Get their look: Serene bedroom

Serene bedroomcredit

Relaxation and sleep come best in a serene bedroom – and we’ve chosen the perfect example for this week’s Get their look post. The colour scheme is very natural with subtle shades of cream and soft grey. Silvery, weathered wood and light oak sit beautifully. Their are lots of pillows, cushions and warm textiles. There’s a lovely calm flow with layers of tone and texture. Nothing jars or jolts. A wonderful space to read, relax, snooze or sleep.

  1. Woollen throw
  2. Headboard
  3. Lampshade
  4. Candlestick lamp base
  5. Elm wood storage trunk
  6. Mini alarm clock
  7. Full-length mirror
  8. Rope cushion
  9. Chevron cushion

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