We’ve got more Mills Moore!

Vintage Mills Moore cutlery set | H is for Home

One of our most frequent customer enquiries is, “Do you have any more of the Mills Moore cutlery?”

Set of vintage Mills Moore cutlery | H is for Home

People find it here on our blog, our Instagram posts and archived shop listings. Quite often, we have to say, “Sorry, no, not at the moment.” But not today!

Set of vintage Mills Moore cutlery | H is for Home

We’ve just listed a fabulous set of the 1960s stainless steel Mills Moore cutlery – 6 of everything – 42 pieces in all.

Set of vintage Mills Moore cutlery showing maker's mark | H is for Home

This range definitely appears to be the most sought after – and we also very much like the form of this particular design. We love the walnut handles too, with their warm colour and differences in tone. The quality is excellent and they feel really good in the hand.

Set of vintage Mills Moore cutlery | H is for Home

It’s been listed today, so if you’re one of those people who’s been keen to get hold of some, now’s your chance!

It’s curtains for our old pole!

Finial on our new graphite Poles & Blinds curtain pole | H is for Home

We were recently approached by Poles&Blinds to collaborate on a product review. Their timing was perfect! We’ve recently redecorated the lounge, but there was one last remaining job… to tidy up the window area.

Swish Elements Belgravia 35mm curtain pole kit components | H is for Home

As you can see from the ‘before’ photo on the left, it was in a very sorry state! The pole was scratched & very tired looking, there were old Polyfilla repairs – and the brackets were coming out of the wall.

Our old curtain pole - scratched up and bracket hanging out of the wall | H is for Home New curtain pole and tab top curtain

Having looked through their website, we picked out the Swish Elements Belgravia 35mm Curtain Pole with a graphite metallic finish. The room has a combination of cream and dark grey walls with natural colour furnishings in wood, wicker, Hessian, leather and so on. So this graphite shade pole works perfectly in the scheme.

Justin installing our new curtain pole | H is for Home

Justin set about the task (well he does have to earn that afternoon tea & cake somehow, doesn’t he?). It was very straightforward really, the process taking about an hour from start to finish. Drill, screwdriver, spirit level, hacksaw and pencil were the only tools required.

Natural, Hessian-type tab top curtains on our new curtain pole

Sometimes, even relatively simple improvements can make a big difference to the look of a room. We love the pared back style and chunky feel. It also works well with the vintage industrial elements that we have dotted about this space.

New curtain pole and curtains erected | H is for Home

The pole is solid, sturdy and of really good quality. As you can see, we have tab top curtains in this room so didn’t need to use the curtain rings supplied. However, if and when we do (or you have curtains that require them), these rings are nylon lined to give them a smooth and quiet glide across the pole.

Adelle working next to the window in the sitting room | H is for Home

We’re very pleased with the results. That scruffy corner has been irritating us for months! It’s now neat, tidy and colour co-ordinated – and the curtains don’t fall off any more!


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Stylish medium clocks to check out at Dandelion Interiors

Stylish medium clocks to check out at Dandelion Interiors | H is for Home

**Written in collaboration with Dandelion Interiors**

No home is complete without beautiful clocks to adorn it – form and function working perfectly together. That’s why we’ve compiled this selection of stylish medium sized timepieces that would be great for different areas of your home. Here are our top picks from our Dandelion Interiors medium wall clocks line-up!

Vintage copper with white face London modern wall clock

Vintage copper with white face London modern wall clock

The Vintage Copper with White Face London Modern Wall Clock has a real classic look and vintage appeal. This medium-sized clock is perfect to add a focal point and interest to an otherwise stark wall. It’s also available in the multi-dial variant (bronze and yellow). The clock dimensions span 50x50x7cm. Retailing at £79.00, down from its previous price of £125.55, this is definitely one of our best bargains yet.

Orange with white face London multi-dial wall clock

Orange with white face London multi-dial wall clock

The Orange with White Face London Multi-Dial Wall Clock is another timeless piece from our medium clocks line-up. Also available in red, it provides a flash of zesty colour – a bit of punch to spruce up white or pale interiors. Item dimensions span 50x50x7cm and currently retails at £67.00 from £90.45.

Cream with white face London multi-dial wall clock

Cream with white face London multi-dial wall clock

The Cream with White Face London Multi Dial Wall Clock a wonderful clock to compliment antique furnishings and traditional decor – and is perfect for the frequent traveller! Available in the Dublin and Edinburgh edition as well as in black face, you can choose whatever fits your preference. Item dimensions span 50x50x7cm and currently retails at £67.00 from £90.45.

Venetian pearled style edge Mayfair glass wall clock

Venetian pearled style edge Mayfair glass wall clock

The Venetian Pearled Style Edge Mayfair Glass Wall Clock is an elegant looking medium sized clock -. Quite feminine in style, a perfect addition to a chic and stylish interior. Its dimensions are 51x51x6cm and is now priced at £90.00 from its previous £121.50.

Traditional wooden and brass Smiths school clock

Traditional wooden and brass Smiths school clock

The Traditional Wooden and Brass Smiths School Clock will compliment any rustic or vintage industrial style interior. Polished with a gold lining accent, it still manages to retain a refined feel that will suit more formal interiors too. This item’s dimensions span 40x40x10cm and is now priced at £67.00 from its previous £90.45.

Round nickel traditional mantel clock

Round nickel traditional mantel clock

The Round Nickel Traditional Mantel Clock could be perfect piece to complete the overall look of your fireplace mantel – or perhaps a great addition to your bookcase or console table. This item’s dimensions span 42x48x11cm and is now priced at £69.00 from its previous £93.15.

Medium nickel skeleton clock with glass fronted face

Medium nickel skeleton clock with glass fronted face

The Medium Nickel Skeleton Clock with Glass Fronted Face is a classical looking round-shaped clock with Roman numerals that can easily become a focal piece of your interior. It works well with other vintage-style and antique pieces that you may have in your house. Also a good contrast piece on a dark background. This example’s dimensions are 65x60x6cm and is now priced at £102.00 from its previous £137.70.


Vintage Pyrex patterns

Vintage Pyrex patterns - Blue Gaiety lidded casserole and yellow & white Gooseberry Cinderella mixing bowl set | H is for Home

We added two very nice pieces of vintage Pyrex to our webshop today. Our newly listed items include a lovely set of four graduated ‘Cinderella’ mixing bowls in the ‘Gooseberry’ pattern and a lidded casserole dish from the ‘Gaiety’ Snowflake range.

Blue vintage Pyrex 'Gaiety' casserole dish | H is for Home

It got us to wondering when Pyrex was invented… 1940s/50s would probably have been our guess. We were a fair way out – it was a brand introduced by Corning Inc in 1908. The thermally resistant glass moved from industrial use to domestic applications (apparently after a Corning employee’s wife used a sawn off battery jar to bake a cake).

Detail of vintage Pyrex 'Gaiety' pattern | H is for Home

It’s certainly come a long way from that first cake and has found a home in millions of kitchen cupboards worldwide. It’s such a great material for kitchen use – durable, practical, heat resistant, doesn’t retain food smells, transparent and decorative too if desired.

Vintage yellow and white 'Gooseberry' Pyrex Cinderella mixing bowl set | H is for Home

Various designers have contributed to the shapes and patterns of Pyrex over the years – Penny Sparke, Betty Baugh, SMART Design and TEAMS Design amongst them.

Colourful collection of vintage Pyrexcredit

You can go for the plain, clear glass or more colourful opaque ranges – and there certainly are some fabulous Pyrex patterns available.

Detail of vintage Pyrex 'Gooseberry' pattern | H is for Home

So, where did the name Pyrex come from… this quote from a Corning executive:

The word PYREX is probably a purely arbitrary word which was devised in 1915 as a trade-mark for products manufactured and sold by Corning Glass Works. While some people have thought that it was made up from the Greek pyr and the Latin rex we have always taken the position that no graduate of Harvard would be guilty of such a classical hybrid. Actually, we had a number of prior trade-marks ending in the letters ex. One of the first commercial products to be sold under the new mark was a pie plate and in the interests of euphonism the letter r was inserted between pie and ex and the whole thing condensed to PYREX.

Detail of Pyrex Tableware stamp | H is for Home

There are various websites dedicated to all things Pyrex – here are links to a few:

Get a great night’s sleep!

Bedroom with grey walls and bed | H is for Home

March is National Bed Month, so it’s timely that today we’re reviewing the Tweak Slumber Duo mattress. If you look closely at the photo of our bed, you’ll probably glean that we don’t share the same preference in pillows. I love a tall pile of thick, firm ones and he opts for a few sorry-looking, wafer-thin examples. And the differences in our sleep choices don’t end there. I’m a side sleeper and Justin often lies on his back. In addition, he has suffered from a herniated disc for the past few years. I’ve just started getting pain in my hips – oh the joys of getting older! I did a little research into the best mattress for back pain. A softer mattress suits the way I sleep and a firmer one is best for Justin and his bad back. How do we reconcile our sleep arrangements? Well, Tweak Slumber has come up with the perfect answer!

Tweak mattress unzipped showing its different coloured tablet inserts | H is for Home

Tweak Slumber bills their Duo mattress as “the ultimate mattress for couples”. You can unzip the quilted cover and mix & match the coloured tablet inserts depending on you and your partner’s preferred mattress firmness. And because they’re separate tablets, it reduces the energy transfer from one side of the bed to the other. This is a godsend if you share a bed with a restless sleeper – that’s me, with my regular episodes of restless legs! These are sandwiched between a pocket sprung base at the bottom and a temperature-regulating memory foam layer on the top.

layers that make up a tweak mattress layers that make up a tweak mattress

We’ve been giving it the bedroom equivalent of a road test this past week. So looking forward to it were we, that we even bought a brand new bed frame and bedding to complete the nocturnal joy. It’s been absolute bliss – the most comfortable mattress either of us has ever had the pleasure of sleeping on. Even sitting up in bed reading or watching television has become a much improved experience.

Do you and your partner have different sleep preferences?

Tweak Mattress -

Tweak Slumber are so confident of their product that they offer purchasers an amazing 100 night trial. That’s over 3 months! If you’re not happy with the coloured comfort layer you’ve chosen, they’ll replace it free of charge. If you’re still not satisfied, they’ll organise collection and give you a full refund.

Here’s a short video demonstrating it’s features…

Tweak Mattress banner

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3 great ways to use mirrors in your home

Ginger and Jagger mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Mirrors are often thought of as something we use to make sure we look good, or to check if there’s spinach between our teeth. But if you’re someone who’s passionate about interior design and think of the rooms in your home as works of art, mirrors can be so much more. A beautiful designer mirror can fulfil numerous functions in the home, completely changing the look of a room, transforming it from plain to dazzling. Here are a few ways in which you can use mirrors…

Ginger and Jagger leaf mirror

For vanity purposes

Mirrors have been used by human beings for for centuries. Almost every bathroom contains a mirror so you can brush your teeth, style your hair and do your make-up. A full-length mirror is very useful in a bedroom or walk-in wardrobe as it allows you to survey your entire outfit to make sure you look impeccable before leaving the house. And, for you ladies with a dressing table… or a full-blown boudoir, a vanity mirror complete with light bulbs will make you feel like a film star as you do your hair and make-up.

Adnet full-length mirror

Enlarge a room

Large mirrors can magically make a small, cramped room seem larger. The reflection of an opposite wall can trick the eye into perceiving a room as being more spacious. For this reason, many designers place long horizontal mirrors in dining rooms and living rooms. After all, nobody wants their guests to feel like they’re being squeezed! When using mirrors to enlarge rooms, pay special attention to the size and position of the mirror. It’s usually better to position the mirror closer to the ceiling than to surfaces immediately below such as tables or counter-tops. A large, eye-catching mirror can even become the focal point of the room – so invest wisely. It’s often worth splashing out a bit!

Boca de Lobo mirror

As an artistic piece

Just like a bold painting, mirrors can transform the entire look of a room. Antique, vintage and contemporary designer mirrors can all incorporate such exquisite  form and materials – so much so that they’re works of art in their own right. For example, have a look some of the gorgeous mirror frames at online furniture store The Longest Stay. Just as you’d choose artwork based on the mood it evokes and how suitable the colours/design are for your interior, the same considerations apply to mirrors. Take your time when choosing – consider the design of the frame, the age & period features of your house perhaps, the ageing/patina of the glass, where you’d position it in your home etc.

Mirrors are more than just reflective pieces of glass! They enable you to not only look at yourself, but also to visually transform the size, shape and brightness of a room. They can add character and colour. The design and craftsmanship of a beautiful mirror can be every bit as breathtaking as that of a painting or sculpture. When you buy a mirror for your home, it’s an opportunity to add an extra dimension – a chance to really enhance the look & appeal of the space.


Get the George Nelson style

'Get the George Nelson style' blog post banner

George Nelson style ball wall clock from Vita Interiors

Original vintage George Nelson clocks are beautiful, but quite hard to come by and very expensive! But you can get a similar look with one of these George Nelson style wall clocks from Vita interiors.

Vignette containing George Nelson style ball wall clock, vintage brass horse, antique wooden candleholder and pile of Penguin paperbacks | H is for Home

We’ve just received this great looking starburst clock from them and are happy to sing its praises. We go for quite an eclectic look in our house, mixing objects from various different eras. This mid century modern style clock sits comfortably with antiques, vintage and contemporary pieces equally well – and is therefore very good at linking these various eras to give a balanced feel to a room.

Detail of George Nelson style ball wall clock from Vita Interiors

There’s a lot of space incorporated into the clock’s form which gives it a light and airy feel – and it casts lovely shadows too. The mix of materials works really well and we like the detailing in terms of walnut finials and hand shape.

Detail of George Nelson style ball wall clock from Vita Interiors

It would sit comfortably in almost any room of the house. It has a nice, quiet tick so the bedroom’s definitely an option. It would look fab on the wall of a lounge, office or kitchen too. We’ve already identified plenty of potential sites for it to live in our house!