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A small bathroom makeover with a great tile effect

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

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White tiled shower roomimage credit: The Design Chaser

Many homes have one or more small-sized bathrooms, if you have one you’ll want to make the space seem as large as possible. Knowing how to choose the right tiles is a great start in doing this.

Choosing the wrong tiles can make a small bathroom look as though there’s even less space in it. You just need to put a little thought into your remodelling to reverse that and create a roomy feel.

white tiled bathroomimage credit: Into the Gloss

The Colour

A bathroom is always going to appear larger if its décor is mostly light in colour; cream or traditional white are an excellent choice if you want to create the effect of space. Of course, these colours may be a little too traditional and basic for some tastes. If you want to add a splash of colour to the proceedings do it with a mirror with a bright frame. This has the added advantage of being another giver of a feeling of space. Your towels can also be a great way of brightening your bathing area. You can even complement accessories with edgings for the tiled area.

green tiled showerimage credit: James Balston Photography

The Size

It’s not a good idea to use really large tiles in a smaller-sized bathroom; likewise very small tiles are not ideal. The smaller the tiles, the larger the amount of grout that’s visible. You can click here to learn more. Medium-sized tiles are usually the best choice, less grouting and less cutting than would be required for larger tiles. That being said, where there’s very little exposed wall, such as between units, smaller tiles can be the optimum way of filling a hard to tile area.

blue mosaic tiled wall border above a WCimage credit: Better Homes and Gardens

The Pattern

Huge, fussy patterns are not a good idea in a small space; they’re overwhelming and lead to an overfull feel. Likewise, really intricate patterns in the minimum of space can be very uneasy on the eye and feel a little claustrophobic. If you want to use patterned tiles in a small bathroom the best way to do it is to use them intermittently, as a splash back or as a border. Another technique of adding interest to a bathroom without reducing appearance of space is to choose light, same-coloured tiles that have some texture to them.

dark tiles on a bathroom wall laid on the diagonalimage credit: Home Designing

The Installation

Most people lay their bathroom tiles in a traditional straight row, straight tile pattern; it’s by far the most popular positioning technique. Diverting from the norm, by adopting a diagonal pattern, fools the eyes into thinking that the area covered by the tiles is larger than it actually is. Another great way of giving the sense of additional dimension to a bathroom is to use matching wall and floor tiles in a lighter tone. By doing this you allow the interior design to flow right through the room which makes it seem less cluttered and larger.

A small space can be just as beautiful as a larger one; it just requires a little creativity of thought.

Five show home elements to incorporate into your interior design

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

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sitting room with parquet floor

Have you ever looked around a show home and thought, “Wow, this place looks totally stunning!”? If you’ve taken the time to visit a show home before, there’s a pretty good chance you would have said or thought something right along these lines. That is because developers and property managers put a lot of effort into the perfect presentation of their show homes; after all, these are the properties that will encourage people to move into another one on the development. There are plenty of techniques that developers use to get the best out of their show homes. In fact, there are companies such as Emblem Furniture ( who provide staging and furniture hire services to those who are in the trade. Of course, as a home-owner you want to make your home look great whilst still being functional. Therefore, it’s a good compromise to borrow some home show elements, without going the whole hog. Here are five suggestions that could be right up your street:

kitchen sink with industrial-type pull out spray tap

New appliances

When did you last update your kitchen and utility room appliances? Dishwashers, washing machines and fridge freezers can last a fair number of years, but it’s always worthwhile checking out what’s new on the market. This is because appliances can become outdated in terms of energy efficiency and features – it may surprise you, but a new appliance could actually cost you less in the long term. Not only that, but companies are always finding ways to present appliances in a more attractive way, really adding to the look of your home.

orange feature wall in our kitchen

Subtle colour themes

Another thing that show homes usually do well is colour. Whether this is in the walls, floors or furniture, show homes draw in your eye without making you flinch. You could consider incorporating some of these subtle colour themes into your own home such as using calming greens in the kitchen, or warmer colours in the living room. If you’re slightly afraid of colour, you could try starting with a feature wall to introduce yourself to the idea.

large, colourful painting in our sitting room

Feature decorations

Speaking of features, it isn’t just the walls that can make an impact. You can also look to decorations such as clocks and artwork to do the work for you. If your walls are currently a bit bare and barren, this could be a really good technique to bring some character and life into your rooms. Mirrors with interesting frames can also be another great option.

sitting room with chrome coffee table with shiny black glass top

Shiny materials

You can also use other shiny materials aside from mirrors to achieve a high-end finish in your home. Glass is a popular option if you want to create a feeling of spaciousness, and glossy cabinets are perfect for your upgraded kitchen. It’s well worth having a look around warehouses and showrooms in search of inspiration.

kitchen-diner with strips of inset ceiling spotlights

Bold lighting

Finally, check out what lighting options are available to you. If you haven’t been to the hardware store in some time, now might be the perfect opportunity. Show homes often use spotlights to good effect, and will regularly have a statement light fixture in the entrance hall or living area. Borrow these concepts to pull off your own brilliant show home feel.

How to create hotel luxury in your home

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

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Mitre Linen bedding in shades of gold and claret

A little luxury can go a long way in driving a hotel business forward. At a time when reviews and recommendations have become so important to a successful company, ensuring a certain degree of luxury is essential in letting guest’s know that the establishment cares about their stay. Luxury does not necessarily imply expense, but just a little bit of extra effort can go a long way in creating good results, and this can be achieved at home as well as at hotels without the need to overspend. Here we’ll take a look at some affordable ways that you can add the luxurious aesthetic of a hotel room to the guest rooms inside your own home.

Mitre Linen bedding in red and gold

Firstly, change an uninspired setting

So what exactly is it about more generic hotel rooms that make them so generic? Well, more often than not they come with a certain starkness resulting from a lack of personal touch as there lack a design that will make them feel unique while representing the hotel’s identity. In reality it doesn’t take much to make some effective changes, but if you are struggling to get started choose an existing design pattern that you admire and then expand upon it with ideas of your own.

Mitre Linen bamboo towels

Towels are the secret luxury weapon

Towels are actually a good place to start, because they’re often the first and last thing a guest will touch in the room and perhaps more than anything else, towels communicate a physical level of comfort. Towels are an essential element of luxury, and consequently it’s best not to make any compromises here. The comfort on offer is sometimes sadly signalled by a hard, lonely towel in bleached white. A range of beautiful towels made from high quality material will give your home a distinguished appeal that your guests take notice of. Towels should also be consistently replaced with high quality material and there should always be more than enough provided. Towels also offer an opportunity to compliment the decor of your home, thereby creating an identity within your guest room that your guests will remember and separate their experience from previous stays in uninspired hotel rooms.

Mitre Linen green spotty duvet set

Brighten your room with linen

Linen that feels fresh and looks seasonal is another great way to offer a subtle hint of luxury. This is created through colour themes that help bring the room together by mixing and matching to correspond with a specific design palette that can develop a theme across the décor of the room. This is enhanced by the room’s soft furnishings, which include curtains, cushions and bed runners that work together to achieve a sense of luxury through a loving design that clearly shows deep consideration has been given to the guest’s well-being. A specialist hotel bedding supplier can help to create this effect; particularly when it comes to deciding which colours are best for the design.

Mitre Linen natural duvet

Find luxury in the little details

It’s often the little things that add up to luxury, so who not have a choice of duvets with different tog ratings to allow guests to choose how warm they want to feel. These may sound like trivial details, but they add up to a level of guest room that truly captures the tone and feel of a hotel experience, after all, your home should be somewhere that your guests want to stay. Once you perfect the little details of your guest room you’ll soon have guests dropping by on a regular basis.

Visit today to choose from a range of beautiful linen products ideal for your home.

Happy decorating!


Bathroom Inspiration

Friday, October 11th, 2013

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our bathroom

We’ve been doing lots of of home improvements this year. Much of it was forced upon us by last year’s flood, but we’ve also taken the opportunity to do bits & pieces on the upper floors too. The room that really needs a spruce up now is the bathroom. It’s pictured here a few years ago, but has had no redecoration for ten years and is definitely looking a bit tired.

our bathroom window sill

We like the look of natural materials in the bathroom. It suits our house with its exposed stone walls and old wooden window sills. Also, we like adding found objects such as shells, pebbles and sponges which look good with a rustic back drop. The combination of real stone, some clean lines provided by plasterwork or tiles – and quality fittings is perfection for us.

Bathroom with a stone wall. image © Frederic Vasseur

We’re going to re-tile the bath surround and shower area with stone tiles – and replace the bath which got cracked when Justin managed to fall off a ladder one day! But perhaps the most urgent attention is required in the shower area.

Mira Agile Sense ERD+ shower

We found this Mira Showers shower online. It’s got not one but TWO separate shower heads – what a great idea! A gorgeous wide rose and another hand-held one on a flexible hose that makes cleaning down post-shower a much easier job. You can even have both showers going simultaneously – just like the ones you get in those swanky spas! It may have a very classic, simple look but don’t let that deceive you; it’s very high tech indeed. It has a time and temperature display, so you can set it to just how you like it… and let’s you know if you’re dawdling and need to get a move on! :-)

bathroom with glass shower enclosure

Our shower cubicle needs replacing. The one pictured above is gorgeous – sleek & unfussy. It has floor to ceiling glass and no door is needed in this setting.

Wood-panneled bathroom in the Skirt + Rock House in New South Wales, Australia. © Richard Glover

We’d also love a wet room where the fixed cubicle is removed completely. There’s no containment or movement restriction at all – perfect for Adelle’s hair washing & brushing sessions!

yellow studded rubber bathroom flooring

As for flooring – we don’t have underfloor heating, so we’re not keen on cold stone, tiles or slate. Painted floorboards are a possibility. We’re also not averse to a more modern solution such as this stud rubber – warm, durable and waterproof.

Scirocco Graffe towel heater

And finally – there’s nothing worse than getting out of the shower or bath on a cold winter’s day only to find your towel has morphed into a cold, bedraggled rag. This beautiful, minimalist paper clip-shaped towel warmer would be perfect.

Star buy!

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

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vintage Seth Thomas starburst clock

This wonderful vintage starburst clock was our ‘star buy’ at yesterday’s auction.

Also referred to as sunburst clocks, this one has a brushed metal face with a radial pattern of wooden star/sun rays.

vintage Seth Thomas starburst clock

Produced by the very good maker Seth Thomas in the 1960s, it wasn’t cheap – but it’s a great example. The condition is superb and it’s keeping perfect time.

vintage Seth Thomas starburst clock on our bedroom wall

The clock seems very happy in our bedroom. We know we shouldn’t be keeping shop stock, but it won’t do any harm to look at it for a while.

The modern, stylised shape and brushed metal is softened by the warm wood, providing a great link between old & new when going for that eclectic look.

vintage Metamec starburst clock

We already have an example of this type of clock in our top floor lounge/bedroom.

detail of vintage Metamec starburst clock

It dates from the same period, but this one is made by Metamec.

vintage Metamec starburst clock on our upstairs lounge stone wall

This one was also bought as shop stock – two years ago!!