Out & about… December

We’ve got some lovely winter scenes to share with you this month.

December saw the first of the winter frost…

…followed closely by the first winter snowfall.

Fudge loves it when it snows!

He’s not the only one – we find going for walks in scenery like this quite magical!

On clear days the low winter sun gives a beautiful light…

…amazing skies…

…and some memorable sunsets…

We took these next photos at the annual Christmas Market in Manchester city centre.

So many tempting things on offer…

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas… best wishes for 2009!

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  • http://ninethreeo.blogspot.com Sarah

    Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.skinnylaminx.com heather moore

    Thanks for the new years wishes, and here's hoping you have a fab 2009 with lots more exciting developments, as well as lots of beautiful country walks.

  • http://www.inspirationbubble.blogspot.com biba

    Too gorgeous! I just can't stop looking at them all :)