Get their look: Holiday houseboat

Holiday houseboatcredit

We have a beautiful holiday houseboat for this week’s Get their look. The constant dreary weather and holiday ads being shown over & over again on television are certainly influencing our recent choices for this particular blog feature. I can’t stop dreaming about getting away to somewhere we’ve not been before… and if it coincided with some sunny weather, that would be a bonus!

Justin regularly says that he could live on a boat, but I always reply that I’d never do it, I need space and would feel trapped and claustrophobic. That was, until I saw this houseboat!

The 4-bedroomed, 2-deck houseboat – named Sturdy – is moored in Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of Wight and is available to rent. The interior is bright, airy and the view is just amazing.

  1. Multicoloured tumblers
  2. Double Paris pendant light, adjustable – glass
  3. Chicago floor lamp, antique copper and gold
  4. Racing green Rangemaster 110
  5. Nordal zinc dining table with mouse legs
  6. Downtown metal chair

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