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Gimme Five! Hot water bottles

Friday, November 28th, 2014

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selection of hot water bottles

We’ve had a couple of frosty nights recently. Nothing worth turning the central heating on for! My best friend at this time of year is the humble hot water bottle. Quick to prepare, tactile and portable. I stick it under my jumper when I’m sitting on the sofa and stick it under the duvet a few minutes before I’m ready to go to bed.

  1. Hand-knitted hot water bottle cover in hot pink – 100% merino wool blend: £24, Etsy
  2. Harris Tweed hot water bottle in a box, green, 2 litre: £30, John Lewis
  3. Knitted spot hottie by seven gauge studios: £45, Notonthehighstreet
  4. Pill hot water bottle: £24.99, Amazon
  5. Hot water bottle with hand-knitted striped cover: £22, H is for Home

Gimme Five! Coat hooks

Friday, November 21st, 2014

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selection of coat hooks | @hisforhome

One by one, all our winter coats are coming back out of storage. The ones for when it’s windy, the ones for when it’s wet, the ones for when it’s cold… the dog-walking coats, the dressed-up-and-going-out coats.

All those coats are hanging – 3 deep – on the back of the porch door. It looks untidy – what we need are some sturdy, attractive coat hooks. We like multi-peg examples, so have chosen a small selection in contemporary, vintage industrial and mid century modern styles. We chose a couple with the atomic ball detailing because it’s a bit of a classic look – and whilst we really love the original Eames model, we also thought we should offer a slightly more affordable version too, so a similar look could be achieved on a smaller budget.

  1. Row of ten industrial hooks by Woods Vintage Home Interiors: £165, Notonthehighstreet
  2. Gumball coat hooks: £8, Oliver Bonas
  3. Drop XL coat rack: £59, Lovethesign
  4. Eames Hang It All Hooks: £207, Conran Shop
  5. Evan white metal/wood over the door 5-hook hanger: £10, Habitat

Gimme Five! Remembrance Day poppies

Friday, November 7th, 2014

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5 poppies in our commemoration of Remembrance Day

2014 is the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War and it’s Remembrance Day in a few days. We’ve been really moved by some of the stories we’ve seen in the media throughout the year. Those of the soldiers, their wives and other family members; through their letters, photographs, artworks and keepsakes.

The poppy is the symbol of Remembrance so we’ve put together this little collection. We’re planning on getting some of the wild poppy seeds to seed-bomb locally as our own memorial.

  1. Wild poppy seeds (2000 seeds): £2.69, Thompson & Morgan
  2. Nick Munro’s Centenary Collection: £10-£25, John Lewis
  3. Handmade felt poppy brooch by laurafallulah £12.50, Notonthehighstreet
  4. Set of 6 vintage poppy napkins: £16.10, Etsy
  5. Tibi Hegyesi poppy art prints and posters: from £9.95, Easyart

Gimme Five! Things for Bonfire Night

Friday, October 31st, 2014

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Five things for Bonfire Night | H is for Home

Tonight is Halloween, but next week is a celebration that’s a lot more home-grown – Bonfire Night. We prefer Bonfire Night to Halloween; the history, the spectacle of the fireworks, the comfort food like black peas (a Lancashire tradition), parkin and bonfire toffee.

When last have you seen a group of kids asking for, “A penny for the Guy?”? Perhaps it’s not as economically viable an option as “Trick or treat?” has become! :-)

  1. Small gold indoor sparklers – tube of 10: £3, Paperchase
  2. B is for Bonfire alphabet silkscreen print by Sarah Young: £19, Notonthehighstreet
  3. Bonfire kit: £60, Garden Trading
  4. 1950s print of children & penny Guy: £15, Etsy
  5. Original cinder toffee: £8.50 Fortnum & Mason

Gimme Five! Grown up Halloween treats

Friday, October 24th, 2014

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selection of 5 grown up Halloween treats | H is for Home

We don’t have children and our young nieces & nephews don’t live nearby. That means that we’ve never really got into the swing of Halloween. But then we thought – what about a grown up Halloween? Surely adults are catered for!

Well, what do you know? We are! Along with the expected ghoulish and witchy fancy-dress costumes, we found a few fab things to make an over 18s Halloween soirée go swimmingly.

  1. Pumpkin tap kit – Halloween draft beer drink dispenser: $29.99, eBay
  2. Pack of six skeleton Halloween lanterns by hunkydory home: £8.75, Notonthehighstreet
  3. Le Creuset petite pumpkin casserole: £25, John Lewis
  4. Crystal head vodka: £60, Fortnum & Mason
  5. Blood bath shower gel: 3 for £20, IWOOT