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full shelf of H is for Home items for sale

It’s been a bit quiet on the H is for Home blog front recently. We’ve been keeping very busy with a new little venture.

preparation items for the new H is for Home cabinet at the Picture House Antiques centre

H is for Home labels

We were offered a space in our local Picture House Antiques centre, which we’ve already mentioned in our Todmorden blog, and thought it would be nice to have an actual physical presence in our home town.

Picture House Antiques in Todmorden

It’s a large cabinet which we’ve given the H is for Home treatment. We’ve painted its backboard a lovely, vibrant green…

H is for Home shop cabinet freshly painted with lime green background

…mounted some glossy photos and press cuttings…

Shop cabinet view showing West German pots | H is for Home

…and have begun to fill it with a mixture of antiques, vintage and retro pieces… a taste of things that can be found on the webshop.

Shop cabinet in progress Shop cabinet in progress

Shop cabinet in progress

It’s taken a bit longer than anticipated to get to this stage as the whole project started with a bit of a disaster!

H is for Home shop cabinet H is for Home shop cabinet

We’d arranged about 25 gorgeous glass vases on the top shelf… you know what’s coming next… yes, the shelf collapsed, and the vases came crashing down smashing themselves and other items beneath. There’s no photographic evidence – in all the turmoil, taking photos didn’t cross our minds.

H is for Home shop cabinet

It took a few hours before we could face it again… but we eventually returned and have it looking quite nice again. We’ll no doubt be adding & rearranging aplenty over the coming days!

H is for Home shop cabinet

H is for Home shop cabinet

H is for Home shop cabinet

If you’re ever in the area pop in & have a look!

  • It looks fantastic! I'm so sorry about the vases though — what a disaster. Good luck in your new venue.

  • The cabinet looks great, and it's so nice to see some of my things in there too! Awful news about the falling shelf though!

  • So many lovely things.

  • I am absolutely loving those colorful tins and pails in the top image!

  • Wow, these are very vibrant decorations. With the correct lighting, these dishes and shelves (which are my favorite) would look wonderful in an artist's home! I love it