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In Miniature

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

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selection of vintage miniature items

We don’t know if it’s the hot weather shrinking everything, but we’ve certainly picked up lots of miniature items recently.

vintage miniature chest of drawers

It started with this wonderful little chest of drawers. It’s only 10 centimetres tall so should fit in any room! The drawers are ideal for jewellery or sewing accessories.

red vintage miniature safe

Then we came across this metal money box in the form of a safe. It’s appropriately called the “Midget” bank safe. We love the dial mechanism to open the door to retrieve the hard saved loot!

vintage miniature set of garden tools

This fabulous set of vintage garden tools has real age – possibly Edwardian. They’re either a child’s set of tools – or intended for genteel pottering in the conservatory or window box. They’re beautifully made with both wood & painted metal having a wonderful patina.

red vintage miniature tractor

And finally, some miniature heavy machinery! This gorgeous red tractor dates from the 1950s and was made by Dinky. These vintage die cast models are a very specialised area of collecting with prices to match. We don’t normally enter this world, but we found this lovely example at a local market, so the outlay was more reasonable. Four very different items with one thing in common – small is beautiful!

Off our trolley!

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

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vintage industrial trolley with 3 brown vintage suitcases

Justin spent last Sunday afternoon doing up this vintage trolley or sack truck – here are the results of his labours. It was in a bit of a state – the metal hidden behind years of rust and grease.

detailed view of vintage industrial trolley wheel

The metal now has a lovely patina and we like the greens & yellows of the original paintwork that eventually came through. It has a nice original maker’s label for Willmot Trucks of Dudley. The wheels are also impressed with the word Dudley. It has such a strong, vintage industrial look.

detailed view of vintage industrial trolley 'Dudley' label

We often have vintage cases & boxes for sale in our pitch so we’ll probably use it for displaying those. But if you’ve always wanted one, and can collect from Todmorden, we could let it go to a good home!

Visit Unfurnished Houses sign

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

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vintage 'Visit Unfurnished Houses' sign

We picked up this very interesting houses sign recently.

corner of vintage 'Visit Unfurnished Houses' sign

It’s a vintage estate agent’s board from the 1930s/40s kind of era. Unfurnished houses from £1,750 to £2,100 – those were the days!!

detail of vintage 'Visit Unfurnished Houses' sign

Very striking and a great interior stylist’s piece.

The Tardy Trestle!

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

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vintage wooden trestle table from J Sergeant, Tardy Gate, Lancashire

Here’s something for all you vintage industrial or shabby chic fans. We think this old decorator’s work table is gorgeous.

vintage wooden trestle table from J Sergeant, Tardy Gate, Lancashire

It dates from the 1920s/30s era, and as you can see, it once belonged to J.Sergeant from Tardy Gate which is (or was) a small settlement in the South Ribble area of Lancashire. It’s now been somewhat consumed by Preston & its suburbs, but was once a farming community. Great place name isn’t it?

vintage wooden trestle table from J Sergeant, Tardy Gate, Lancashire

The trestle table has a hinged plank top & folding base for ease of transport & storage. We’ve been told that Mr Sergeant actually travelled around by bike!

vintage wooden trestle table from J Sergeant, Tardy Gate, Lancashire

It’s not a fine piece of antique furniture, but we love everything about this object – the design, the lettering, the colour, the wear & tear, its original function and the fact that it can be re-used today. We could see it in a craft room, studio, office or even kitchen – it would also make the perfect display table for a shop or market stall.

vintage wooden trestle table from J Sergeant, Tardy Gate, Lancashire

We bought something of a similar ilk just recently. These vintage step ladders might also have belonged to a decorator – or a shop maybe. Again they have their original lettering – don’t you just love that stylised ‘S’?

vintage wooden trestle table from J Sergeant, Tardy Gate, Lancashire

We have a friend whose surname is Sutcliffe (hello Rebecca if you’re reading this!) who snapped them up when she saw them – how could you not? They can still be used for their original purpose – but you can also use them for displays, plant pots, hanging clothes or towels – and we saw some recently bedecked with Christmas baubles which looked great.

Vintage birthday

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

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selection of vintage 1950s/60s children's birthday cards

These colourful vintage birthday cards brightened up a grey day as we wandered around the Thursday flea market stalls.

vintage "9 today" children's birthday card

They’re all unused and look to date from the 1950s. Each card features a different animal with a little rhyme inside. They’re all very cute!

interior view of 5 years old vintage birthday card

We’ll probably put them into the shop priced individually, but if you fancy buying them as a collection, just drop us a line.