Friday Folks: Amanda Shufflebotham aka Graffikheart

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Coffee with a hint of Hornsea - digital print by Amanda Shufflebotham aka GraffikHeart

During a recent daily fix of Pinterest (yes, I’m still addicted!), the poster above by Graffikheart caught my eye. Isn’t it great how easy it is to find out more about a maker on the internet? In the click of a link I found more of her lovely work up for sale on Etsy. It has that colourful, retro, mid century modern vibe that I love – she’s a great Friday Folks guest!

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Who are you & what do you do?
My name is Amanda Shufflebotham aka Graffikheart, I am 42 year old graphic designer/illustrator and mum of two boys. Originally from Oxfordshire now living in Monmouthshire.

Amanda Shufflebotham aka GraffikHeart

How did you get into the business?
I attended Swindon School of Art & Design and from there I went to work for a pharmaceutical communications company as a junior designer. I stayed in the graphic design world for over 20 years, working for agencies in Oxford and Cardiff. I took a break to have my children but remained connected to design via freelance work. I always had illustrative leanings so took the chance to explore that over the last couple of years. I really enjoy what I do and although it’s not far removed from my actual ‘job’ it gives a welcome break from the more corporate work.

'The Animal Alphabet' digital print by Amanda Shufflebotham aka Graffikheart

Who or what inspires you?
I am inspired by other graphic illustrators like Charley Harper, Sanna Annuka, Rex Ray and Tom Eckersley. I’m also inspired by my late father, a great artist and my close friend, the paper artist Helen Musselwhite who introduced me to Etsy and has been very encouraging. I love the shapes, colours and textures of mid century ceramics so that’s why some of my work is inspired by certain pieces like Hornsea.

"The Mid Century Herb Garden" digital print by Amanda Shufflebotham aka Graffikheart

What has been your greatest success?
I was recently contacted by the people who own the rights to Hornsea to ask if I wanted to produce some official posters. That’s in the pipeline. But for now I am thrilled that I’m getting good feedback on the designs and have recently produced some kitchen items that I hope some of the manufacturers might like?!

"The Mid Century Kitchen" wooden chopping board digital print by Amanda Shufflebotham aka Graffikheart "The Mid Century Kitchen" wooden chopping board digital print by Amanda Shufflebotham aka Graffikheart

Have you got any advice for someone wanting to break into the business?
My advice to others would to be to try and make your work as visible as possible via all the routes that social media offers. I am amazed how many people tell me they have seen my work on Pinterest for example. I have also been commissioned to do some more conventional graphic design work from companies overseas that have found me via Etsy.