Christmas gifts of the day: Perfumes with a difference

Perfumes with a difference that make great Christmas presents | H is for Home

Scent is one of the most common Christmas present options. Can’t you tell from the number of television ads that hit our screens from late November? Those ads one of my little pet hates – young, beautiful models in unbelievably glamorous locations… trying to sell me the lifestyle whilst I’m slobbing about in my jim-jams! I suppose, perfume isn’t the easiest product to sell through a TV screen – I guess I’ll just have to endure them until smell-a-vision is invented!

I have nothing against giving and receiving scents at Christmas though – here are a few perfumes with a difference.

  1. Philosykos perfume oil roll-on, woody: Diptyque
  2. Solid perfume pyramids: Lush
  3. Women’s vegan perfume box set of all 12 cruelty-free perfumes: Dolma
  4. Classic Agrumi di Sicilia eau de cologne unisex 100ml: Marks and Spencer
  5. Personalised perfume: Waft