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vintage Figgjo Flint milk and sugar set

Figgjo Flint is a Norwegian pottery company still producing today.

detail of pattern on vintage milk and sugar set

Our favourites of theirs are the folk art and landscape-inspired designs of the 1950s & 60s – ranges such as Lotte, Daisy, Sicilia and Market.

vintage Figgjo Turi egg cup vintage Figgjo Turi plate detail
Tor Viking
pattern egg cup and plate border detail

They incorporated mythical creatures, whimsical figures and stylised flowers.

vintage Figgo Flint 'Sicilia' folk decorated plate vintage Figgo Flint 'Sicilia' folk decorated plates
pattern plates

The motifs were used to decorate tableware, kitchen equipment and decorative objects such as bowls and wall plaques.

vintage Fijjo pottery saucepan vintage Fijjo pottery saucepan
Pair of pottery sauce/milk pans

vintage Figgjo wall plaque featuring Vikings by Rolf FrøylandDetail of wall plaque designed by Rolf Frøyland

vintage 'Daisy' tray by Figgjo Flint vintage 'Berry' butter dish by Figgjo Flint
pattern tray (left) Berry and leaf patterned butter dish (right)

Various mergers have taken place under the Figgjo umbrella, significant amongst these was with Stavangerflint in 1968.

vintage Stavangerflint 'June' coffee setStavangerflint June coffee set

For more of a detailed history visit the Figgjo AS website.

Lots of our Flickr friends have lovely examples of this distinctive pottery. Have a look at them here.

  • Happy blogoversary!

  • Happy Blogoversary!!
    keep it up your good work!!

  • I love Figgjo!!!

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  • nimsy

    I was at an antique market the other day and saw an enameled tin bowl with a pattern around the outside edge featuring characters that look similar to those in the lotte pattern but they were brown and were sort of warrior/medieval characters. I didn't check the bottom (oops) so now I've been wondering – was it a figgjo pattern, or just something similar?

  • Harriet

    Hello! Did you ever find out much more about that yellow horse? Have recently acquired one and have no idea where it’s from !