Price Points: Statement pendant lights

Three statement pendant lights | H is for Home

We love our characterful 19th century mill-worker’s cottage but we wish our ceilings were a bit higher. Not because we need to stoop to get around (we don’t) but because we wish we could illuminate the rooms with statement pendant lights.

In our kitchen, we have a group of recessed LED down-lighters which are practical and unobtrusive. However, we’d love to be able to have attention-grabbing lighting hanging from the ceilings of our sitting room and bedroom. Maybe in our future house!

  1. KNAPPA pendant lamp: £18, IKEA
  2. Saloon Flowers 5 designer pendant lamp: £112.90,
  3. Ballroom glass lights by Grattify: £220 each, Notonthehighstreet

Price Points: Outdoor wireless speakers

Selection of outdoor wireless speakers | H is for Home

We know that summer seems an age away, but we’re already thinking about spending sunny days on the beach and in the garden, walking and picnicking in the countryside – perhaps even doing some work on our neglected allotment. Outdoor wireless speakers have become so common and affordable it’s easy to relax al fresco listening to music or our favourite radio shows and podcasts.

When we say ‘wireless’ we use the term in all its manifestations. That’s to say, a speaker that works via wi-fi or Bluetooth and also doesn’t need to be hooked up to mains electricity.

Each of the outdoor wireless speakers we’ve highlighted has its own special features or plus points; whether it be size, affordability, play time between charges, water resistance or the ability to light your way!

  1. Outdoor Tech Buckshot 2.0 – mini wireless speaker: £28.49, Cyclestore
  2. Kreafunk aGlow light up Bluetooth speaker: £99, Prezzybox
  3. Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus Bluetooth speaker: £279.95, Amazon

Price Points: Quiet fireworks

Selection of quiet fireworks | H is for Home

Like bubbly and Auld Lang Syne, fireworks are synonymous with New Year’s Eve. However, it’s a night to which many people don’t look forward. Lots of pets get very distressed at the loud bangs & explosions. Not to mention, the parents trying to get their young children to sleep!

There’s such a thing as quiet fireworks that fizz, spark and cascade with pretty colours – they just do so quietly! If you’re planning on having a few friends around on the 31st and letting off a few firecrackers outdoors, your neighbours will thank you for choosing any of the selections above.

  1. Orion selection box: £7.56, Epic Fireworks
  2. Spellbound selection box: £14.99, Jordans Fireworks
  3. Champagne Rain – 61-shot barrage: £87.99, Fantastic Fireworks

Price Points: Last-minute Christmas present ideas

Last-minute Christmas present ideas | H is for Home

Oh no… it’s 3 days to go until the big day and you suddenly realise that you’ve left someone important of your Christmas list! What can you do? Don’t panic, here are a few, fabulous fool-proof options for last-minute Christmas presents.

  1. The Classic Christmas Chocolate Sleekster: £22.50, Hotel Chocolat **Order by 6pm, Friday 22nd December for pre-Christmas delivery**
  2. Black Stump gift set: £27, Laithwaites **Order by 2pm, Friday 22nd December for pre-Christmas delivery**
  3. Christmas Red bouquet: £33.99, eflorist **Order by 3pm for same day delivery. Christmas Eve delivery available**

Price Points: Natural room dividers

Natural room dividers | H is for Home

Room dividers are flexible items of furniture – they can provide privacy, shade from direct sunlight or simply add decorative interest.

Open plan living is many people’s preferred option these days. Dividers are perfect when it comes to creating zones within a room. You might have a comfy seating area, dining table and small office all within one large open space. Dividers give these zones their own identity without cutting them off from the others.

We’ve chosen three room dividers with a relaxed, natural style for this week’s Price Points.

  1. Folding raffia weave wicker privacy panels / room divider: £59.99, Amazon
  2. 179cm x 182cm Vernon 4-panel room divider: £104.99, Wayfair
  3. Vitro folding screen: £3,050.00, Clippings

Price Points: Christmas cookie cutters

Selection of Christmas cookie cutters | H is for Home

Yesterday, I was talking about topping your home-made mince pies with Christmas-themed pastry lids. They’re so much prettier than plain old circular tops. There are lots of different shapes to choose from; fir trees, snowmen, gingerbread men, stars, holly leaves… Rather than fiddling around with making the shapes by hand, Christmas cookie cutters will give you quicker results and a more professional finish.

A set of cookie cutters is generally the more economical option than buying them singly. Here are three of the best.

  1. Mini Christmas cutters: £6.99, Lakeland
  2. Set of 3 Croft Collection copper cookie cutters: £10, John Lewis
  3. 12-piece Linzer cookie cutter set: £25.99 Wayfair