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Habitat kitchen cards

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

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Vintage uncut Habitat kitchen cards

We bought a batch of 1960s & 70s posters at auction recently. Amongst them was this little gem – well, big gem really! :-)

kitchen cards by Juliet Glynn Smith

It’s a whole set of vintage kitchen cards designed by Juliet Glynn Smith for Habitat. She illustrated their very first catalogue in 1966.

Rear of vintage uncut kitchen cards

They were produced on a big sheet, but as you can see from the back, it looks like they were intended to be cut with a guillotine… then used as individual cards. We wonder how many survive as postcards – and how many still exist as one big sheet. We can’t find any other examples online at all, so we guess not many. Well worth sharing with our readers we thought!

'Feeding swine' vintage Habitat kitchen card 'Hawking' vintage Habitat kitchen card

'Bow and arrow' vintage Habitat kitchen card 'Gathering herbs' vintage Habitat kitchen card

The colours & illustrations are absolutely stunning – part medieval, part 1960s!

Vintage uncut Habitat kitchen cards

The full sheet measures 90cm x 60cm so makes an impressive display… here it is in all its glory!

Cona coffee maker

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

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vintage Cona coffee maker with vintage yellow cup & saucer | H is for Home

We recently acquired this gorgeous vintage coffee percolator.

detail showing Cona branding | H is for Home

It’s the Cona Model Rex – a design classic by the renowned artist Abram Games.

vintage Cona coffee maker  | H is for Home

Not only is the appearance striking, but it works really well and the build quality is excellent. It’s got quite an industrial or science lab look to it.

detail showing vintage Cona coffee maker's wick | H is for Home

We love the little details like the drip catcher and this hinged wick cover.

vintage Cona coffee maker dismantled | H is for Home

A number of institutions, such as the British Museum and the Science Museum, have examples of this model of percolator in their collections. Here’s a video demonstration of how the Cona coffee maker works…

Form & function meeting perfectly!

‘Preserved Children’ recipe

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

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Vintage recipe tin

We usually post recipes on a Thursday, but we’ll make an exception for this one.

Recipe for preserving children from a vintage recipe tin

We added this 1950s recipe tin to the H is for Home shop today. On the inside of the box is this charming “recipe for preserving children”. All very quaint and Famous Five-ish!

Vintage recipe tin with cards and tabs

The tin itself is rather lovely with the utensil & ingredient design. It even has its original cards & dividers. Surely there must be space for a home-made ginger beer recipe, so that we can serve lashings of it to those excited, preserved children frolicking around the meadow on a hot summer day.

Isis radio

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

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red vintage Isis radio | H is for Home

We couldn’t resist this radio at the local flea market.

red vintage Isis radio | H is for Home

Condition isn’t quite as mint as we like, but it’s such a classic design – and the imperfections are just honest wear & tear to the shiny front surface as opposed to drastic damage from being dropped or chewed by a dog! The radio is actually working fine and it still displays well. In fact, we’ve become quite attached to it sitting on our lounge shelves (where many items find a temporary home).

red vintage Isis radio | H is for Home

They were manufactured by a company called ISIS – who also made those lovely clocks in the shape of the word CLOCK.

red vintage Isis radio | H is for Home

We’re not short of radios in the house, so having shared a wonderful few weeks together, we’re saying goodbye. It’s part of today’s additions to our antiques centre space. We divide our stock between the virtual world and the real world- so pop into the centre if you’re ever near Todmorden. You’ll find lots of similar vintage loveliness!

Vintage acupuncture charts

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

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four vintage acupuncture charts

These charts are a very interesting & unusual recent purchase.

four vintage acupuncture chart showing all the body parts

They’re vintage acupuncture charts featuring the body’s muscle & bone structure, needle points and meridian lines. Everything required to balance that chi!! The charts are mounted on board with holes in each corner to hang. There are some areas of water damage, but the images & colours are so striking that it’s this that catches your eye.  They certainly proved popular when we were photographing them. Normally people are quite oblivious to the goings on along the drive at the side of the house, but of the four people that passed when we were taking these pics, three of them stopped to have a closer look.

vintage acupuncture chart showing the upper torso and head

They make a real impact in terms of both design and size, each chart measuring over a metre tall. The four charts displayed in a row look stunning. We’ve just listed them on eBay as they might have a wide range of appeal from interior styling to medical study.  Also, they’ll need picking up in person or collecting by courier. They’ve got a starting price of £99 for the four – anyone out there got a nice big wall?

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