Get a handle on this voucher!

Win a £50 Handle King voucher | H is for Home

Happy new year, everyone! Our first competition of 2018 is a £50 voucher from the lovely folks over at Handle King.

Copper door furniture from Handle King | H is for Home

We love their selection of copper hardware – metallic home accessories are very on trend. It really gives a classy finish to black or dark grey doors and cabinets.

Copper handles on dark grey kitchen drawers and doors

We may be highlighting their beautiful copper collection however, you can spend your £50 voucher on absolutely anything from their extensive range of door & drawer handles, pulls, locks, hooks, hinges, escutcheons etc.

So whether you’re doing a large refurbishment or just fancy a quick cosmetic update this is a great opportunity.

Our competition runs until midnight on the 31st of January and we’ll randomly draw our winner on the 1st of February. To enter, leave us a comment saying what kind of door furniture your home needs.

£50 Handle King voucher

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  • Chris

    I love the copper door furniture. We need to replace our internal doors and the copper accessories are something new and stylish.

  • Annabel Greaves

    I love the copper handles

  • maci234

    love the copper look

  • Sinead ORourke

    Would love a door stop for my kitchen & a dining table. Fingers crossed.

  • Naila Mo

    Copper colour

  • Natalie Gillham

    I need new handles on all my main doors and a large handle on my front door as it is very heavy to open. I love the copper door handles, they add a touch of class.

  • laura stewart

    i love the Copper colour looks good x

  • Tracy K Nixon

    I love the copper handles and they would look lovely in our hallway on our white doors 🙂

  • Katie Skeoch

    The copper door furniture is so classy, I need to replace all our internal doors. It’ll be quite a job!

  • Alica

    I would love all new chrome door handles!

  • Pete Cleasby

    Id need some new brass handles for a new hallway door arriving soon

  • Lydia Graham

    The copper knobs, that the dogs can’t open

  • Suz O’Neill

    Our front door needs a new handle, knocker and letterbox!

  • Jo Heath

    We need new handles on all the doors in our house. (We also need new windows and a front door too) It’s got to the time where a lot of things now need replacing after living here for a decade. We finally got a new boiler recently though, changed the kitchen a few years ago and re laminated the downstairs. We have also changed fence panels and put AstroTurf in the garden. Things just take time and you can only afford so much with two young kids. Would love a modern trendy home though. Glad to find your blog so we can hopefully keep up to date with trends as we continue our improvements x

  • Kathy D

    i would like chrome handles

  • Graham Ross

    I really love the copper handles

  • Christine Dodd

    I need handles for all of our internal doors

  • PamGregory

    Would love some coat hooks

  • Hayley Lynch

    I recently decorated alot of the rooms silvers blur and grey so the old tarnished brass door handles look out of place so I would love to replace with silver/stainless steel types

  • lyndsey80

    i like the copper look

  • Angela Treadway

    I could do with some new door handles for all my internal doors x

  • Solange

    I love the copper door handles.

  • Deb Alexander

    We would like the Copper door handles – as my husband is a joiner I see all sorts of different handles but these are simply STUNNING!

  • Margaret Gallagher

    Copper look for me

  • Elaine Savage

    I would love the copper handles for my doors, they look really classy

  • Claire Woods

    New door handles.

  • Suzanne Drummond

    oak doors

  • Lynn Neal

    My chrome front door handle is very scratched!

  • Rebecca Nisbet

    We need new handles on all the downstairs doors.

  • sunshine

    I love copper love, would be lovely putting bit of colour to boring doors

  • emma walters

    the copper does look fab, we are still working on our kitchen and would love some door handles x

  • Lydia Frew

    Difficult question. At the moment we have 1920s ebony door furniture but are at the planning stage for a modern extension and detached studio so lots of choices yet to be made.

  • williamgould

    We could do with some Art Deco door and cabinet handles!

  • Adeinne Tonner

    I would love some new door handles for my bathroom door.

  • Ali Johnson

    We need new door handles as the springs have broken in ours so you have to remember to pull the handle back up to close the door properly.

  • John Prendergast

    I like the copper handles

  • Lisa Day

    I would usually go for a gold or antique style gold colour but the copper colour is Gorgeous.I’d like to replace the door handles in my home.

  • Kat Lucas

    Renovating my kitchen so need all new handles for cupboards and drawers

  • Ruth Harwood

    we need new handles on the inner doors, and a new coat of paint!

  • Vivien Taylor

    copper, looks good and is antibacterial

  • Laura Todd

    Would be great to upgrade all the door handles, chrome or copper would be nice

  • Tina Houlihan

    I love these. I need new door handles on all my internal doors.

  • Tracy Hanley

    The cooper handles look great

  • amanda

    id love some copper for pur bedroom to match all my copper interior! 🙂

  • Jules Smith Eley

    Copper would bring my home up to date and looking stylish!

  • laura banks

    chrome door handles as all of ours are broke

  • Sheena Batey

    Vintage but elegant will suit my period home

  • Andrea

    I need some new handles for the doors in the hallway and a new letterbox

  • ashleigh allan

    Chrome door handles

  • jo liddement

    The copper looks stunning but i think that i would choose the brass door handles to replace my rather worn internal door handles and they would give my doors a new lease of life.

  • Laura Pritchard

    Anything would be an improvement on the very basic metal knobs we have.

  • Natalie Crossan

    The chrome handles xx

  • melanie stirling

    The internal doors could do with something smarter and more up to date.

  • Rebecca Alderson

    I’d love some chic handles for my kitchen cupboard doors!

  • Jodie Burnett-Wren

    I’d like new door handles so they all match and arent a mish mash

  • Maria P

    I would love to have some new handles for kitchen cupboards – these would really make a big change

  • Azra Dedic

    My door needs a new handle and knocker and lick of paint and it will really increase the curb appeal of my home!

  • a.e.adkins

    Quite frankly, any door furniture on the bedroom doors would be welcome, doors were fitted >20 years ago by OH with the promise that the furniture would be fitted “later”!

  • Carole Nott

    would love to update my bedroom furniture handles

  • None of my upstairs rooms have handles, eek, I know. Needs sorting. I like the black wrought iron antique looking handles.

  • Amanda Tanner

    need new door know and handle and door numbers

  • charlotte

    i love the copper look as it looks so modern

  • L tabstar

    Love the Polished Copper Drawer Handles for Kitchens T Bar

  • stacey turner

    We need new door handles, ours snap every now and then because the ones we have are cheap and poor quality. These would be ideal

  • Samantha Atherton

    I desperately need new door handles, the majority are damaged, none of they match and we don’t even have handles on our bedroom door.

  • FionaJK42

    Last year we moved to a house built in 1850, which we are busy renovating. At some point in its history, all the original door handles have been replaced with ugly grey metal handles. I’d love to replace them with something more attractive.

  • Heidi Craske

    My bedroom is being decorated in a Navy/Grey/Copper theme. The handles above would just complete the look!!

  • Mirjana

    Fantastic prize 🙂 I have recently moved to new home, I need coat hooks, door stops and bathroom accessorises 🙂

  • Sarah Rees

    Love the copper look, I have lots in my kitchen

  • Emma Hutchings

    we need all new doors, locks and handles. either chrome or copper

  • missielizzie

    We are doing a bathroom with copper accents so the bathroom and door furniture would be perfect. I’ve been hunting high and low so thank you! Liz Burton

  • Edward Guerreiro

    We could really use matching handles. The doors downstairs are different from upstairs.

  • Caroline H

    I’d love some of the door handles on backplates. Ours were installed years ago in a brushed finish that’s looking tired and a bit scratched and tatty now.

  • Alana Walker

    We could do with some new pull handles for our internal doors.

  • Christina Harris

    I love the copper handles, we need to replace our built in wardrobe doors so will need new handles for these and they would look amazing

  • Rebecca Roberts

    I definitely love the copper look it looks fantastic

  • Janet Birkin

    Copper looks really inviting

  • Gayatri

    Id love some stylish silver handles

  • Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid

    copper door handles

  • Jodie A Green

    love the Interior Door Handles on Rose with Duo Chrome Finish H750021D

  • I could do with some new door handles to update the internal doors 🙂

  • We’ve needed a new bathroom door handle for so long. At the moment it’s gold and comes from the 1970s…

  • Elizabeth Smith

    I think the builder used cheap doors because one by one the wedgy bit that goes into the door frame has fallen out so right now I’d opt for ones that just work, but I must admit that the copper is rather appealing

  • Ruth Wollerton

    The copper handles are to DIY for ❤️

  • Karen Whittaker

    I need kitchen door handles to update the room quickly and easily.

  • clairdownham

    would love copper knobs

  • Lisa Hughes

    I like the Chrome curved internal door handles – we’ve just moved house and would like to replace 50 year old gold door handles on practically all the doors!

  • Laura Anne Farnworth

    We need new door handles or knobs and a lock for the bathroom.

  • Rachel Atkinson

    We need to replace the door handles.

  • James McKenna

    I love the copper ones, would transform a kitchen with not too much effort!

  • Rochelle Lear

    shiny new door handles

  • Ursula Hunt

    My doors need Chrome Door Handles on Rose with Duo Finish

  • Deborah Hambleton

    My kitchen handles are so boring and dull even though they are only 4 years old. Would love some shiny new ones 🙂

  • GCforever

    Copper is so classy looking. I would like copper handles in my kitchen.

  • Jayne Townson

    I love the chrome door handles, they look just perfect for my doors.

  • Samantha McDonough

    My front door and back door stick, so I’d love a handle on them – make them much easier to open and close.

  • Karen Barrett

    Chrome, much more contemporary

  • Josh M

    Some new handles for kitchen to refresh the look without replacing the whole cabinet 🙂