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Bathroom Inspiration

Friday, October 11th, 2013

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our bathroom

We’ve been doing lots of of home improvements this year. Much of it was forced upon us by last year’s flood, but we’ve also taken the opportunity to do bits & pieces on the upper floors too. The room that really needs a spruce up now is the bathroom. It’s pictured here a few years ago, but has had no redecoration for ten years and is definitely looking a bit tired.

our bathroom window sill

We like the look of natural materials in the bathroom. It suits our house with its exposed stone walls and old wooden window sills. Also, we like adding found objects such as shells, pebbles and sponges which look good with a rustic back drop. The combination of real stone, some clean lines provided by plasterwork or tiles – and quality fittings is perfection for us.

Bathroom with a stone wall. image © Frederic Vasseur

We’re going to re-tile the bath surround and shower area with stone tiles – and replace the bath which got cracked when Justin managed to fall off a ladder one day! But perhaps the most urgent attention is required in the shower area.

Mira Agile Sense ERD+ shower

We found this Mira Showers shower online. It’s got not one but TWO separate shower heads – what a great idea! A gorgeous wide rose and another hand-held one on a flexible hose that makes cleaning down post-shower a much easier job. You can even have both showers going simultaneously – just like the ones you get in those swanky spas! It may have a very classic, simple look but don’t let that deceive you; it’s very high tech indeed. It has a time and temperature display, so you can set it to just how you like it… and let’s you know if you’re dawdling and need to get a move on! :-)

bathroom with glass shower enclosure

Our shower cubicle needs replacing. The one pictured above is gorgeous – sleek & unfussy. It has floor to ceiling glass and no door is needed in this setting.

Wood-panneled bathroom in the Skirt + Rock House in New South Wales, Australia. © Richard Glover

We’d also love a wet room where the fixed cubicle is removed completely. There’s no containment or movement restriction at all – perfect for Adelle’s hair washing & brushing sessions!

yellow studded rubber bathroom flooring

As for flooring – we don’t have underfloor heating, so we’re not keen on cold stone, tiles or slate. Painted floorboards are a possibility. We’re also not averse to a more modern solution such as this stud rubber – warm, durable and waterproof.

Scirocco Graffe towel heater

And finally – there’s nothing worse than getting out of the shower or bath on a cold winter’s day only to find your towel has morphed into a cold, bedraggled rag. This beautiful, minimalist paper clip-shaped towel warmer would be perfect.

Star buy!

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

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vintage Seth Thomas starburst clock

This wonderful vintage starburst clock was our ‘star buy’ at yesterday’s auction.

Also referred to as sunburst clocks, this one has a brushed metal face with a radial pattern of wooden star/sun rays.

vintage Seth Thomas starburst clock

Produced by the very good maker Seth Thomas in the 1960s, it wasn’t cheap – but it’s a great example. The condition is superb and it’s keeping perfect time.

vintage Seth Thomas starburst clock on our bedroom wall

The clock seems very happy in our bedroom. We know we shouldn’t be keeping shop stock, but it won’t do any harm to look at it for a while.

The modern, stylised shape and brushed metal is softened by the warm wood, providing a great link between old & new when going for that eclectic look.

vintage Metamec starburst clock

We already have an example of this type of clock in our top floor lounge/bedroom.

detail of vintage Metamec starburst clock

It dates from the same period, but this one is made by Metamec.

vintage Metamec starburst clock on our upstairs lounge stone wall

This one was also bought as shop stock – two years ago!!

Take a seat!

Friday, August 13th, 2010

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vintage leatherette Art Deco 3-piece suite

We’re super-pleased with this purchase we made on Thursday. We’ve been on the hunt for a club chair for some time…

vintage leatherette Art Deco 3-piece suite

…then not only did we get a club chair, we got two club chairs… and a matching 2-seater sofa!!

It’s an original 1930s Art Deco suite, re-upholstered in the 1960s in a tan leatherette. Fantastic shape, comfortable with lovely stud detailing.

And a little extra… the lady who sold it says it was re-covered in the same leatherette as was used for Concorde. We’re trying to track down some old photos from the plane or Concorde airport lounge interior.

vintage leatherette Art Deco 3-piece suite

Fudge approves – and has made himself very much at home!

vintage leatherette Art Deco 3-piece suite

It’s found a home in our top floor bedroom/lounge. We spent the entire day re-arranging everything to accommodate it.

vintage leatherette Art Deco 3-piece suite

It was worth it though… there’ll be many books read in these chairs…  cups of tea /glasses of wine drunk, crackling fires watched.  We love it already!

Northern Lights

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

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Radiance lighting shop on Market Street in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

One of our favourite shops has moved.

strings of colourful bauble fairy lights in the window of Radiance lighting shop on Hebden Bridge

detail of handmade patchwork lampshade available at Radiance lighting shop in Hebden Bridge

Radiance, owned & run by Hannah Nunn re-opened in new premises at the weekend.

people at the 'shop-warming' of the new Radiance lighting shop in Hebden Bridge

We went to the ‘shop-warming’ on Saturday afternoon.

strings of colourful bauble fairy lights in the window of Radiance lighting shop in Hebden Bridge

She’s not moved far… about 200 yards in fact… but whether it’s 200 yards or 200 miles, moving a shop is a big job.

selection of items from various designer/makers available at Radiance lighting shop in Hebden Bridge

The new shop’s a bit closer to Hebden Bridge town centre – next door to Mooch café-bar on Market Street.

Exterior view of Radience lighting shop in Hebden Bridge next door to Mooch cafe

A few stone steps lead up to the enticing shop space – filled with her trademark handmade lighting…

Collection of Hannah Nunn's lamps at the 2009 Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at Spinningfields, Manchester

…along with a fabulous selection of household goodies by other designer/makers.

collection of hanging lampshades available at Radiance in Hebden Bridge

collection of items by various designer/makers available from Radiance lighting shop in Hebden Bridge

collection of items by various designer/makers available at Radiance lighting shop in Hebden Bridge

To the rear of the shop is an improved workspace for Hannah, with a wood-burning stove for chilly days.  She even has a loo and somewhere to make a cup of tea – something she had to cope without in the last shop!

Blossom Bill homewares available from Radiance in Hebden Bridge

fairy lights wrapped around willow and butterfly decorated pebbles

Detail of a colourful tissue paper bird, one of six along a string of fairy lights

For those of you unfamiliar with Hebden Bridge – and within reach – it’s well worth a visit. It’s one of our next-door neighbours town-wise, about 4 miles from Todmorden. It’s a pretty place, full of small independent shops and cafés – perfect for a day trip.

BLOG UPDATE: For more great pix and info about the new launch check out Hannah’s own blog!

New kids on the block

Friday, December 4th, 2009

The new shop department we’ve been promising is up & running. Childs Play has a mixture of traditional toys & games…

…piggy banks…



…and furniture such as desks, chairs and blackboards.

Here’s our most recent acquisition – a fab 1960s cot.

So come check us out – we’re adding new items all the time!