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Gimme Five! Wool warmers

Friday, October 17th, 2014

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'Wool warmers' Gimme Five collection

It was National Wool Week here in the UK last week and to celebrate, the Campaign for Wool launched their Interiors Collection. “A curated edit of over fifty wool interior pieces, including a selection of specially commissioned items.”

Our favourites were London Transport Museum’s District moquette dog coat and the Woolroom’s sheep stool.

We’ve decided to put our own mini interiors collection together in homage! :-)

  1. ‘For Her’ cashmere hot water bottle gift by YUYU: £75, Notonthehighstreet
  2. Fern copper throw: £168, Luxdeco
  3. Cork sole wool shoes grey green: £97, Bouf
  4. Melin Tregwynt navy St David’s Cross cushion: £69.95, Liberty
  5. Crocheted bedspread/blanket: £75, H is for Home

Gimme Five! Bathroom magazine racks

Friday, October 10th, 2014

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selection of 5 bathroom magazine racks

Sometimes the bathroom is the only place you can get time to yourself – especially if you have a dog like ours who parks himself outside the door and waits for you to finish!

My dad will kill me for saying this, but he had (and perhaps still does) a daily routine that involved a cigarette, the newspaper and the toilet. We didn’t get driven to school until this morning ritual had been completed. I have a similar regular habit, but mine involves a glossy magazine, a glass of wine, tea lights and a bath.

In both our cases, one of these bathroom magazine racks would come in very handy. One just stores reading material and handily hangs from the cistern. All the others are multifunctional, being receptacles for two very different types of paper. :-)

  1. Freestanding loo roll holder & magazine rack: £19.99, Presents for Men
  2. Toilet set paper rail and newspaper rack: £19.99, Amazon
  3. Designer turquoise wire toilet roll holder and magazine rack: £30, Debenhams
  4. Toilet roll holder and storage with magazine rack: £10, Tesco
  5. Toilet mount home decor magazine rack: £11.99, eBay

Gimme Five: Trench coats

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

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selection of 5 trench coats

A trench coat should be a staple of any woman’s (and man’s) wardrobe. They get you through that tricky change of season period between summer and autumn and spring and summer. That time when a winter coat is too much but shirt sleeves just isn’t enough; when it’s sunny when you leave the house in the morning but it may rain later on in the day.

A good-quality trench coat or Mackintosh, if looked after well and dry cleaned properly, will last you a lifetime. A classic Burberry or Aquascutum never goes out of fashion. You know the ones; khaki-coloured gabardine, just above the knee, belted, double-breasted, epaulettes and check lining.

Vintage trench coats can still be picked up cheaply in charity shops. One of my best ever buys was a bright magenta Aquascutum trench with shiny brass buttons from a charity shop in Brighton almost 20 years ago. It cost me the princely sum of £9.00 – I’ve worn it every year without fail!

If you’re not into wearing second-hand – here’s a selection of great trench coats – all with a twist on the classic style.

  1. French Connection Freeway cotton belted trench: £165, House of Fraser
  2. Ted Baker A-line trench coat, bright blue: £299, John Lewis
  3. Autumn trench: £129, Boden
  4. Womens trench coat, marine navy: £139, Joules
  5. The Angelina trench: £114, Hobbs

Gimme Five! Cast iron candle holders

Friday, September 26th, 2014

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selection of 5 cast iron candle holders

Last night, we had the fire in our den lit for the first time this autumn. We welcome autumn & winter in our house when they come around. Ours is a real cold weather, snuggle up with blankets and cushions and fairy lights kind of home!

At this time of year, at the end of each day, we love to retreat upstairs; and part of the evening’s routine involves getting the fire started and getting the tea lights and candles lit. We have a selection of tea light and candle holders dotted around the room – on tables, on the mantlepiece and crannies in the stone wall. The twinkly, flickering light the candles give is really relaxing and atmospheric. Welcome back autumn!

  1. 3-piece Eric Hoglund Boda wall sconce holders & candle holder: US $849.00, eBay
  2. Pair of vintage cast iron taper holders: £25, H is for Home
  3. Danish Modern hairpin cast iron candle holders: £26.43, Etsy
  4. Iittala Allas round single candleholder: £25, Amara
  5. Japanese cast iron candle stand ginkgo leaf: £22.52, Etsy

Gimme Five! Red wine glasses

Friday, September 19th, 2014

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selection of 5 types of red wine glasses

Well, it was on the cards for quite a while. We were down to our last two red wine glasses when one got broken whilst taking it out of the cupboard.

We found a set of four in a local charity shop about two years ago. They were really cheap – £2.50 the lot – but they were great quality and each held almost an entire bottle! They’re quite fragile, they make that lovely, lead crystal ringing sound when flicked gently with a fingernail.

Sadly, one by one, they were getting broken. We’ve been trying to be so, so very careful when using them and washing them up. We’ve been down to the last pair for almost a year, but we knew that it was only a matter of time… a split second of lost concentration…

The chances of us finding another great set like that in a charity shop are slim. We’re probably going to have to shell out properly for replacements. But what should we do? We can get a six-pack of cheap & cheerful ones from IKEA for just £1.25. That’s probably a good decision considering our track record! But the lovely ones from John Lewis hold ¾ of a litre – no topping up needed – decisions, decisions!

  1. Connoisseur red wine glasses, 0.66L, set of 4: £38, John Lewis
  2. SVALKA red wine glasses (30 cl) : £1.25 /6-pack, IKEA
  3. Set Of 4 red wine glasses: £45, Le Creuset
  4. Dartington crystalline set of six large red wine glasses (57cl): £24, Selfridges
  5. Vienna set of 6 burgundy glasses (57cl): £30, Habitat