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Lois cushion from MADE.COM with vintage Figgjo Flint mug of tea and half moon spectacles | H is for Home

A few months ago, we were approached by MADE.COM to take part in an exciting new venture of theirs – MADE Unboxed. They wanted to photograph our homewares from MADE.COM; in situ, in our home and interview us about our property, our style and our inspiration.

Brass Stow chest of drawers from MADE.COM with Fudge the Weimaraner

Well, we’re happy to announce that MADE Unboxed went live today – and we have our very own designated page on there!

Orange wall in our kitchen with Skinny la Minx apron and tea towel with Pontessa crockery

Unboxed is an online community for interiors fans… and for those folks who just like sneaking a peak around other people’s homes! 😉 Think Pinterest, but without all those cute cat photos and Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl’ memes! So go check it out, get signed up, share photos of your own home and gather some inspiration from other members. You can search by area or for a specific product to see who has purchased what in your neighbourhood.

Red Cohen lamp from MADE.COM with collection of West German 'fat lava' pottery vases

According to Chloe Macintosh, MADE.COM Co-Founder and Creative Director:

Unboxed contextualises our products without the need for costly lifestyle shoots or high street shops, which ultimately the customer would pay for. But more than that, Unboxed demonstrates ‘collaborative consumption’ a movement empowering consumers to take inspiration from each other… People not only want to see products in a real life situation, but more than ever we are fascinated by how others have decorated their homes; Unboxed taps into this property porn boom!

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Happy Pinning!

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H is for Home's boards and pins on Pinterest

We (well, I say we, but Justin isn’t really into it!) have been part of the Pinterest community since January of this year. Since then it has become part of my daily life!

If you’ve not come across Pinterest before, it’s a great online tool for saving photos of your ideas, mood boards, wish lists and more… and sharing them with all the other pinners. Yes, there are huge numbers of photos of cute cats, dogs and babies – but there are some real gems too!

It’s a great source of inspiration if you’re into food, travel, fashion, interiors, craft, graphic design… or even diy home lotions, potions & remedies!

To join, you’ll need an invitation – if you’d like one, contact me by leaving a comment below or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook

Flickr Explore photos ’08

To mark the end of one year & the start of another, here’s a collection of some of our most popular photos we posted on Flickr in 2008.

Click on the links below to see them in more detail.

Happy 2009!

1. Recent purchases, 2. Vintage enamel teapot, 3. Vintage purple 1970s twin bell Westclox alarm clock, 4. 1950s biscuit tin (detail), 5. Vintage coffee pot collection, 6. Figgjo Flint ‘Daisy’ cup & saucer, 7. Vintage storage tins, 8. Vintage ‘Dolly Days’ coffee set, 9. Vintage painted serving tray, 10. Coffee for 2, 11. Still life in orange, 12. Vintage Denby Arabesque collection, 13. Hornsea mug collection, 14. Vintage Lundtofte stainless steel & rosewood coffee set, 15. Orange Felt Elephant, 16. Home Sweet Home, 17. Vintage dominoes, 18. Vintage pottery spoon rest, 19. This week’s haul, 20. Collection of vintage Staffordshire Pottery & Kiln Craft mugs, 21. On the line, 22. Cathrineholm ‘Lotus’ salt & pepper pots, 23. Collection of ‘cosy coaster’ mug cosies, 24. Vintage Cathrineholm enamel kettle, 25. Vintage hand crocheted bedspread, 26. vintage original silk screen print, 27. This weekend’s haul, 28. vintage pottery plate, 29. Glass Menagerie, 30. hand knitted ‘cosy coaster’, 31. Recent finds, 32. Vintage kitchen utensils, 33. Our vintage garden lounger, 34. Vintage Denby Pottery ‘Trees’ lidded soup bowl, 35. Collection of West German vases, 36. Picked up this week

Today is Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day is an annual, nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.’

This year’s issue is poverty – What can each of us do, without much effort (or leaving our computer), to play our small part helping reduce it?

Visit, a nonprofit organisation that connects people with the charities & causes they care about. The UK equivilant is Charities Direct.

Visit Oxfam’s website and see what campaigns you can join to help end world poverty

If you’re in the USA, register at iGive. When you shop online at over 700 brand name stores, a portion of each purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice! Stores include Barnes & Noble, Gap, Staples and eBay.
In the UK, Everyclick allows you to donate to your favourite UK-based charity when you shop online at retailers such as Boots, M&S, Ebay, John Lewis and Tesco.

Surf the net
Everyclick also allows you to donate just for surfing the net and doing online searches. You can even add Everyclick to the list of search engines on your Firefox Google toolbar.

Have some fun – take part in quizzes!
Vocabulary quiz on the Free Rice website. For each correct answer 20 grains of rice are donated through the UN World Food Program.
Geography quiz on the Free Poverty website. For each correct answer 10 cups of water are donated.
Music quiz on the Save the World with Music website. Each correct answer provides 1 person in the 3rd world with clean water for 1 day.
For a list of other donation quizzes visit the Give for Charity for Free!! website.

To make a start, the easiest thing you can do is forward this blog or the Blog Action Day link to all of your friends!

Website lift-off happening soon!

Unfortunately the pre-Christmas launch we were hoping for didn’t come to pass. we’ve been doing a bit more tweaking and reckon there’s going to be around a month’s ‘slippage’. So once the Christmas & New Year frivolities and festivities have died down, January should finally see the H is for Home website go live!

We’ve been keeping busy in the meantime though, to prove it, here’s a collage we put together of some of the items that will soon be up for sale.

Christmas & New Year greetings to everyone!
tangerine dream collage