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5 Tips to cheer up your home décor

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

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Yellow bed and chair from MADEcredit

Your home is a place of sanctuary – a place where you can kick off your shoes and relax. When you furnish your home, you usually have a specific style in mind, but as time goes by, you can tire of the particular décor you have and feel like a change. Also, if you like your home to echo the changing of the seasons, you can adapt appropriate looks to achieve this. So, how can you cheer up your home on a regular basis without having to spend a lot of money? Here are a few thrifty tips to ensure your home remains beautiful, cheerful and comfortable.

colourful tomato sauce tin upcycled as a vase for cut flowerscredit

Make use of what’s around you

Why spend money when you can spruce up your home with nature’s gifts? During spring & summer flowers are in bloom, in autumn seed heads and berries come to the fore. They immediately add some beauty and warmth. Dot them in strategic places around your home. Need vases? Recycle jam jars and food tins instead of throwing them away. Some of them are very decorative as they are –  alternatively, cover them with colourful wrapping paper or fabric or use any leftover paint you have. This is certainly a ‘canny’ way to put colour into your home!

Flos string light

Use natural light and invest in quality lighting

Proper lighting is essential in keeping your home cheerful. During the daytime, open your curtains & blinds wide to let light pour in. This is an instant (and free!) way to eliminate gloominess and to show off the colours of your home. Once the sun goes down, your lighting system should enhance your décor without being too harsh. Investing in quality lighting is a valuable move which benefits you and your home. You want the kind of illumination that is innovative and timeless – it will enhance the space whatever your décor. These are the characteristics of Flos – you’re guaranteed cutting-edge lighting design which makes use of high-end technology, bringing outstanding results to your home. You can buy Flos products online; check out this website for a wide range of models.

Framed Madonna painting aboove a bedroom fireplacecredit

Spruce up your walls

Don’t forget the walls as they instantly draw attention. A couple of interesting key pieces will instantly make a difference. Save money by creating your own wall decorations. If you’re artistically inclined express yourself in a painting – or try wrapping patterned fabric or wallpaper around an inexpensive frame. You can even change them every few months if you wish.

Minimalist, vintage decorated sitting roomcredit

Too much can be over the top

You want your home to look cheerful, comfortable and functional; it shouldn’t mimic a flea market scene. Try to keep rooms organised and free from clutter. Store away objects that don’t need to be close at hand. Freeing a room of clutter, knick-knacks and little used objects opens up your home and gives an impression of more space. Have a look here for 50 brilliant storage ideas.

sitting room sofa with colourful cushionscredit

Make it comfortable

A cosy-looking home is an instant hit with anybody. Pile up pillows & cushions for an instant boost which also provide comfort for you and your guests. Choose ones with shades and patterns that complement the décor… subtle tone contrasts or attention-grabbing punches of colour.

[This is an editorial collaboration by Hanna Johnson]

How to bring the outside in

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

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modern slate-walled bathroom

Outdoor elements have a way of making us feel relaxed, refreshed and calm; so why wouldn’t we want to imitate this in our own homes? You’d be surprised at how easy it is to create a natural, calming atmosphere; and one room in particular that can often benefit from the influence of the great outdoors is the bathroom.

A space to relax and unwind after a hard day at work; ground your mood with a few of these simple steps.

The material

Instead of opting for plastic and other man-made materials, choose natural elements instead. Using substances such as cork and bamboo for flooring creates a bathroom sure to look and feel warm & inviting. Combining this with stone really maximises the outdoor to indoor theme. Try adding stone washbasins and other features such as the warm, earthy designs created by Bella Bathrooms, where they have combined grey slate effects with sandstone flooring.

Cork flooring in a bathroomimage credit

The colour

The colour of your bathroom can really make or break it. Although white is often popular for those looking to make a small bathroom feel much bigger, it can often show up any water marks and scratches much easier than colour, so can end up being quite a frustrating option to keep on top of. Be brave and venture out into using mother nature’s own colour palette. Mossy greens, duck egg blues and rich tones of mocha can create a pleasing ambiance.

modern bathroom with light wood furniture and moss green wall


Referring back to the colour scheme, continue the theme of nature by bringing elements of the outside in. Putting stones and sand into vases and adding greenery such as ferns or bamboo is a popular way to bring a little Zen into your space. As the bathroom can be a damp and humid room, ensure to research the best plants that will suit the bathroom so that you can feel inspired. If you don’t have the room for flowers or plants why not try hanging pictures of them up on your bathroom walls instead? There are many ways to accessorise your bathroom with a nod to nature, even if you’re limited for space.

modern split-level bathroom with wooden flooring and walls

The extras

It’s the little things that count. Making sure you have natural light in your bathroom is another great way of making it feel much more fresh and spacious; sunshine bouncing off the walls makes it look much more inviting too. Let’s not forget candles and incense; ignite all of your senses with accessories that you can touch, see and smell to bring a relaxed feel to the room.


Home entertainment rooms: bring a vintage cinema vibe to your home!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

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home cinema with tan club chairsimage credit

Do you love cinema? Are you getting a little tired of watching your favourite movies in a cold and boring sitting room, on a laptop or worse, God forbid, a mobile phone screen? Do you happen to have a spare room or are you living with someone who doesn’t mind you transforming the living room?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, you’re in luck: we’ve come up with ideas for the ultimate home entertainment room. Here are a few tips on how to bring that fun and classic vintage cinema vibe into your home.

Elite home cinema seats from Reclinersdirect


It wouldn’t really be a vintage-themed home entertainment room without a set of black or red leather recliner chairs. They’re stylish and retro without having to compromise on comfort.

If your budget is tight, why not transform that set of old sitting room chairs you scored from a charity shop or car boot sale into glorious & unique red velvet cinema chairs?

There are plenty of upholstery tutorials on the web, most of them are easier than you think, and you’ll be able to source all the fabric and materials online or from many DIY shops.

vintage film posters on a wall going up stairs to a home cinemaimage credit

On the walls

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to keep the walls on the dark side so they don’t catch the screen’s light. Black-out curtains at the windows & doors are also something to consider to prevent light from filtering through. To mix it up a little, hang your favourite vintage film posters on the walls: use large black wooden frames for a sleek & chic look.

minimalist red & white home cinema roomimage credit

Hide away that tech: screen & audio system

There are some good options to prevent bulky, often ugly, home cinema equipment from ruining the look & atmosphere of the room. In terms of screens, why not opt for a home cinema projector?

Easily connected to a laptop (unless you choose to go for an old school, auto-load projector of course!), it takes up the minimum of space and can be easily hung from the ceiling, out of the way.

Be aware however, that some parts such as the bulb will need to be replaced from time to time and it’s likely to cost a little bit more than what you pay initially. If you’re buying second-hand, it’s always good to ask the vendor if it’s recently been changed.

As for the audio system, if you’re on a budget, vintage can often be good in terms of sound quality and value for money. You can source quality, second-hand equipment on the web, at auction and from charity shops.

If you’ve already invested in new equipment, it’s going to take a little bit more effort and clever hacking to camouflage depending on your setup. Why not have the audio assembled on a trolley that can quickly be rolled out from inside an easily accessible cupboard prior to a screening?

vintage home cinema with vintage seats, popcorn maker and snack trolleyimage credit

Final touches

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same pretty much goes for a vintage cinema-themed home entertainment room… but that’s most of the fun!

Depending on your budget and your charity shops and flea market finds, you can keep adding to the room with a few extra touches that will give the room a lot more character: popcorn maker, vintage lighting and furniture, classic movie memorabilia…

Enjoy the show!