Gimme Five! Bird feeders

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selection of five different bird feeders

Snow currently feels like a permanent fixture around the whole of the UK. I’ve really been feeling sorry for our wildlife – especially the birds. One of last week’s Winter Watch programmes told of the decimation that happens when birds can’t get through the inches of snow to feed on seeds, worms, slugs and insects.

Why don’t you help them out? Here are five of our favourite bird feeders that we’ve found online – from low-tech to the bird equivalent of a swanky, Michelin-starred restaurant!

  1. Flock Follies bird feeder – Feeds the birds AND adds a burst of colour to your garden!
  2. Roundabout fly-through feeder – Made of polished copper , this one will mellow into a beautiful verdigris.
  3. Bottle bird feeder – Just add an empty wine or beer bottle!
  4. Umbra contemporary outdoor bird house – An avian take on a modernist des res!
  5. Unplugged Barcelona bird feeder – Inspired by the famous, Mies van der Rohe-designed Barcelona Pavilion.
  • Didn't realise there had been such advancement in bird houses. My daughter is all set to be counting the birds tomorrow.

    • I'll be taking part again this year – if I wake up early enough! 😉

  • It's great to see some stylish bird house designs, especially at this time of year when birds need help with food the most. I love the bottle bird feeder and I should have a bottle or two knocking around…