Get their look: Sophisticated kid’s bedroom

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Sophisticated kid's bedroomcredit

A kid’s bedroom can often be a tricky thing to decorate. Once a young one grows out of the Disney princess/super hero/football-themed stage, their room will need a complete overhaul. The room pictured above retains a sense of fun, but certainly has a touch of sophistication too.

We love the combination of mustard and grey in the bedding and the sharp contrast of the mint pineapple bedside light. A vintage alphabet chart and felt garland add further decorative interest. And finally, the glimpse through the door shows that there is a lovely flow between spaces – the kid’s room not a sudden, jarring shock when compared to the rest of the house.

  1. Vintage grey Krueger industrial drafting stool
  2. Pineapple light
  3. Star cushion
  4. French ABC poster
  5. Duvet set
  6. Braided jute rug

Get their look: Sophisticated kid's bedroom