Get their look: Cheery caravan

Cheery caravan belonging to Caro Davies of The Twinkle Diariescredit

This yellow-decorated, cheery caravan belongs to Caro Davies, owner of The Twinkle Diaries blog. Caro and her family have christened her Dolly Too (she replaced the original Dolly of whom they sadly grew out).  Reading about Caro’s journey doing Dolly up and going off on adventures is really making us yearn for our own camper van.

We’ve been putting money aside and are getting close to our target now. She’s created a real ‘home from home’ with a distinct mid century modern flavour. It’s clean, practical and bright, yet very cosy too. A real inspiration – stylish spaces on wheels are perfectly possible. Hopefully we can achieve something similar ourselves… and head off into the proverbial sunset one day soon!

  1. Daisy Chain Small wallpaper
  2. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (gift book)
  3. Arrow LED circus light
  4. Norderney 5-piece cookware set by Karl Kruger
  5. Cath Kidston blue spot cotton duck
  6. Yellow picture frame
  7. “Home is where we are together” print
  8. Supernatural classic aspen oak laminate

Get their look: Cheery caravan belonging to Caro Davies of The Twinkle Diaries | H is for Home