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Limited edition Arcade table designed by Sam Baron for Just99 | H is for Home We have an absolutely gorgeous competition prize for you this month – it’s just too bad we can’t enter ourselves! 😉

Limited edition Arcade table designed by Sam Baron for Just99 | H is for Home Just99 has agreed to ‘furnish’ us with one of these beautiful, limited-edition Arcade tables to give away to one of our readers.

Limited edition Arcade table designed by Sam Baron for Just99 | H is for Home The Arcade was designed by Sam Baron exclusively for Just99 and retails at €189. The company, launched in the UK this February, hosts a selection of beautiful art work and interiors pieces for the home, created exclusively for them by international architects, designers, photographers and artists.

As their name suggests, only 99 units of an item are produced. Almost every week, a new product or edition is added to their website and, after all 99 are sold, that’s it – they’ll no longer be available, thus creating a ‘buzz’ and sense of desirability. If you’d like to the proud, new owner of one of these limited-edition Arcade tables, just tell us what room in your house the Arcade table would live.

Just99 Arcade table giveaway

  • In the living room! So everyone could see it!

  • Lisa Everaert

    In the living room. Something so beautiful should be seen and used x

  • Lisa Everaert

    In the living room. Something so beautiful should be seen and used x

  • Denfor Hopkins

    In the living room.

  • Nancy

    In the living room

  • Mark Chester

    I have two chairs in the conservatory that it would fit between beautifully!

  • Ashleigh Allan

    In my living room

  • winnie

    in my living room

  • Martina Pichova

    our living room needs one – to put our drinks and snacks on

  • id have this in the living room

  • Liam Bishop

    In our living room, it looks great!

  • Emily Hallett

    Living room

  • Bonnie King

    In the livingroom – my side of the sofa of course 😉

  • David

    In the bedroom: the table is a perfect size for a lamp, a glass of water and a good book!

  • aaron broad

    I would put this in my bedroom

  • Jessica Powell

    In the living room x

  • Susan B

    I’m just planning the redecoration of my hallway and this would be perfect.

  • George Brabyn

    Right in the centre of the living room…

  • Elizabeth Doody

    The living room

  • leanne abel

    In my living room x

  • in the living room

  • Vivien Taylor

    In the Living room

  • claire blaney

    It would be perfect for my living room.

  • Adrian Crook

    Pride of place in the lounge

  • laura jayne bates

    in my lounge

  • Tamsin Dean

    Would look fantastic in the living room

  • gemma brown

    in my lounge

  • gemma brown

    in the lounge

  • angela b

    my daughter would love this in her room

  • In the bedroom.

  • Suzanne Drummond

    oh my lounge

  • Michael Ambler

    In the “Boys” room

  • Jim Milligan

    In my living room.

  • Edward Guerreiro

    Probably in the living room.

  • Danika Lloyd

    Bedroom 🙂

  • In my living room its gorgeous!!

  • Karen Barrett

    In my conservatory


    In the living room

  • Zoe G

    Definitely in the living room, I love it

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    In my living room

  • Natalie Crossan

    In my living room xx

  • Ruth Shaw

    I’d use it as a bedside table!

  • Alica

    It would look amazing in my living room!


    Its will go in the guest bed room

  • Heather Knotts

    It would take pride of place in our sitting room

  • Tom Steer

    In the living room

  • Sarah Lee

    I would put it in the bedroom


    if l were to win, it would live in my living room

  • Philip Darling

    It would take pride of place in the living room

  • Olivia M

    The living room 🙂

  • Rachel Craig

    The Living Room.

  • debbie smith

    i would keep this in the lounge fab giveaway x

  • sharon mead

    in our living room

  • Alex Glynn

    In the living room

  • Heather T

    Living room

  • Paula Readings

    The lounge right next to my chair.

  • Karl Borowy

    dining room

  • Tina M Holmes


  • Mark Palmer

    In the hall

  • I’d have it next to my bed

  • Nikki Stewart

    In my new conservatory x

  • Ruth Harwood

    In the lounge, I have the perfect spot x

  • Sandra Clarke

    I would put this table in my sun lounge

  • Hassni

    The sitting room.

  • Claire Davies

    This would look great in our lounge!

  • Bhavesh Mistry

    Front Room! Will stand out

  • Leona S Fisher

    Living room!

  • Diane Wareing

    It would be in my lounge.

  • Leanne V Mckenna

    The living room, it would save us a lot of space!

  • katie skeoch

    The living room, love the design!

  • claire woods

    in the living room.

  • Andy Wedge

    The living room so we could show it off

  • Jo m Welsh

    In our living room

  • my hallway

  • It would be in our living room

  • Kirsty Greer

    Living room xx

  • Joanna Butler-Savage

    the living room

  • My man room

  • Pam Hubbard

    In the living room

  • laura stewart

    in the living room xx

  • jayne hall

    in my lounge for all to see

  • Kasia

    Living room

  • Lyla

    This would be perfect for my conservatory

  • Kasia

    Living room! 🙂

  • Kasia

    Living room – my favourite room 🙂

  • Max yorke

    In my bedroom

  • Steven Lane

    In the lounge next to the sofa for my drinks.


    I would place the table in my living room .

  • Lesley Bradley

    My teenage son is after a little table for his bedroom and this would be just the job


    in the back bedroom with all my husbands old penny arcade machines

  • Zoey P

    In our conservatory

  • Jason Langford

    In the front room

  • michelle pierce

    living room

  • Paula Barker

    my living room


    In my bedroom, would go fab in there!

  • Carolynn Woodland

    In our lounge/diner

  • elizabeth ferguson

    conservatory because this is where we take guests xx

  • Neil Dobson

    In my living room.

  • Carly M

    In my living room

  • Richard Evans

    Lovely, would be pride of place in living room!

  • In my living room

  • Hazel Hulson

    Have a small sitting room me and the kids relax in handy table for drinks and snacks.

  • Mary Chez

    The living room

  • Rey Chunara

    It would go in my living room

  • Sitting room

  • in the living room it needs to be shown off

  • This lovely table would look amazing in my lounge.

  • felicity smith

    the living room

  • Andrea Williams

    I am just about to move and this would look lovely in the new living room

  • alan burrows

    Living room

  • abigail edkins

    my daughters lounge in her new flat

  • Rebecca England

    I could do with a table just like this in my living room

  • Louise Asekokhai

    In my living room, it would look fab.

  • Nikki Fitzmaurice

    The Living Room for all to see. It would be striking.

  • Andrea Johnson

    In my conservatory

  • Gwen Maynard

    In the living room.

  • Linda Revell

    In my dining room, the colours match perfectly, it will look gorgeous!

  • Oli Marshall

    In my living room, ofcourse! Owing an amazing piece of furniture is a dream and I AM a show off :).


    The Lounge

  • Oli Marshall

    In my living room, ofcourse! Owning an amazing piece of furniture is a dream and I AM a show off :).

  • Sandra Clough

    This is so gorgeous it deserves to be the main focal point of our living room where its design & convenience can be enjoyed by everyone.

  • ions

    Games room – its lovely

  • Geoff Dagger

    The bedroom – as my bedside table

  • Michelle lintern

    The lounge so it looks good as well as being useful


    in the living room

  • Leah F

    Very useful for summer drinks in the garden shed

  • Jodi hill

    Definitely in the living room, so it could be seen by everyone 🙂

  • anthony martin

    the living room

  • Iris W

    In my living room

  • Sarah P

    In the living room, but when I get my own house I think I’d like to have it next to a great armchair where I can read and relax and more importantly, look stylish!

  • Yvonne Brownsea

    Living room 🙂

  • David Paterson

    Living Room

  • claire elizabeth noke

    I would definitely use this in my living room 🙂

  • It would live in my study.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  • Michelle Sykes

    Pride of place in my living room

  • I would place it in our living room.

  • Rachel Butterworth

    In my bedroom.

  • Zinzi Graham

    Definitely in the living room, it’s too beautiful not to be on show!

  • david cavender

    in the lounge

  • melanie stirling

    In the living room next to my chair.

  • Michelle Ferguson

    In the living room

  • Helen G

    my attic conversion…my space!

  • Nathan Webb

    in my bedroom

  • Angi Turls

    In my entrance hall – perfect with a vase of flowers on top!!!

  • Joanne Mapp

    I would display the table in my living room, as it would fit in perfectly with my decor.

  • Caroline H

    I’d put it in the window of my living room.

  • Laura Loo

    Would look lovely in my conservatory

  • Emma Fox

    In the sitting room

  • Laura Pritchard

    It would live in our hall.

  • Laura Costello

    In the other halves man cave!

  • kris

    in the living room


    In our sun room x

  • The front room

  • Penny Ford

    The rear room which is wood and black. It would be perfect

  • Lillian Fisher

    In my livingroom.

  • Sassie Clarke

    In the hallway – would make a great focal point

  • Patricia Owen

    In the hall so that all visitors can admire it.

  • It would look lovely anywhere in my house! I would probably put it in the front room near the windows. …and no doubt my big cat Billie would end up sitting on it!

  • Julie Booth

    in the living room

  • esther james

    In my conservatory

  • Ann Skamarauskas

    in the living room

  • It would have to be in my living room 🙂

  • Scott Fallon

    Living room

  • Jade Lavagna

    In the living room. It would be perfect for a lamp next to the sofa

  • my lounge !

  • Laura Baker

    It would take pride of place in my living room

  • Michelle Banks

    in my sitting room x

  • Allan Smith

    In the living room

  • MichelleD

    In my living room!

  • tracy sinclair

    I would keep it in the Livingroom x

  • Charlotte Hood

    It would live in the living room! It’s gorgeous!

  • Alice Johnson

    Oh wow! I would have it in my hallway!xxx

  • Keeley Atkinson

    2nd living room which is the grown ups room. Wouldn’t want sticky little mitts on this lol!

  • chris mayle-miller

    in my dining room I`m very minimalistic so this would be perfect in there chris

  • Monica Gilbert

    I’d have to check out the size. It could be fun in our kitchen. Or it would make a good housewarming gift for one of our family members getting a new place.

  • Heather Harris

    in the lounge

  • leanne weir

    In the living room.

  • Living Room

  • David Bill

    In my living room – a very stylish design

  • catherine killen

    I have the perfect space in the living room and then everyone who visits could admire it!

  • Gemma Holland

    I would have it in my bedroom

  • Anthony G

    The front room

  • Em S

    It would look great in my front room

  • In my newly decorated Living Room!

  • Jayne K

    Living room

  • In the living room =)

  • Claire D

    This would look great in my living room


    In the lounge

  • elaine stokes

    this would look great in my living room.

  • lyndsey

    living room

  • kyle everall

    In my Living Room. It would look beautiful and would match the other furniture.

  • Bob Clark

    Living room to replace ancient table got at Uni

  • Kathleen Bywaters

    Living room!

  • Liz

    Living room

  • Michael Rattray

    In the living room

  • Sarah Archibald

    In the livingroom by the couch 🙂

  • Greig spencer

    the living room xxx

  • Gina


  • Irene Gilmour

    table would look amazing in our new static caravan

  • Hekna

    I’d pop it in the lounge

  • Linda McGarrigle

    Would have to be the Living Room x

  • justine meyer

    I would pop it in my living room x

  • Nicky Mundy

    Would have to be my living room

  • Ursula Hunt

    The Conservatory

  • Christine Caple

    In my living room

  • Andrea A

    Living room

  • COLLEEN Thomas

    On display in my living room

  • Cathy Porteus

    In the playroom

  • Mike Gerrie

    In the conservatory when it gets built later this year

  • lynn savage

    This would take pride of place in my living room

  • In my lounge, unless my son spirits it away to his house 🙂

  • Anita L

    It would live in my party room 🙂

  • Julie Ward

    Front room when some muppet decorates it

  • in the living room

  • paul pratt

    In the living room

  • in the lounge !

  • Amy Beckett

    It will go in the study

  • Dave Edwards

    In the living room

  • Kay Broomfield

    In the lounge.

  • Rick Carr


  • Jenni Carroll

    living room beside an armchair

  • Stevie

    I think we have a lovely spot in the living room.

  • karen Howden

    my dining room

  • Chantel L

    In the living room

  • Sheri Darby

    It would be a great improvement to our living room

  • sarah

    In our sittingroom, for all visitors to see

  • Michael Clarke

    In my Lounge

  • margaret moe dunlop-carr

    pride of place in my livingroom

  • SophieR

    Pride of place in the lounge (and on the decking if its nice out!)

  • rebecca nisbet

    my other half would have the say and i bet he would choose the living room.

  • Kirstin Lydon

    I would put the Arcade table next to my settee in my living room.

  • donna l jones

    my living room

  • EJ Dunn

    In my bedroom

  • Lucy McClure

    In the Living Room

  • Minnie15

    My living room 🙂 x

  • Linda Thorn

    in the living room to always be seen

  • Stuart Payne

    In my lounge in a pride of place

  • Amy Mitchell

    I would put it in my conservatory 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • damian thomas

    My Bedroom

  • Hayley Mulgrove

    I would have this Beauty in my Bedroom

  • Solange

    In the living room.

  • Hannah Igoe

    In our living room

  • Allan Wilson

    In the drawing room as an occasional table

  • Caroline Blaza

    In my dining room x

  • Teresa Lee

    In the living room

  • Peter Barnes

    This wonderful table would take pride of place in the living room

  • Claire Barker

    It would be the classiest thing in my living room.


    In my living room, but it would probably put the rest of my furniture to shame

  • Emma Ridgway

    I’d have it in my lounge.

  • Emma Price

    In the living room 🙂

  • Nancy Bradford

    It would look stunning in my living room

  • Diana

    Living room 🙂

  • Maria Po

    In our living room

  • Jen Stevenson

    in the living room to hold my regal cup of tea

  • Martina Alban

    sitting room

  • Jessica Hutton

    Living room!

  • Donna Caldwell

    The living room

  • The main lounge

  • lucinda duxbury

    the front room, so we could all use it

  • lucinda duxbury

    the front room, so we could all use it

  • Susan Trubey

    I would give it to my son for his new flat.

  • Jade Susie Stacie

    In the living room so I can put a vase or 2 of flowers on it.

  • Serena La Pietra

    In my new sun room, I have just the spot for it. xx

  • Tim Woolfenden

    Would be sat in our lounge

  • Corinne Peat

    In my living room

  • Shirley Evans

    love this in my living room

  • Christine Johnson

    In the dinning room with a lamp on it

  • Barry Gorman

    This would look fantastic in our living room

  • Susan Hoggett

    `great for my living room

  • Kristy Brown

    In the living room

  • Maddie Jasinska

    Living room

  • Nikki Hayes

    In the living room – it would make a perfect side table for beside MY armchair, lol 😀

  • mark conway

    fantastic i love it

  • mark conway

    fantastic amazing

  • Mark Johnson

    living room

  • Keith Hunt

    The living room

  • Monika S

    in my living room

  • Oksana Fitzgerald

    So stylish! Would love this one in our lounge

  • Lynne OConnor

    the living room

  • denise s

    my sun room where i can look out onto the garden

  • Nikki white

    in the livingroom on show for everyone to see xx

  • matt allison

    In the dining room

  • marion king

    i would love to be brought into the 21st century,with something like this i’d be over the moon

  • Nicola Holland

    The living room next to my chair

  • Heather Walsh

    It would look lovely in my living room.

  • Deborah Hambleton

    We have just made a mini bar in our conservatory and this would look fab in there 🙂

  • George Worboys Wright

    It would take pride of place in my sitting room!

  • Charlie Martin

    In the lounge

  • Tammy Stevenson

    I would put it in my living room when we redecorate!

  • Jane Middleton

    living room

  • caroline tokes

    Im my Lounge

  • Leesa Dunn

    Would be perfect for my living room!

  • Robert Macolive

    In my living room, for all to admire! Its beatiful!

  • Susan Naylor

    In my sitting room, great place to put my book and cup of coffee.

  • Tim Taylor

    The living room

  • christine westlake

    in our lounge

  • reg vandra

    In our lounge

  • jessica shelton

    it would be used in my livingroom

  • Kelly Roberts

    I would have it in the living room

  • Denielle Nicol

    Pride of place in the lounge

  • Andrea Smith

    I’d have this in my front room

  • kim styles

    It would be in a prime place in my lounge-I can just imagine my friends face when they saw such a quality item in my house!!!

  • Jamie Millard

    fits in beautifully with the style in my lounge.

  • Karen Dixon

    In my dining room

  • Jill fairbank

    It would fit into our lounge

  • jackie rushton

    In the lounge

  • This is ideal for my hallway

  • sandra ralph

    it would have pride of place in my living room

  • Gwyn Sharps

    I’m having the attic and the basement converted, so it would be in one of these rooms x

  • steven beasley

    In my dining room

  • Elizabeth Haggerty

    would look lovely in my livingroom

  • Angela Williams

    in the living room

  • in the living room. it deserves to be seen.

  • Holly Boyd

    In our games room aka. the conservatory

  • Heather Tinkler

    In my living room for all to see

  • Laura Vitty

    In the living room next to the sofa

  • This is beautiful – I would use it in my lounge.

  • Eva Appleby

    In my lounge

  • Charmian Filewood

    In the livingroom so it can be ebjoyed everyday by everyone!!

  • Jo Glasspool

    In my living room