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Gimme Five! Car lighter accessories

Friday, July 24th, 2015

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Selection of car lighter accessories via H is for Home

We’ve made a couple of long car journeys to London and Brighton recently. Various things pop into your thoughts as the miles pass by – “I wish I had this, I could do with that”. We’ve chosen a selection of items which plug into the car lighter socket that resolve potential problems and enhance the travelling experience; whether it be playing music, re-charging devices, giving you a back massage or providing emergency air for a flat tyre!

  1. 60w car charger power adapter for Apple MacBook Pro: £22.98, eBay
  2. REALMAX® car music FM transmitter: £7.99, Amazon
  3. Portable power pack with 200w inverter and USB charging socket: £59.99, Maplin
  4. Lifemax heated back and seat massager: £39.99, Amazon
  5. Halfords rapid digital tyre inflator: £34.99, Halfords

Gimme Five! Carbon steel woks

Friday, July 17th, 2015

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selection of 5 large carbon steel woks via H is for Home

As you probably know by now, we love to cook at home. Indian, Italian and French dishes rub shoulders with traditional English classics. One of our favourites is Chinese; we currently have two large woks – one for veg and the other for fish and meat. Nothing beats a wok if you’re making a mixed stir fry or an egg fried rice. However, making the latter in our current woks is a horrendous experience, the rice sticks to the inside very badly.

We’ve had enough… we’re after a couple of decent carbon steel woks that makes cooking fried rice a pleasure, not a pain! We use them so often, we know exactly what we want – carbon steel rather than aluminium or Teflon-coated, a long handle so we can toss properly, a hanging hook to store it out of the way and finally, the higher the sides and larger the size the better.

  1. Typhoon® carbon steel signature wok, ∅36cm: £24.99, Lakeland
  2. John Lewis wok set, ∅35cm: £35, John Lewis
  3. Swift carbon steel wok, ∅34cm: £16.46, Divertimenti
  4. Ken Hom Tao Plus carbon steel wok, ∅36cm: £29.99, Argos
  5. Flat-based carbon steel wok, ∅36cm & wooden handled wok shovel: £17.50 eBay

Gimme Five! Cool boxes

Friday, July 10th, 2015

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selection of 5 cool boxes

We spent a lovely afternoon last Sunday watching a friend play cricket for his village team.

We sat in the sunshine on a picnic blanket eating sandwiches and drinking elderflower cordial… then a cold beer or two as the sun went down. We filled our vintage cool box with so much ice and liquid refreshment that we snapped its handle!

It’s time to see what’s on offer in the cool box world for when ours finally gives up the ghost – here are some cool contenders!

  1. Retro cooler box: £85, Bouf
  2. Coastal metal coolbox: £54.99, Argos
  3. Stainless steel cooler ice box: £84.99 eBay
  4. 20L electric cool box: £33.99, Robert Dyas
  5. Jamie Oliver cool box: £69.99, Amazon