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Isis radio

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

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red vintage Isis radio | H is for Home

We couldn’t resist this radio at the local flea market.

red vintage Isis radio | H is for Home

Condition isn’t quite as mint as we like, but it’s such a classic design – and the imperfections are just honest wear & tear to the shiny front surface as opposed to drastic damage from being dropped or chewed by a dog! The radio is actually working fine and it still displays well. In fact, we’ve become quite attached to it sitting on our lounge shelves (where many items find a temporary home).

red vintage Isis radio | H is for Home

They were manufactured by a company called ISIS – who also made those lovely clocks in the shape of the word CLOCK.

red vintage Isis radio | H is for Home

We’re not short of radios in the house, so having shared a wonderful few weeks together, we’re saying goodbye. It’s part of today’s additions to our antiques centre space. We divide our stock between the virtual world and the real world- so pop into the centre if you’re ever near Todmorden. You’ll find lots of similar vintage loveliness!

Vintage acupuncture charts

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

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four vintage acupuncture charts

These charts are a very interesting & unusual recent purchase.

four vintage acupuncture chart showing all the body parts

They’re vintage acupuncture charts featuring the body’s muscle & bone structure, needle points and meridian lines. Everything required to balance that chi!! The charts are mounted on board with holes in each corner to hang. There are some areas of water damage, but the images & colours are so striking that it’s this that catches your eye.  They certainly proved popular when we were photographing them. Normally people are quite oblivious to the goings on along the drive at the side of the house, but of the four people that passed when we were taking these pics, three of them stopped to have a closer look.

vintage acupuncture chart showing the upper torso and head

They make a real impact in terms of both design and size, each chart measuring over a metre tall. The four charts displayed in a row look stunning. We’ve just listed them on eBay as they might have a wide range of appeal from interior styling to medical study.  Also, they’ll need picking up in person or collecting by courier. They’ve got a starting price of £99 for the four – anyone out there got a nice big wall?

Mid century companion set

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

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stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

We bought this fabulous 1950s/60s coal bucket & matching fireside companion set last week. Although there’s a good selection of great looking sets being manufactured today, we don’t come across many stylish examples from this period.

tools from a stainless steel & teak mid century companion set coal bucket from a stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

The only other ones that spring to mind are a couple of atomic sets that we sold many years ago. They’re usually very traditional looking affairs, often made of heavy brass, copper or wrought iron – this one is altogether more mid century modern in design.

stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

It’s made of stainless steel with teak detailing. It was filthy when we bought it, but metal polish, wood oil and elbow grease has improved it no end. It’s heading off to our antiques centre space later on this week.

Vintage industrial mill trolley

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

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vintage industrial mill trolley

We recently sold this fabulous vintage mill trolley which proved to be a very popular item. They have such a great industrial look which is much in demand – and they can be put to all kinds of uses too. They look good with a pile of vintage suitcases on top and make wonderful log stores beside a wood-burning stove. They sit well in a conservatory or garden with plant pots on top – and can also work well as seating – a few large cushions or cosy blankets transform them into a quirky & very comfortable spot to take the weight off your feet.

In the last few days, we came across Trade Furniture Company who have an industrial section amongst a huge range in their online store and showroom. It includes this similar and great looking iron & wood trolley. Perfect for any of our suggestions and more.


In Miniature

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

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selection of vintage miniature items

We don’t know if it’s the hot weather shrinking everything, but we’ve certainly picked up lots of miniature items recently.

vintage miniature chest of drawers

It started with this wonderful little chest of drawers. It’s only 10 centimetres tall so should fit in any room! The drawers are ideal for jewellery or sewing accessories.

red vintage miniature safe

Then we came across this metal money box in the form of a safe. It’s appropriately called the “Midget” bank safe. We love the dial mechanism to open the door to retrieve the hard saved loot!

vintage miniature set of garden tools

This fabulous set of vintage garden tools has real age – possibly Edwardian. They’re either a child’s set of tools – or intended for genteel pottering in the conservatory or window box. They’re beautifully made with both wood & painted metal having a wonderful patina.

red vintage miniature tractor

And finally, some miniature heavy machinery! This gorgeous red tractor dates from the 1950s and was made by Dinky. These vintage die cast models are a very specialised area of collecting with prices to match. We don’t normally enter this world, but we found this lovely example at a local market, so the outlay was more reasonable. Four very different items with one thing in common – small is beautiful!