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Pair of vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers | H is for Home

We’ve just picked up a lovely pair of matching vintage wooden chests of drawers.

Pair of vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers | H is for Home

They were designed by husband & wife partnership, John & Sylvia Reid, for Stag Furniture in the 1950s.

Pair of vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers stacked one on top of the other | H is for Home

They have a strong mid century modern look with pared back, simple, clean lines.

Detail from vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers showing a leg | H is for Home

They appear to be made from a combination of light oak and teak – with two large drawers and a slightly smaller top drawer standing on short, tapered legs.

Open drawer on vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers showing the logo | H is for Home

We really like the subtle handles with their geometric influence. Having lived with the drawers for a couple of days, we noticed how nicely the light and shadow catches them. They’d look great with a background of a bold, mid century wallpaper picking up their geometric form – Minimodern’s Backgammon springs to mind.

Triangle highlights and shadows on a vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers | H is for Home

They’re quite a useful, compact size; measuring 75cm wide, 70cm tall and 43cm deep.

Vintage Stag chest of drawers with drawers open | H is for Home

We’re going to keep them together as a pair – they’ve made it this long as a couple – we’d hate to split them up now. They’ll go into our antiques centre space – or perhaps our eBay shop, We’ll hang fire for a day or so in case any of our readers want first dibs. Drop us a line if they’re just the thing for you.






Miniature woven garden furniture

Toy miniature woven garden chairs | H is for Home

Last week’s quirky item was a vintage miniature organ – this week we’re going even smaller in scale, with this even more miniature woven garden furniture.

Toy miniature woven garden furniture | H is for Home

They’re very 1950s – and very sweet too. The set comprises of a table & four chairs, a bench and two armchairs. To give you some idea of size, each chair stands 9cm or 3½ inches tall.

Toy miniature woven garden table & chairs | H is for Home

We like the lemon yellow and crisp white colourway – and the detail is fabulous. It’s so pretty – we’d happily use it in our own garden if we were 6 inches tall ourselves!

Toy miniature woven garden chairs | H is for Home

Anyone out there with dolls or a dolls house that need garden furniture – or would just like them as a decorative piece in their own right, just drop us a line. There’ll be no expensive furniture removal costs! The eight piece set is priced at £35.00.

Britannia, The Great British Sofa designed in support of Team GB

**This is a paid for advertorial by DFS**

DFS Britannia sofa designed for & inspired by Team GB at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics
With less than 100 days to go, we’re really looking forward to watching the Rio Olympics this summer. We won’t be there in person unfortunately, but we’re sure the TV coverage will be fabulous.

DFS is the official Team GB Olympic homeware partner, and to celebrate the event they’ve designed the hand-crafted BritanniaThe Great British sofa‘, inspired by Team GB. When it comes to sofas, you don’t get much more British than the Chesterfield!

DFS' Design Director, Philip Watkin, sketching DFS Britannia sofa designs

The limited-edition Britannia range consists of a four, three and two seater sofa, an armchair, an accent chair and a large footstool. The Britannia will be journeying to Rio to take its place in the GB lounge in the Olympic Village. The athletes will have a comfy place to relax and put their feet up at the end of an exciting and tiring day of sport!

Machinist threading her machine in the DFS factory

The various pieces in the range are finished with golden studs to represent Olympic gold medals – one of the undoubted peaks of sporting achievement. In fact, the accent chair has 233 golden studs – the exact number of gold medals Team GB has won so far at Summer Olympic Games.

Hammering in golden studs by hand into the Britannia at DFS sofa factory

The range comes with an assortment of plain & patterned scatter cushions (in patriotic red white & blue of the Union Jack) designed in collaboration with British textile designer, Susan Munns, from Art of the Loom.

DFS armchair and accent chair from the Britannia range

Have a look at the short film below, all about the design and making of the Britannia.

It’s a lovely range of furniture. We’d very happily give them house room – a dog’s big muddy paws might be an issue for us, but I’m sure we could work round it! The sofa and chairs have a very elegant and timeless shape. Quality woven fabric upholstery, generous layers of soft padding beneath, gentle curves for your back and neck, scatter cushions for extra support – they look so comfortable! The sofa and chairs are available in four different colours with further choices for the castor feet and stud or piping detail. They’re the perfect place to relax – whether you’re having a quiet read, enjoying a pre-dinner drink or watching the Olympics of course!


Child’s chair

'Child's chair' blog post banner

19th century child's chair before restoration

We included this child’s chair in our recent Forthcoming Attractions post – and mentioned that we thought it would look great after a bit of TLC.

19th century child's chair in front of a wood burning stove

Well, here it is – a beautiful little child’s low-back Windsor chair dating from about 1820 with curved top rail, turned legs and spindles. It’s been dusted, the spots of white paint removed and gently waxed. It does look great!

close up of spindles on an antique child's Windsor chair

 We’re careful not to over restore furniture. Traces of original paint are retained – we love how it flakes & crackles with age…

19th century child's chair

…and also wears thin where bums and arms have rubbed it over the years to reveal the wood grain.

Pair of 19th century chairs

And here it is next to its big brother – you can really appreciate its diminutive size.

Moving your delicate or antique furniture? 7 tips to reduce the stress

'Moving delicate or antique furniture? 7 tips to reduce the stress' blog post banner

Vintage Nuss Removals vancredit

According to a recent article in The Express, moving home is one of the most stressful times in people’s lives; and if you’re moving abroad, worried about losing sentimental items, or moving delicate or antique furniture, those stress levels can go through the roof. To help you cope with at least one of these aspects, here are a few tips to make sure your furniture reaches its destination undamaged.

Once Should Be Enough

You should be planning your move so that your delicate items are moved as little as possible. If you have thought about the order that your things will be placed into the transportation, and labelled them with the rooms they will go into on arrival, then they’ll only need to be moved once. If you haven’t, they could be moved from pillar to post all through the move. The more times an item is moved, the more chance of damage to it; so plan well and move once.

Break it down

Antique furniture is often impossible to break down, but modern delicate furniture may have parts that can be separated, and if at all possible, do so. This will make packing the furniture easier and a less complicated shape will be easier to secure.

Cardboard box with red & white fragile packing tapecredit

Box it

Packing crates are vital if you have expensive items, and are even more important if those items also happen to be antique. The boxes are used to separate individual items from each other, and to stop potential damage as they move around and bang into each other. It is not as simple as placing items in boxes though, and packing materials will be needed to stop movement. Most removals companies will have professionals to do this for you, and you should consider this if you are truly worried about your delicates

Take your time

If you rush your move, you’re inviting disaster; and this is especially true if you are packing yourself. Plan ahead and decide where each packing case or item will go in the new property, and take the time you need to wrap everything individually. Have storage boxes delivered early and fill them at your own pace, and, if you have no space for them when they’re full, use a removal company that can organise storage for you (click here for a great example), as you don’t want to be wasting time moving boxes and crates around your home.

Know your route

You may feel that you know the layout of your home like the back of your hand, but you still need to plan the route your furniture is going to take. Make sure your furniture will have a smooth journey to the removal van by the simplest route, and use a spotter to make sure there are no bumps & bangs en route.

Lifting a sofa on moving daycredit

Care when lifting

Make sure you’re super careful when lifting delicate items, and always support the weight from underneath. Never pick up furniture by the handles, arms, or legs, and never drag it across the floor. Even putting the furniture into a crate can be a delicate operation (especially if it has to be lifted in), and extra care will be needed if the furniture has to be lifted above waist height. Remember that a trolley is your friend and will reduce the chances of anything being dropped.


Your home insurance may give you some cover on your contents, but will it insure your move? Most home insurance won’t cover a house move, so you may need to top it up. The Insurance Information Institute has some great information about what you should be looking for in home insurance, so research what to look for before taking out or extending a policy.

Knowing how to approach a problem is the easiest way to reduce stress. So, by combining these tips with good individual packing practices, you’ll get your furniture to its destination in great condition. Your removal company will already be using many of these ideas, but, if you know too, it can only help your peace of mind.


Things to consider when buying a new mattress

'Things to consider when buying a new mattress' blog post banner

blue op-art beddingcredit

Purchasing a new mattress can be a life changing decision. Your sleep is a precious thing, so don’t risk discomfort and restless nights on a low quality mattress. As the place in which you spend roughly 8 hours per night, your bed should never be an afterthought. Keep these tips in mind when selecting your next mattress.

Monochrome bedroomcredit

Don’t be afraid to splurge

While you can buy budget mattresses for next to nothing, it always pays to make your mattress one of your more expensive purchases. Considering humans spend almost one third of their lives in bed, cost shouldn’t dissuade your choice. Many people stick to established brands such as Silentnight as they are well reviewed and have a certain guarantee of quality. Think of it as an investment, as better sleep means you’ll be more productive in life.

wooden platform bedcredit

Is firm best?

Firm mattresses tend to be touted as being good for your back. However, this doesn’t usually ring true for most people. Comfort is subjective and depends on what style of bed you like – whether it’s a medium memory foam or a firm pocket sprung one.

Personal comfort and feel is key. Depending on your bodyweight, a softer option may suit you – although the heavier you are the more firmness you will need to prevent your body pressing into the springs/base of the mattress.

grey and yellow decorated bedroomcredit

Online versus in store

Massive savings can be had by buying a mattress online, but buying one in-store means you can try the mattress out. However, it’s worth noting than a five minute lie down in a shop won’t give you a true impression of what a night’s sleep on the mattress will feel like. If you do opt for in-store testing, make sure you wear light clothing to get an accurate approximation of what the mattress feels like against your body.

Buying online sometimes carries additional shipping costs that can offset the savings made, unless you opt for a site that offers free delivery.

Wisconsin bunk housecredit

Measure up

If you’re buying a mattress individually to match a pre-existing bed frame, you need to measure the frame to ensure it will fit. You should also consider the weight of the mattress – some slat beds can struggle with heavier memory foam mattresses – a divan may be more appropriate.

pull-out single storage bedcredit

Check the warranty

A good mattress should come with a guarantee or warranty. Outside of anything going wrong, a good mattress should last between 8 to 10 years depending on usage. Any retailer worth their salt should have a good, no-hassle returns policy.