Get their look: light-filled kitchen diner

Light-filled kitchen diner

We glanced an envious eye over this light-filled kitchen diner. Even at the hight of summer, our kitchen diner only gets direct light from around 4pm when the sun journeys round to the back of the house… if it happens to be a sunny day, that is – not guaranteed in the Pennines!

The long bank of skylights along the open corridor helps zone  the kitchen and dining areas and lead you into the sitting room and garden beyond.

It all feels so fresh and airy. There’s a calm palette of natural wood, grey and shades of cream flowing through these various zones, thus unifying the whole huge space. Fresh flowers and the large seed head light shade bring the outside in.

It all looks so practical too. Cook and chat, dine at the table – then move to the comfy chairs for a glass of port!

  1. Buster + Punch Heavy Metal ES pendant cord ceiling light, steel
  2. Painted high chair
  3. IKEA PS MASKROS pendant lamp
  4. Toledo style vintage stool – rustic finish
  5. Eames Eiffel-inspired DSW chair
  6. Munnar Dining Table by Ethnic Elements

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