The Flood!

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A 1950s G Plan sideboard in our sitting room with flood water surrounding it

Have you noticed that we’ve been a little scarce on the blog and social media front since last week?

a flooded corner of our sitting room

Well the reason behind it is that we were one of the flood victims in the Calder River Valley on Friday night.

antique chest in our sitting room with flood water surrounding it

A metre of water lapped at our front & back door and it was soon apparent that we wouldn’t be able to stop it coming inside – it quickly came up through the floorboards to a height of about a foot and a half. We managed to save a lot of our things by putting them on our big kitchen table or taking them upstairs but alas, bigger items of furniture, kitchen cupboards and appliances have been ruined. And there’s now an awful lot of cleaning up to do – there’s a layer of mud on every horizontal surface!

Any further blog posts will be postponed until we get everything sorted out and back to normal. We’ll just leave you with a little clip of video we took on our mobile phone out of a top floor window after we’d retreated to higher ground:

The river and street become one!

  • So sorry to see these pics. Our home was flooded in a flash flood in May 2008 and I can totally empathise with the helpless feeling as the water takes over and you realise that you can do nothing to stop it. Glad you kept safe.

    Best wishes


    Little Sally Waters

  • I am so sorry. How horrible. Sending you good wishes for a speedy clean-up and smooth path ahead.

  • How awful for you, so terrible to see whats happened to your home. Hopefully all your lovely things can be salvadged. My thoughts are with you x

  • oh NO!!!! how awful – i'm glad you're all safe, and i hope you can get cleaned up and sorted out soon. thinking of you xo

  • Dear Adelle and Justin,

    I'm so sorry to hear you were victims of the flood, how awful! Especially as your furniture is so dear to you, and not easy to replace. Some friends of mine who live in Mytholmroyd posted on Sat morning that he didn't think he'd ever been so scared or stressed as he was on Friday night. At least you're both safe, and the waters have subsided. I hope you are able to dry out and salvage most things. Keep your chins up! 🙂 Heather x

  • I hope you are managing to get everything cleared up.

  • Thanks everyone – all you well-wishers have been a great support! We're slowly getting back to normal, we still have no internet access we're spending an hour or two each day in local cafes catching up on emails, orders etc.

    Episodes like this put life into perspective somewhat – we may have lost some of our 'stuff', but there are lots of people in this world that are far, far worse off than us!

  • Jane

    So sad to see your photos of the flood. Your lovely house and all your things. So sorry — from an ex-Hebden Bridge-ite, now down South.

  • So sorry to hear that. I had no idea you and your beautiful had been hit. Get better soon and lots and lots of love xxxx

  • Thanks Hannah, one minute we were looking at the river and the next we were hurrying to get our things up off the floor as the water came up through the floorboards! It was quite scary but luckily we had an upstairs to escape to!