Charity Vintage: Child’s Heiliger oven

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child's vintage Heiliger oven with utensils
(ends 12 Jan, 2014 19:13:15 GMT)

We keep featuring gorgeous vintage children’s toy appliances listed on eBay for Charity. This sweet Heiliger oven being sold by & on behalf of Woking Hospice* is joining that club! It’s electric and still fully working. You could possibly bake a single cupcake in its oven but it has 3 rings on the hob – enough to attempt a full English breakfast!

Remember the Vulcan sewing machine and the Illco kitchen we’ve blogged about? We could find a lovely vintage doll’s house and furnish it with finds like these!

*The Woking Hospice exists to provide and promote the highest quality care possible for people with advanced terminal illnesses, and to provide help and support to their families and other individuals important to their care.