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collection of vintage Hornsea Pottery mugs | H is for Home

We posted a blog recently featuring the ‘love mug’ series produced by Hornsea Pottery in the 1970s.

The company is famous for their mugs – so we photographed a few more examples whilst we were sorting through our ‘Hornsea box’.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with newsprint toucans vintage Hornsea Pottery Libra mug

They feature a vast array of designs and commemorate all manner of events.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with buildings vintage Hornsea Pottery World's Greatest Fisherman mug

The love mugs were the work of Kenneth Townsend, but the main name most associated with Hornsea Pottery is John Clappison. He’s certainly the name that collectors look out for.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with fish

Some examples are quite rare and attract strong prices.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug of knight with shield vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with witches

They’re now often kept safe as display pieces and you can understand why. The company has long since closed down, so the number of surviving pieces can only decrease. You have to be quite brave to use them for your everyday brew…

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with newsprint owls vintage Hornsea mug with owls

…but if you do, they’re sure to give you a bit of pleasure with every sip.

vintage Hornsea Aries mug

Justin has his Aries star sign mug. He doesn’t take any notice of his horoscope, but he loves this fabulous design… and being reminded of all of his positive traits at the start of each day!!

  • Jac

    absolutely love these!

  • I grew up near Hornsea and my childhood was filled with these mugs – our parents had them, and so did our friends' parents.

    Of course as tiny kids we were more interested in the Fauna stuff (lol!) but i wish i had those mugs now – they are really outstanding illustrations!

    • Hi Katie,

      It's great to get comments like this. We plan on getting to Hornsea some day (it's not really that far away either!) – the Hornsea Museum looks really interesting, have you been?

  • Val

    These mugs are so fun! I love the owls! ~Val

  • I love these. I want that owl one!

  • I like both but was more drawn to the one on the right. They are all really nice. You have a lovely collection. (I'm Aries too!!)

    • Ahhhhh… I like his newsprint animals the best! I'm on the lookout for a Sagittarius mug for me!

  • Great. Something else to collect! No, really. Simply fabulous set. I really think I HAVE seen them before. 🙂