Get their look: Scandi-inspired entrance hall

Scandi-inspired entrance hallcredit

Our house has a tiny porch. We’d love to have something like this Scandi-inspired entrance hall. Somewhere roomy enough to remove & store muddy walking boots, towel down a wet dog, hang coats & scarves, stash shopping bags, hang up keys, leave the incoming & outgoing post…

The space above is very practical; a floor that’s easy to mop, sweep or vacuum… or ride your trike across! A tricky under-stair area is used to store paperwork and sports kit and to feed the pets. An 8-hook coat rack to hang the whole family’s coats. A collapsible table that’s useful for jotting down quick shopping lists with a simple stool which can be stored beneath.

Just because it’s a transient part of the house where people don’t linger, doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked in the style stakes.

  1. Coat rack
  2. Metal filing cabinet
  3. Reading floor lamp
  4. Vintage wooden tennis racquets
  5. RYDEBÄCK dining table
  6. Red MARIUS stool
  7. Radio Flyer classic red dual deck tricycle
  8. Mini micro scooter
  9. Giant rattan log basket

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  • Kim Styles

    I have a huge box of shoes in my hall -shoe racks never hold enough for my daughters essential everyday shoes!!!!!

  • Kelly Wheelhouse

    I keep a shoe rack in my hall 🙂

  • Mental Parental

    I keep a show cabinet in my hall – nothing else other than wall art, candles and discarded post lol

  • Lee Berry – lucidlupin

    I have a tiny porch but it has nice rugs, art on one wall, coats, outdoor wear & dog things hanging on the other and all my recycling containers underneath & nice lighting

  • Stephen N Myatt

    Tools, boots, shoes, junk haha

  • Derek Wilson

    We have a book case full of books and magazines, a box to put old newspapers in (no idea why!) and a shoe rack which is a waste of time because the members of our household leave their shoes strewn across the hallway floor!

  • Alica

    I have large storage for coats and shoes 🙂

  • purpleshoes1

    So many shoes and coats in my hall!

  • Emma Fox

    I have an aged wooden shoe rack so we do not fall over abandoned children’s shoes 🙂

  • Jo Carroll

    I have a heavy duty rug to wipe shoes & boots on, an umbrella & shoe rack that has a little mirror built in and my dog’s lead 😉 x

  • PamGregory

    Just a telephone table

  • Nicki Simpson

    Shoes, toys and all sorts of clutter

  • Julie Ward

    Cobwebs and spiders at the moment, its empty waiting to be decorated but I want a new kitchen first

  • Emma

    Just coats in the hall, I have too many shoes they’ve been banished to the bedroom on a ceiling height rack LOL

  • Sheri Darby

    Our hall is filled with coats and bikes

  • Annabel Greaves

    I keep shoes, hats, coats, gloves and umbrellas xx

  • Gwyn

    I don’t have anything in my hall as I like it to be clear, except for a shoe box and coat hooks. I do have photos on the walls too.

  • Hayley Todd

    We are very lucky in that we have a lovely large entrance hall. One of the walls is filled with bookcases which are full of books and favourite objects and photos. We have a soft, fluffy rug, a floor length mirror for final outfit checks before we leave the house and a vintage shabby chic style coat and shoe rail.

  • kim neville

    we have a shoe rack and coats

  • caroline tokes

    i would love a show rack