Key Safe, keep safe

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Win a Supra C500 Outdoor Key Safe | H is for Home

What do you do if you need to let someone into your home when you’re not there? Or how about going off to work and leaving your car at home to be collected by the garage for repairs. Where do you leave the key? Under the door mat? In a plant pot outside your front door? Under the tyre? It’s not the smartest solution, but so many people do just that!

With an outdoor key safe you can put your mind at ease knowing that your keys are completely secure and will only be accessible to the right people.

For this month’s give-away, we’ve teamed up with The Key Safe Company to offer one of our readers a Supra C500 Outdoor Key Safe worth £59.94. The key safe works by setting a secret code number (there are 4,000 different combinations – so it shouldn’t be easy to guess). Punching the correct number and turning the lever opens the safe where you can store up to 6 keys (depending on size & type). You can change the code as often and as many times as you like for added security.

Supra C500 Outdoor Key Safe

To be in with a chance of winning, comment below saying how an outdoor key safe would be useful to you. For example, I regularly get locked out of the house if I take the dog for a walk and forget to take my key and Justin goes out in the meantime. Problem solved if we kept a spare key in a key safe!

Supra C500 Outdoor Key Safe

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  • Tracy K Nixon

    It would help to keep my home secure from burglars

  • Adeela Ch

    I forgot keys few times in the house so we had to break the lock this Woul be real handy if I win this.thanks for the chance!

  • Simon 101

    Locking yourself out of the house can happen to anyone. A little safe like this would be a lot more secure than keeping the spare key under a flowerpot!

  • Rosys123

    I’m constantly forgetting my keys and it drives my other half mad! This way I’d always have a secure spare

  • Sue Harrison

    Added security and peace of mind

  • Chris Newson

    That would be great to keep an emergency key safe at my ageing mother’s house. I fear the day someone is going to have to break in to rescue her after a fall

  • Stuart Edwards

    so my daughter can get in when we are out

  • lyndsey80

    i have lost my key a couple of times due to not having anywhere to store it so this would be very useful for me

  • Josiebicknell

    I need a key safe as I am always loosing my keys

  • Rebecca Nisbet

    it would be great for my home, as we have a dog, and sometimes spend long amount of time out, so my family can come and let themselves in with the key out of the safe rather than dishing loads of keys out.

  • Jane Willis

    I’m a real worrier and terrified of getting locked out, so I have to check my keys several times every time I leave the house, and take them with me even when i’m popping out to the dustbin just in case the door bangs shut, so one of these would give me real peace of mind.

  • Abigail Hamilton

    It would mean if i could have a spare set of keys for my kids to get into the house or family to use while i’m away on business, without having to worry about handing out several sets of keys & the worry of having to change locks if someone lost a set.

  • Abigail Hamilton

    My favourite food to eat at a BBQ is traditional Pork sausages

  • Maya Russell

    I have locked myself out a couple of times, each time having to wait for hubby to come home!

  • Joanne Beale

    My father-in-law has vascular dementia and I am his carer. This would come in handy when the nurse comes to visit so she can get in if I can not get back in time to get let her in

  • maci234

    it would make me feel more secure

  • laura stewart

    this would be great for the carers that look after my mum

  • charlie pope

    well, i keep forgetting my key, so it would be perfect

  • Carolynn Woodland

    This is a brilliant idea and we need one of these safes. Hubby and I have the most complicated system of finding our spare key when we get locked out (which happens frequently). Would love to win.

  • Beverley

    My door is always blowing shut on me and locking me out! This would be fab!

  • chris2468

    As my husband is an ex security officer it would be worth its weight in gold


    Having had a serious fall & fractures unable to move from where I fell, it would be useful if I needed help when I’m on my own.

  • Angela Treadway

    im always locking myself out and this would come in so handy x

  • tigerbabe68

    I’m disabled and live in a first floor walk up flat so it would be really handy for letting people in when I can’t manage the stairs.

  • laura banks

    it would be great for the mother in law when she had a fall i had to break in as the hubby had the spare key

  • Lexx oliver

    Great for when you are renting your place on AirBnB

  • Nicola Marshall

    After being burgled this would make me feel a little bit more secure.x

  • sunshine

    Would be great, the kids are always forgetting their keys

  • Pete Cleasby

    for those few occasions we lock ourselves out it would be a godsend in saving so much hassle by having somewhere secure like this to fall back on

  • Tama Brail

    My grown children who never seem to leave home but always lose their keys. This would be the ideal solution.

  • This is a great idea. We’ve done a couple of house swaps in the past and always mailed the keys via special delivery. This would be so much simpler

  • Rachel

    This would be so useful for my mum who seems to lock herself out of her new house at least once a day. It’ll save her having to walk round to my house alone in the dark after getting home and realising she is locked out again! At 71, she is too old to be wandering the streets at night! 🙂

  • kathycakebread

    extra security is always helpful

  • Susan Smith

    I would gift this to my Aunt who lives on her own, and has fainting fits, so it would be handy to have this, so if we cant get hold of her or she is not answering the door, we can get in

  • fiona cullen

    have a teenager whos always out and about and forever forgets his key-a keysafe would be very useful

  • Solange

    This would be great for added security and peace of mind.

  • Sidrah Ahmed

    I am always leaving my keys inside and have gotten locked out several time

  • Amelia Kennedy

    We have twice locked ourselves out of our house in the last few years, which is quite a traumatic experience and lots of hassle/expense. Having recently discussed getting an out-door safe, it would be wonderful to win this!

  • Amelia Kennedy

    This is the only secure way of making sure you don’t lock yourself out of your house and I think everyone should have one …

  • Mark Whitmore

    Perfect for my teenage daughter who is always forgetting her key

  • maggie777

    It would be really handy when there is an emergency. My husband is forever misplacing his keys

  • barbara daniels

    because im always forgeting my key and the kids are always forgetting theirs.

  • tammy

    I would use it for a spare key for the kids

  • Suzanne Jackson

    Be useful if we got forgot our keys.


    Would be very handy, won’t lock myself out with this.

  • robert mcintosh

    I keep popping out to the bins or the garden without my keys, the door closes behind me and off to the neighbours for a spare key – it would be so much easier to have a spare key to hand!

  • Steve S

    This would be great so that we can leave a key and give code to a neighbour who can then access our property should the burglar alarm go off etc…

  • Jo

    It would mean my 12 year old has access to the house after school each day as I don’t trust him to have his own key yet

  • louise

    It has been known for one of us to leave the house without our keys so although we keep a set hidden in our garage it would be great to know they were safe and secure in case someone found them

  • Emily Hutchinson

    That would be brilliant, it’s always a bit worrying leaving a key lying around the garden somewhere. This would give me peace of mind.

  • Caroline H

    This would be really useful when i’m out gardening. I don’t want to leave the house empty and unlocked because it’s so easy for someone to slip in quickly but having the house keys in my pocket is uncomfortable and I worry about them falling out into the bushes or hedge.

  • leanne williams

    this would be useful especially when i roll home drunk!

  • jennifer bolognesi

    I am just naturally forgetful and to arrive home and be locked out is just unbearable. I would have it at the back of the house and ask my neighbour if I could go over their fence

  • Zoe Goulding

    It would be great for my son to save him taking a key out, I am always worried he will lose it

  • Fiona

    I have memory issues, so sometimes mislay my keys

  • Lauren Charlotte

    I’m always forgetting my key so this would be perfect as I don’t like to leave a spare one where it could be easily found

  • Bella Smyth

    This would be fantastic to enable carers and visitors can come in without having to wait 20 mins while i shuffle to the door or having to keep the door unlocked so i would feel a LOT safer too, thank you for the chance,

  • glennamy

    Family members that are forever losing or forgetting to take their keys with them…

  • Laura Pritchard

    My husband is forever losing keys & having to collect them from my work!

  • Lorna Ledger

    Well! I have a 16 year old daughter ( need I say more!!) who is always losing her key, causing sleepless nights, high costs etc, this would be great!

  • Sheena Batey

    It would be very useful so we could both leave the house without one of us running the risk of being locked out on our return.

  • Leanne V Mckenna

    It would be good when go away and various family members can use it to check on and feed our pets for us, rather than one person.

  • Viv Baird

    It would help me because I know my Grandchildren would always have access to our home and they don’t need to be carrying a key, that could get lost at school.

  • Christina Curtis

    This would be perfect for when our dog is left home for a while as friends / family would be able to pop in at anytime to check on her.

  • Eleanor Holmes

    As a uni student sharing a house it would be useful to have a spare key in case I lose one on a night out, or if I forget it at home and a housemate locks the door behind them! Saves having to annoy my housemates 😛

  • Vicki Strydom

    This is such a great idea….I’ve lost my keys a few times (much to my mothers annoyance) and have had to wait for her to come home to get in the house.

  • Ewan Bell

    Great to keep a spare key somewhere safe.

  • Skellbird

    this would be great now my sons in high school as then he wouldn’t have to worry about taking and losing his key!

  • jakki

    I live on a first floor flat and have many health problems and cant always get to the door. the last time I was ill the ambulance people could not get in and they recommended I get one of these but I cant afford it and the council wont fit one,so this would really help x

  • Amy Bee

    It would be useful as I am always leaving my key inside and locking myself out!

  • Becky John

    It would be great for the children to use as they always forget their keys.

  • emma walters

    perfect for when hubby is on nights, i’m forever forgetting to unlock the door in the morning before he comes home 🙂

  • Tammy Tudor

    it would be so very useful! put my mind at ease

  • Liane Amos

    It will stop me getting in trouble for locking my husband out.

  • Natalie Crossan

    I’d like to get my home safer – especially as i’m always forgetting my keys

  • Claire Woods

    Not having to carry my key when I’m going out and trying to keep my bag light.

  • We had one at our old house – was great for my parents visiting and incase of getting locked out

  • georgie pope

    I keep forgetting my keys so this would be perfect

  • Ruth Harwood

    I think it would make me feel safer when my son was sleeping at his friends x

  • Luan Toop

    With a large family, a key safe would be a God send. I loathe having to hand out hundreds of keys for the children to then ask for another because theirs has been misplaced.
    Also, I never take my keys with me, I’m far too disorganised, so we currently just don’t lock our door. That’s not safe at all. A safe would make us safe 😀

  • Laura Nice

    It would be great when my partner forgets his keys!

  • Fiona

    It would be great for emergencies, I had to call a locksmith out last year and it cost a lot!

  • Helen Stratton

    I have 4 children and their partners constantly coming and going and I often receive phone calls wondering where I am as someone has forgot their keys. I would love this to keep a spare one!

  • David Cavender

    this would be great for keeping a spare key at handy

  • Danica Clarke

    I have been known to lock myself out of the house and/or forget my key and as we live in the countryside my partner is always at least an hour away with a spare, so this would be fantastic for me!

  • Samantha Atherton

    A secure key kept in the garden would be invaluable to me as I’ve lost count of the times I’ve popped out to the bin and the doors blown shut behind me and locked me out.

  • Kim Oldfield

    Occasionally my other half walks off with my key when we’re leaving in a rush on the school run. The last time I had to knock on the neighbours door for our spare, I think I’d interrupted something important between them. I don’t really want to knock again!! Eeeeek.

  • Tina Houlihan

    I could go out, get drunk and not worry about losing my keys and locking myself out again.

  • Tracy G

    It would be helpful for my children and save them carrying keys around all the time.

  • Ali Johnson

    I don’t trust my son taking a key to school (he loses a calculator a week!) so we would be able to go out & leave a key safely for him.

  • Helen

    Great for when you forget your keys

  • CJ Smith

    i have lost my key a couple of times due to not having anywhere to store it so this would be very useful for me 🙂

  • Gemma Found

    For my Mum who sometimes accidentally locks herself out!

  • Stephanie Coals

    It would be brilliant for the kids who are always forgetting the keys and end up sitting on the doorstep waiting for us to get home!

  • Hannah Wilding

    Our door locks when you close it so having a key safe would be useful to put a spare key in!

  • Jenny Harlow

    I would give this to my gran who has recently had some falls. She’s a very determined farmers wife who doesn’t like to show weakness but having one of these alongside her lifeline would provide her with reassurance that someone could get to her. It would also provide reassurance for the family

  • Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid

    a lot more security to keeping the spare key

  • Rebecca Barnes

    Like you, I often go out on a dog walk and forget to take a key!

  • JudeVFR400

    Would be handy for if my partner goes out without picking her key up. I’m disabled, so takes me ages to get to the door to let her in.

  • Stevie

    An outdoor safe key would be great for sharing access to the family home.

  • Stevie

    I love Cumberland sausage with homemade potato salad.

  • MrRichTea

    Stop me loosing my dam keys!

  • emma j lowe

    This would be handy when my older adult children decide to just visit without letting me know, im normally out and they calling to ask where i am. With this i could keep a spare key in there for when they need to get in.

  • Peskey78

    Would be very handy as hubby always misplacing his key, ends up taking mine and i get locked out

  • KatComet

    It’d be really handy for for when the wind blows the door shut after popping out for the bins etc!

  • Elizabeth Cooke

    It would be great so we have that piece of mind about being locked out. I have mild OCD about my house so this would help me relax!

  • Lynn Neal

    I would keep a spare key in here in case I lock myself out!

  • Katie Skeoch

    Baby brain has meant I’ve forgotten my keys a few times when leaving the house. This offers a safe alternative to a neighbour holding a spare set!

  • Stacy Sorrell

    my mother in law is always forgetting her keys and usually my husband or his sister have to drive round to let her in. this would be amazing for her!

  • Ray Dodds

    In case I forgot or locked in my keys

  • Elizabeth Smith

    Most of the time I love living alone, until I lose my keys. The classic example is taking the dogs out in the bike trailer, returning home and putting it away, remembering to recharge it, picking up any shopping, taking off the lights, checking it’s safe to let the dogs out, locking the side door, walking to the front door, get my keys out… just left them with my bike behind the locked gate

  • Christina Palmer

    I am always forgetting my keys and having to wait hours for someone to come home so having one of these will mean I can keep a spare set in a safe place

  • purpleshoes1

    we are hoping to get a dog so would be great for the dog walker to use

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    It would help when my husband is on call and has to leave whilst I’m out

  • Dannii

    It would help me if I can’t get home for any reason, then a friend or family member could check in on my animals and house.

  • Emily Hutchinson

    So useful for someone to get in while we are away if needed


    It would be so much safer than leaving a key somewhere in the garden

  • Laura Jones

    Ideal as my partner is always losing keys misplacing them and we can never find them at least if we had this they would be in a safe place and i would know where to find them

  • Ellie Fletcher

    My other half is forever forgetting his key and locking himself out!!

  • ashleigh allan

    For my husband who never remembers a key!

  • cloudzulu

    I am terrible with keys, I keep losing them so this prize would be fantastic.

  • We get locked out at least once a month!

  • Rachel Butterworth

    I am always losing my keys, so it would be nice to have a spare set on hand.

  • Gem Cook

    I really worry about security and this would be great for giving me peace of mind.

  • Ann Skamarauskas

    mum has locked herself out with the keys indoors a few times and we can’t always get there quickly for her so this would be really useful for her to have a spare set

  • Zoe Payne

    to have a spare key at home

  • John Tingay

    My dad has very restricted mobility and this would be great so that health visitors and neighbours could get in to help if I am not there.

  • Jodie Burnett-Wren

    This would be great for an emergency whilst away from the house, or in case you lose your keys

  • Deirdre

    I am Little Miss Forgetful. I am always forgetting my keys and having to ring or buzz my hubby to let me back in! This way, no more of his lie-ins will be disturbed!

  • sugajade

    Great for family to gain access if needed.

  • Debbie Nichols

    We have a 14 year old who gets home from school before we get home from work and he has forgotten his keys several times – at least twice when it was raining and he had no shelter. We also have an elderly relative nearby who has locked herself out once or twice.

  • Christine Caple

    We don’t carry a key as we have an electronic lock, so it would be ideal to be able to have one available to keep a key in in case the lock goes wrong!

  • Karen Barrett

    I have a large family, cuts down on expense of having keys cut, and this would certainly be safer than the “safe” place we have at the moment!

  • Jamie Edwards

    Honestly it would be for my mum, she’s always forgetting her keys, this would help her no end!


    this would be great for my mother so we could get in when she doesn’t answer the door as she can’t hear very well

  • Melissa Lee

    I am forever panicking that I’ve lost my keys somewhere

  • kim1957uk

    It would be so useful because I live alone and nobody has a spare set of keys to my flat.

  • Carol Bird

    There are 8 of us in our household: it would save getting 8 sets of keys cut

  • Rebecca Howells

    I have a habit of getting locked out and would be useful for guests.

  • AdrianPrice

    im the worlds worst for losing door keys–so having a spare one in the safe would be great

  • PamGregory

    As a back up if lose/forget keys

  • Joanna Butler-Savage

    useful for my son who sometimes beats us home but loses his key

  • Bionic

    It would help as i have health issues so if a family member ever needed to get in they could

  • Annabel Greaves

    I would love it for security

  • Sirley Young

    It would be very convenient 🙂 I forget my keys all the tijme.

  • 1749302288

    I would use it at my Dad’s house as I worry about him.

  • Chris Fletcher

    My lodger is always losing his key! It would be useful when we are away travelling as then we could let him in!

  • Gemma Jones

    My Daughter always forgets her key and has to wait until I get home to let her in

  • mrsprune

    We live in a self contained extension to my daughters home. We share a front door and there are eight people sharing this door – sometimes it gets locked by mistake and we or they are unable to get in. We supply the children with keys but they are always losing or forgetting them!

  • Joanna Ford

    It would be so helpful for those times when I accidentally lock myself out!

  • z.g

    It would be handy for when our neighbour needs to let herself in!

  • Paula

    This would be fabulous for my teenager that can’t keep something in her possession for five minutes without losing it!! Lol

  • Janice Dunn

    It would give me peace of mind to know my spare keys were locked away securely, somewhere safe and accessible, and would save me from having to hunt for them when I need them.

  • tabbaz

    We have 2 cars and 2 motorbikes but only one front door key each – I hate huge amounts of keys dangling down and they are not good on a motorbike either so would be great to just take our vehicle key and have a key lock!

  • Samantha Mann

    It would be great for when we go on holiday and neighbours come to check on the house (and keep the plants alive!)

  • Michelle Carlin

    It would be great for the kids, so they can let themselves in from school, without risking them losing keys while they’re out!

  • Leo Mulligan

    The key safe is the perfect solution

  • Vivien Taylor

    Would install at my parents for everyones peace of mind.

  • Victoria Prince

    It would be really useful to me because I forget to take my key with me more often than not, and then no-one else can go out unless they want to strand me!

  • Caroline Shepherd

    My daughter will soon be old enough to start going to and from school by herself, so this would be great for her to be able to let herself in without having to carry a key that might get lost.

  • Nancy Townsend

    My aunt is very frail after a bad fall and is going to need carers when she is finally able to go home from hospital. A key safe would make things a little bit easier for everyone.

  • Jim Norvell

    My partner and I always end up blaming each other when we lock ourselves out, so it would improve marital harmony !

  • David Waterworth

    It would enable my carer to gain access in case of emergencies, but still leave me feeling secure

  • Emma Jackson

    It’d be great, our teenage daughters are often misplacing their keys so they could still get in the house x

  • Pauline Burroughs

    Oh yes please, this would be so handy. No more ringing hubby at work to tell him that I’ve locked myself out!

  • Allan Fullarton

    Add security and keep safe.


    An outdoor key safe would be so useful for me as I live in a high rise bungalow and I struggle with the steps. I have bad arthritis. My family & friends could let themselves in saving me having to go downstairs.

  • Anthea Holloway

    This would be so useful when members of the family arrive home without a key and everyone else is out.

  • greig spencer

    thias would be great for if i forgot or lost my keys

  • Jayne K

    This would be great for my daughter for days when she can’t get back home in time to let a workman in.

  • hazelmurphy

    It would help my husband , he is always forgetting his key !

  • c5ryl

    I am reluctant to give my son a house key for fear of him losing it but he is going to high school this year so needs some independence. This would be great to allow him to come home from school and would make me feel pleased that he won’t lose his key!

  • Bridget Willard

    My grown up children come and help me as i’m disabled and sometimes I forget to unlock the door for them. With this they will be able to let themselves in.

  • Donna Large

    so i can let myself in to my dads as he is eldery

  • Sharon Smyth

    I have a teenage son who is quite frankly awful at keeping things safe so giving him a house key is a nightmare. This would mean he could have the freedom he needs whilst giving us the security we need!

  • Sarah S

    It would be handy for when the children forget to take their keys with them and I’m stuck at work.

  • Kat Allinson

    It would be great for putting a key in for our neighbours and my Mum so they can get in should they need to

  • Adele J Knight

    This would be perfect for my son as he is always forgetting to take a key and has lost one before

  • Rach Mccadden

    its helpful to calm my ocd as i always checking to see if i have my keys. so this would reassure me that even if i lost my keys i still able to have spares somewhere safe

  • Christopher Read

    I locked myself of the house before, and nobody I live with had been around to let me in. So this would be really useful.

  • Katie Harmer

    I would like to win it because I would like a spare key safe placed in a secret place, just in case I lock myself out when taking the dog out to use the loo! It woud also be helpful if I fall or have a medical emergency because I can tell the emergency services where to find the key if I can’t move or get to the door.

  • Jamie Millard

    great for sarah who always forgets her keys – will stop her being stuck out in the cold.

  • Adrian Bold

    I think it would be great for holding keys to the shed or back gate – but I don’t think I’d trust something that could maybe be smashed open that holds my house keys. It’s also a very obvious spot where your keys are kept.

  • Kirsty Woods

    It would be great to keep a spare key, my son is always forgetting his key and getting locked out

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    This would help me when everyone has gone to bed and I can’t get in! I hate waking them up but we can’t leave doors unlocked round here

  • Diana

    We locked ourselves out few times, this would be so helpful

  • Julia Hartley

    H is for home I like to keep secure, I’ve precious things behind my door, a Keysafe would be great, one that police rate, why risk under the matting of coir!!

  • Panda

    This would be great for leaving a shed key in so that delivery persons can open my shed and leave parcels there when I’m not in.

  • Tracey

    No one would get locked out or my sons would not need to carry a key if going to a club or concert and worry about losing it

  • Claire Nelson

    I would put our back gate key in it.

  • Mimicat

    My son loses my door keys regularly this would ensure he had none to lose.

  • my son often forgets his key when he goes to school so this would be so useful

  • essexgirlSE

    I’m so forgetful, this would be a blessing to save me from being locked out

  • JustinBiebersBodyDouble

    Well I’m very forgetful, no matter how hard I try once in a while I manage to lock myself out and need to be able to find a spare key!

  • Ben Robb

    It would be useful to store keys when i am out running so i don’t have to worry about losing them

  • ian Cheyne

    Would make home extra secure which is a must nowadays

  • Matt Brasier

    Added security and peace of mind

  • I would put it on my Mum and Dad’s house both are getting elderly and the Key Safe would give my sisters and I some security knowing we could get into the house in an emergency.

  • kelly t

    It would be a massive help as my son is always losing his key

  • Monika Bascombe

    to keep the spare key in case one of us leaves it at home ( i have self locking door)

  • tracy sinclair

    It would be of a great help for when my family come and I’m not in, then they could let themselves in until I get home x