Gimme Five! Chopsticks

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Selection of chopsticks

We regularly cook Chinese food at home and, after our most recent book review, will be trying our hand at Vietnamese cuisine too! For that authentic feel – we couple our meals with Chinese tea and eat with chopsticks. Here’s a selection of chopsticks we found from around the web to suit all budgets!

  1. Typhoon signature chopsticks, natural (set of 4): £7.95, Divertimenti
  2. Bamboo chopsticks (10 pairs): 5,50 €, Muji
  3. Kimono Murasaki chopsticks: £11.95, Harvey Nichols
  4. Hand carved, Hera chopsticks: £14.97, Etsy
  5. Titanium chopsticks: £87.62, Milkster