Gimme Five! Reading sunglasses

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Selection of five reading sunglasses

Here I am, writing this post as I sit in the garden on a warm, sunny day. I’m wearing a pair of reading glasses with a pair of sunglasses over the top. I have to admit, it’s not the best look I’ve ever rocked. I’m not too proud or vain to say it… I look a complete fool.

If I only wear my sunglasses, I can’t read what I’m writing; if I only wear my glasses, I can’t see the screen for the glare. There’s only one thing for it – a pair of reading sunglasses. The decision is, do I go for cheap & cheerful, off-the-shelf – they’ll mainly be for wearing in the garden – or do I shell out for a decent pair with my proper prescription?

I spend up to 18 hours per day staring at various screens. And besides, I’ve completely fallen for the London Retro Caine pair (#5). They may be a bit steep at £95, but you get a second pair free – so a pair of glasses glasses and a pair of reading sunglasses!

  1. Large mock tortoiseshell reading sunglasses: £15, Marks and Spencer
  2. DiMarco plastic ready-made reading sunglasses: £44, SpeckyFourEyes
  3. EE Collection 10860: £79, Exclusive Eyes
  4. Sight Station Munro tortoiseshell reading sunglasses: £20, Debenhams
  5. London Retro, Caine: £95, Glasses Direct