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Gimme Five! Deck chairs

Friday, April 18th, 2014

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selection of 5 deck chairs

HURRAH! We’ve had a few, sunny days over the past week. I’ve been working on the laptop in the garden making the most of the good weather. Alas, the fabric on our pair of vintage 1970s garden chairs has perished… or else we need to lose some of that winter weight! The seats have ripped at the seams and, seeing as neither of us is an accomplished micro-surgeon – or even a decent sewer, attempting to repair them is a non-starter!

Our old garden chairs, though lovely, were a bit too upright; there was no opportunity to ‘lounge’. A cheery deck chair or two is what’s required. Sitting upright with a laptop on your lap or moving it down a couple of notches with a glass of wine or a smoothie in hand. Bring on the summer!

  • Santa Fe Fields deckchair by Smart Deco: £65.99,
  • Chaise lounge with adjustable back & removable leg rest: £398.77, Etsy
  • Striped rocking deckchair: £70, Graham & Green
  • The Edwardian deckchair: £200, Albion Canvas Co
  • The Wideboy: £125, Southsea Deckchairs
  • Gimme Five! Coal scuttles

    Friday, April 11th, 2014

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    selection of 5 coal scuttles | H is for Home

    We had the new fire in our kitchen refitted today. Two months short of 2 years after our house were flooded… and just in time for summer too!

    We’re ecstatic and relieved too. Building regulations have changed since the waterlogged fire was fitted. So the new one couldn’t be installed without a flue liner being fed down the chimney – all 40 feet of it!

    One of the other casualties of the flood was our coal scuttle. It was a beautiful, vintage Mallod bentwood coal scuttle that was ruined when it was submerged in water. Now that the fire’s in, we’re in search of a new coal scuttle. There are lovely antique copper ones, brand new galvanised steel ones. Ones shaped like buckets, ones shaped like cones… even one shaped like a shell!

    1. Antique coal scuttle: £44.99, HomesDirect 365
    2. Buckley coal hod – black/pewter – 540: £48, The Fireside Shop
    3. Fireside coal bucket with brass handle: £24.98, Amazon
    4. Hamlett coal scuttle: £74.99-£129.99, Black Country Metalworks
    5. Vintage German folk art hand painted coal scuttle: £55.07, Etsy

    Gimme Five! Horses

    Friday, April 4th, 2014

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    selection of 5 vintage horses-themed homewares

    It’s the Grand National at Aintree tomorrow, we’ve narrowed our predicted winner down to four horses. Teaforthree and Long Run for me – Tidal Bay and Balthazar King for Justin. We thought a horse-related Gimme Five was in order this week.

    Wish us luck!

    1. Kosta Boda bird on a horse glass sculpture: £240.55, eBay
    2. Vintage Scandinavian pottery horse figure: starting price, £114.55, eBay
    3. Vintage 1950s Libbey Safedge glass tumbler: £7.42, Etsy
    4. Hold Your Horses Teepee by FieldCandy: £199, Harrods
    5. Hand-crafted wooden rocking horse by Nic Nac Noo: £279, Notonthehighstreet

    Gimme Five! Windowsill greenhouses

    Friday, March 28th, 2014

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    selection of 5 windowsill greenhouses

    I bought some magnolia vine seeds off the internet way back in January. After soaking them overnight, potting them up and leaving them somewhere cool until now, I’m going to put them on a warm, sunny windowsill in the kitchen so they can germinate. I’m fed up of the ugly, plastic windowsill greenhouses that are so ubiquitous. I want something a bit more… pleasing on the eye.

    There are a few of them out there that aren’t boring green or black, cheap-looking, moulded plastic; but you have to search long & hard. We’ve helped make that process a little bit easier with these that we’ve found.

    1. Plantini mini model planthouse kit by Another Studio: £24.95, Notonthehighstreet
    2. SOCKER Greenhouse, white: £12, IKEA
    3. Vintage glass house / terrarium: £26.03, Etsy
    4. Vintage handmade lead & glass terrarium: £68, eBay
    5. Little Gardeners – My First Mini Greenhouse: £11.99, Amazon

    Gimme Five! Spatulas

    Friday, March 21st, 2014

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    selection of 5 cooking spatulas

    I know it’s not ‘sexy’, but a cooking spatula is an integral piece of kit in our kitchen. It’s used for stirring, flipping and getting every last drop of batter out of a mixing bowl.

    We only have one in our cooking arsenal, and it’s looking a bit ragged. The white rubber is looking decidedly grey and appears to have been attacked by a serrated knife at some point. Time to chuck it out and invest in a new one. These are some of the (brightly coloured) ones we like…

    1. GUBBRÖRA rubber spatula – green/pink red/green, blue/white: £0.60, IKEA
    2. I Can Cook spatula, orange: £2.99 Notonthehighstreet
    3. Typhoon Gerry Giraffe spatula, orange: £6, Debenhams
    4. KitchenCraft Colourworks silicone spatula in orange: £13.60, Wayfair
    5. Elevate™ spatula spoon: £9.50, Joseph Joseph