Gimme Five! Egg cups

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Selection of five egg cups

We’re currently on a mission. Justin’s mum has asked us to keep an eye out for some egg cups. No real instructions regarding style or material. They don’t even have to match. A flexible brief you could say!

We’ve started by browsing some of the internet offerings and decided to make it into our Gimme Five for this week.

  1. 4 x Martin Wiscombe spotty egg cups: £13.30, Tesco
  2. Egg cosy set: £22, H is for Home
  3. Berså egg cup: £27, Royal Design
  4. Acapulco design egg cup by Villeroy and Boch: £5.79 each, Etsy
  5. 4 x Scion Mr Fox egg cups: £15, John Lewis