cool colours and hard-edged furniture, consider displaying artwork with gold, copper and autumnal hues. Paintings such as ones that can be found on Ruby Lane, will create an interesting contrast and impart warmth into the room.

Mix and match sets – an eclectic selection of different chairs round a statement table can look amazing. Or perhaps pair up wildly different eras – a rustic, antique 19th century dining table with contemporary plastic or metal chairs in striking, colourful upholstery. Adorn each room with subtle accents of both schemes, such as sleek modern vases matched with vintage candle holders.

In interior design, it doesn’t have to be simply black or white, modern or vintage. Like a complex recipe using different ingredients, blend them to create perfection – home accessories like herbs & spices bringing the dish together.