Perfectly English oven-baked recipes for St. George’s Day

Perfectly English oven-baked recipes for St. George's Day

In England, we seem to love sticking things in the oven. The Americans grill, the French sauté and the Germans brew, while here in England we won’t touch it if it hasn’t got that oven-gilded glow. As St. George’s Day is on a Sunday this year, we figured there was no better time to do a little baking in the true English spirit, but we think well try to change things up a bit. The oven will still play a central role – don’t worry, but let’s see if we can’t come up with a few creative ideas to make St. George proud. Here’s our run down of some favourite recipes for St. George’s Day.

Oxtail stew

Jamie Oliver's oxtail stew

This recipe comes straight from Jamie Oliver and is sure to please any crowd. From the look of it, it seems like a typical English stew, but delve a little deeper and you’ll see that it’s anything but. The fantastically chic ingredient oxtail is tender and delicious, and the addition of dark fruits and spices makes this one a true adventure.

Ploughman’s scones

Ploughman's scones

Ploughman’s + scones = English overload. It’s also delicious! You might have trouble deciding whether these sweet and salty morsels are best for breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea, but we say why not munch on them all day long? Fresh fruit and fluffy, cheesy scones will remind you why it’s so great to be English.

English muffin pizzas

English muffin pizzas

We owe it to the English muffin to top it with everything humanly possible, and just when we thought that that had already been done, in walked the English muffin pizza. All you need is to toast a few English muffins, top them with tomato sauce, cheese and your favourite ingredients, and stick them in the oven. They’re a perfect idea for a movie night or a St. George’s Day party with friends. If you’re worried about your oven being occupied by pizza-making fiends all day, you can always order the sides on one of the UK’s many food delivery apps such as the Hungry House app. Don’t worry, we won’t tell!

Caramel and whiskey bread pudding

Caramel and whiskey bread pudding

This traditional dish is known for having origins in the poorest of houses in the country, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t do a bit to turn it into something fit for a king. This bread and butter pudding uses thickly cut bread, Irish whiskey, raisins and salted caramel to make every bit moist and exploding with flavour.

Manchester tart

Home-made Manchester tart

An incredible, decadent dessert or accompaniment for tea, the Manchester tart makes the top of the list for English tarts. This reimagined recipe was crafted by the renowned English chef Marcus Wareing and includes caramelised bananas, jam and thick cream. Making it isn’t so hard; it’s the waiting an hour while it cools in the fridge that’s the difficult bit!

Bonus: Dragonfire gin & tonic

Dragonfire gin & tonic

One last bonus to pay homage to St. George’s famous nemesis, the Dragonfire gin tonic is a colourful and creative take on the classic cocktail. It’s easy enough to make, just make a classic gin and tonic, add a spritz of mango juice and garnish with a thick wedge of dragon fruit.

What’s your favourite English dish?


  • Chris

    My favourite English dish is an afternoon tea. Warm scones served with locally grown fruit jam and Devon clotted cream. A lovely pot of tea served in pretty china. Am I making you hungry?

  • Jackie Dawson

    I love a good Hot Pot!

  • volcanopete

    Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

  • Tracy K Nixon

    I love making omelettes, especially cheese and ham!

  • Susan Smith

    My favourite dish is a traditional roast dinner, with all the trimmings

  • Tony Metcalf

    Shepherd’s Pie!

  • Annabel Greaves

    I love a cottage pie

  • jennhaden3

    I love a good sunday roast, with little roasted potatoes, plenty of veg and gravy! 😀 x

  • sallycollingwood

    Those Ploughman’s scones look yummy

  • richardeldredhawes

    A good old fashioned stew and dumplings

  • Nancy Townsend

    Fish and chips

  • Amy Dickson

    It’s gonna be a lovely steak and ale pie with chips and veg

  • Jenny Harlow

    Pie and Mash

  • Evelyn Corry

    My favourite is the Full English Breakfast, gets you started for the day 🙂

  • Gem Cook

    Ham, Egg & Chips.

  • Hali Kinson

    Pizza! Might have to try that English muffin Pizza!

  • Rachel Butterworth

    Toad in the Hole.

  • Keri Jones

    My favourite english dish is fish and chips x

  • JudeVFR400

    Yorkshire puddings are my favourite. Don’t even need the meat. Puddings, roast potatoes veg and gravy is lovely.

  • Brenda Wilkes

    It has to be fish and chips every time for me!

  • Victoria Prince

    Has to be fish and chips for me 🙂

  • Gemma Massey

    I love a good old Sunday roast with beef and Yorkshire puddings, yummy

  • Lia Louise Burns

    It would have to be a full English fry up! You can’t beat it

  • Geoff Hibbert

    A roast lamb dinner

  • Hayley Todd

    My favourite English dish, is a good, old fashioned traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings! Nothing beats it!

  • Gemma Hendry

    fish and chips is my fave