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Asda Home

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

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King-sized bed made with linen from Asda Home

One of life’s little pleasures is getting into a bed with freshly laundered sheets. Even better is brand new bedding from top to toe!

New bed linen & bedding from Asda Home

We’ve been meaning to have a complete bedding revamp for a while. Everything was due a change. So this week’s delivery from Asda Home was much anticipated. New duvet, new pillows, new sheets, new duvet cover… bliss!!

Vase of sunflowers and antique mannequin with new bed linen & bedding from Asda Home

We chose memory foam pillows (recommended for side-sleepers like us!), a ‘Feels Like Down’ 10.5 tog king-size duvet, Monochrome Triangles king-size duvet set and grey, cotton rich fitted sheet & pillowcases. They’re all from Asda’s own George Home range. Replacing absolutely everything on our king-size bed came in at £113.75 which is great value.

detail of a king-sized bed made with linen from Asda Home

The duvet set is quite mid century modern in style with contrasting geometric patterns of squares & triangles in shades of yellow, grey & white.

Detail of a sunflower with new bed linen & bedding from Asda Home in the background

It works perfectly in our master bedroom, picking up on other yellow highlights in the space. We love it – and have been sleeping very soundly since the update!


Sifter Success!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

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Foley Sift-Chine flour sifter with bags of flour and tray of eggs

Having recently published a Gimme Five! flour sifters post, I tasked Justin with finding me one for my baking. It didn’t take him long to unearth a bargain, paying £5 for this lovely vintage Foley Sift-Chine example.

Foley Sift-Chine flour sifter with a tray of eggs

And it’s a Rolls Royce of a sifter – lovely, aged, shiny copper with a triple sift mechanism. The flour comes out so smooth & airy, perfect for making melt-in-the-mouth Victoria sponge cakes.

Foley Sift-Chine flour sifter

He’s my sifter hero!!

Toolbox shelf

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

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shelf made from an upcycled carpenter's toolboximage credit: May December Home

We saw this image of an upcycled vintage toolbox last week – what a great idea. Once screwed to the wall, the toolbox sides form shelf surfaces and the handle provides hanging space. It looks like this one has metal tubing to replace the original handle with a row of cups suspended below.

vintage wooden toolbox

By coincidence we came across a toolbox at the Thursday market if anyone out there fancies a similar project. The wood could be left bare or in this case it might benefit from being painted. This one retains the original handle from which butchers hooks can hang.

vintage wooden toolbox upcycled into tea making storage

We did a quick mock up to show it functioning as a tea making station. Perfect for a rustic kitchen – or how about bit of vintage allotment chic for your garden shed?

Made to Match

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

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Lois scatter cushion in orange plaid from on a vintage leather club chair

We bought two gorgeous vintage leather club chairs recently. They were looking a bit tired, but have cleaned up beautifully. We polished the leather, recovered the old seat pads in hessian sacking – and have now found the perfect cushion just to complete the look.

Lois scatter cushion in orange plaid from on a vintage leather club chair

We received this Lois cushion in orange plaid from this week. The overall red/orange appearance works perfectly with the rich chestnut brown leather, whilst the subtle touches of green & blue in the tartan pick up on the lettering in the Hessian sacking.

detail of a Lois scatter cushion in orange plaid from on a vintage leather club chair

The fabric is very good quality and we’re also happy with the finishing in terms of stitching, zips etc. The cushion combines tradition with modernity which is just what we were after. We’ve put one of the chairs next to the window (and bookshelf) in our main bedroom. The perfect spot for a quiet – and now very comfortable read.


Grundy bin

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

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vintage aluminium Grundy bin lid

We were tired of a huge bag of dog food balancing on our washing machine and were just about to buy one of the dog food bins that we featured in a recent ‘Gimme Five’ post

vintage aluminium Grundy bin

…then one of our fellow dealers brought this vintage aluminium flour bin into the antiques centre.

vintage aluminium Grundy bin containing a large bag of dog food

It’s absolutely perfect!!  It fits the largest sacks of food, it’s secure & sturdy – and even has wheels to allow easy movement for cleaning etc.

bottom of a vintage aluminium Grundy bin showing its castors

Up-cycling at its best – we couldn’t have designed anything better.

Fudge sitting next to the vintage aluminium Grundy bin containing his dog food

Fudge approves!