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homemade scones, homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream

I’ve been meaning to make some scones for a while – in fact ever since coming back from our holiday in Wells-Next-the-Sea. While we were there, I spent a sunny afternoon at Wiveton Hall Fruit Farm picking strawberries. I filled this massive punnet with sweet, fat, fragrant strawberries – specimens such as I’d never tasted before!

homemade jam made with strawberries we picked at Wiverton Farm on the North Norfolk coast

Those that didn’t get eaten there & then returned home with us and made into a massive pan of strawberry conserve. We gave lots away to friends & family and kept a couple of jars for ourselves. We’ve had it on toast & croissants, some was used as sponge cake filling, but you can’t beat it on warm, freshly baked scones!

baking ingredients to make homemade scones

To make the scones, I once again used a recipe from The Great Big Cookie Book by Hilaire Walden. Here it is:


Rodda's clotted cream container & packaging

PS – We usually buy Rodda’s clotted cream which is delicious – but don’t you just love the packaging too?!

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  1. I had a cream tea in Wales, back in July and thought the Rodda's Clotted cream packaging was lovely too! I looks as if it's illustrated by Sanna Annukka (if you don't know of her work, you must!)

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