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Group of tangerine vintage Whitefriars glass vases designed by Geoffrey Baxter | H is for Home

Geoffrey Baxter joined James Powell & Sons (Whitefriars) in 1954 where he initially worked as Assistant Designer to William Wilson. Baxter’s contemporary work soon began to filter into the Whitefriars output.

Scandinavian design was a strong influence during the 1950s & 60s, but under the direction of Baxter, an individual, strong, distinctive look evolved for Whitefriars and British glass in general. New shapes, colours and textures were developed. The main photograph above shows pieces from the textured range first produced in 1967. Actual tree bark was used in the moulds!

Tangerine Whitefriars nail head vase designed by Geoffrey baxter Tangerine Whitefriars nail head vase designed by Geoffrey Baxter

We have this piece known as a nail head vase in the tangerine colour way – along with other Whitefriars items – available for sale in the H is for Home web shop.
They look fantastic in groupings or as stand alone pieces.

bedroom setting with Whitefriars vase designed by Geoffrey Baxter on a bedside table

They provide that initial flash of colour, but also give a wonderfully tactile experience on closer inspection.

Bookshelf display with a collection of tangerine Whitefriars glass designed by Geoffrey Baxter

If you’d like to find out more about Geoffrey Baxter and Whitefriars Glass, this book is invaluable:

  • WOW i don't believe i have ever know who made this type of glass..i have learned something today! The color is so super yummy!!! AND i almost fainted when i saw your bed linens…beautiful..thanks for sharing!!! meme