Sweet dreams with Tweak Slumber

Mini Tweak Sleep Kit from Tweak Slumber containing a luxury lavender candle, room spray, sleep spray, sleep tea and an eye mask

To celebrate the launch of their new website, Tweak Slumber are offering one of our readers one of their Mini Tweak Sleep Kits.

The Mini Tweak Sleep Kit from Tweak Slumber contains a luxury lavender candle, room spray, sleep spray, sleep tea and an eye mask. Lavender is well-known to help you relax and enhance your mood.

Just what you need to help keep you calm in the busy run up to Christmas. Say ‘night, night’ to frazzled sleep!

To be in with a chance of winning, tell us what keeps you awake at night.

Mini Tweak Sleep Kit from Tweak Slumber

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  • JuneMLord

    I’ve suffered from chronic pain for the last 11 years and that keeps me awake.

  • john p

    I have a lot of stress in my life at the moment health money issues and work so don’t sleep very well

  • Tracy K Nixon

    My overactive mind!

  • Tama Brail

    This would go along way to help me shield from my husbands snoring.

  • Katie Simmonds

    the cat and worrying about things

  • sharon L johnson

    worries on my mind keep me awake at night x

  • Kay Panayi

    I get a lot of headaches so they keep me up

  • lyndsey80

    worrying about anything and everything keeps me awake at night

  • Fiona

    My husband snoring!

  • Rebecca England

    All the things I need to get done going round and round in my mind keeps me awake. Sometimes I can’t switch off.

  • Fiona

    Worries about mum’s health, job concerns, being too hot or too cold

  • Alison Fisher

    my brain ticking over and over keeps me awake

  • amy bondoc

    im usually thinking about what i need to do the next day

  • Catherine Whitlow

    Thinking about my to do list.

  • Elaine Savage

    songs going round and round in my head

  • Andrea Miles

    pain, I have chronic pain and it is often too painful to sleep tthrough

  • Lorraine Stone

    Family health problems keep me awake worrying at night

  • Helen Blake

    My noisy neighbours πŸ™

  • lorraine kirk


  • Amanda Doyle Hart

    Stressing about my oldest son, so much easier when they were young and you knew where they were and what they are up too.

  • Kev Banham

    my overactive mind

  • stuart hargreaves

    The Tawny Owl in the tree in my garden – Hoot Hoot

  • maci234

    worrying too much

  • Viv Baird

    Worrying about Grandchildren

  • marie-clare

    Stress keeps me up!

  • Gayatri

    Worries and anxieties! I have exams at the moment and keep dreaming about them

  • Jo McPherson

    Thinking about things I need to do…..

  • foz

    work worries

  • Michelle Johnson

    Chronic pain from my health conditions.

  • Janet Birkin

    my mind going over and over things – recently lost my mum and other stresses in my life – never just comes in ones πŸ™

  • Sarah Rees

    Usually overthinking things, I go over the events of the day

  • Chrissy Harris

    Thinking about work and things I need to do keeps me awake

  • laura banks

    my husbands snoring

  • Rebecca Brown

    My anxiety keeps me awake – my brain refuses to shut off for the night!

  • Graham Ross

    I have a lot of back and knee pain that keeps me up

  • Ailsa Sheldon

    Worrying about work and the kids keeps me awake!

  • Pete Cleasby

    thinking about work the next day

  • Annabel Greaves

    I tend not to sleep when I am worried about something happening the next day x

  • Erica Tomlinson

    Pain,stress,too quiet

  • Marc Hurley

    Pondering the Imponderables.

  • laura stewart

    thinking to much!

  • a.e.adkins

    Chronic pain since 1996 following a RTA & worrying that I will be late for work if I don’t get to sleep

  • karen dixon

    I love my cats to bits bt they do interrupt sleep too often

  • maureen findley

    my boyfriends snoring keeps me awake

  • Sharon Worsley

    my mind working overtime

  • At the moment, it’s our unborn baby kicking…Baby H always wakes up just as I’m trying to get to sleep!

  • Clara Bee

    Work stress sometimes

  • jo liddement

    My husband’s snoring keeps me awake now and again.

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    My husband snoring

  • Andrea

    A snoring husband and not being able to clear my mind.

  • Anneka Avery

    My fibromyalgia!! Chronic pain condition that never goes away I ache for a good nights sleep

  • Paula Barker

    Worrying about work the next day!

  • Joanne Darnell

    the dog snoring

  • Angie Thompson

    Worrying about anything and everything!

  • Caroline H

    Everything! Have I remembered to do everything I needed to today, what do I need to do tomorrow, what will I buy so and so for their birthday, should I think about redecorating the kitchen. Everything whether important or not!

  • Laura Avery

    Money troubles usually

  • Sidrah

    Noise from outside with lots of noisy cars and stressing about life

  • Kirsty Webb

    I have severe generalized anxiety disorder so pretty much everything keeps me awake at night

  • michellelintern

    Bad dreams after watching a scary film

  • Karen R

    I just fret about everything when I wake up in the night xx

  • Kathy D

    Noisy neighbours

  • Sarah Davison

    Thinking of all the things I still need to get done keeps me awake at night.

  • Andrea Tinks

    well i would like to say it is the hubbies snoring but i snore too!!!

  • Denise

    Fibromyalgia pain stops me from getting a restful sleep

  • Kelly Wilson


  • My three rescue dogs!!

  • fiona waterworth

    restless leg syndrome

  • lesley182

    The dogs mooching about mostly, it takes them forever to settle at night

  • melanie stirling

    I get too hot,my knees hurt greatly and I think about things too much at night.

  • Solange


  • Jo Hutchinson

    chronic pain is an issue

  • Jamie Butt

    Unfinished jobs keep me awake so I keep a list of them to keep them off my mind

  • Val Swift


  • Sheena Batey

    My husband with his restless legs. I would use the prize on him then I will be able to sleep.

  • valbuk

    Overactive mind and restless legs

  • sarah mcvicar

    My hubby and dog snoring and huffing, and everything else, been an insomniac for 12 years

  • Megan

    My brain going into overdrive the second that I want to go to sleep!

  • Sarah

    I’m generally a good sleeper but find myself awake in the night thinking about literally everything!

  • keithhunt

    Road noise in the day as we work a lot of nights.

  • Justine Hughes

    Restless leg syndrome and back pain.

  • Elaine Clark

    An overactive mind…can’t “switch off”.

  • sonia carneiro

    Stress and planning my next day!!

  • sara

    Im currently 38 weeks pregnant so random kicks to ribs normally keep me awake that or heart burn

  • Julie Wainwright

    My two cats snoring and taking over the bed!

  • katie smith

    Anxiety and my kids.

  • Emma Evans

    Sometimes worry over every day things, sometimes my boyfriends and sometimes my 5 year old daughter. If it is a bad night it can be all 3. X

  • Lorna Ledger

    Pain, or tiredness! Or Worrying about my 17 year old daughter x

  • leanne williams

    My hubby’s snoring

  • rod

    I’m too hot, then too cold, then sweating hot again, then freezing cold. Part and parcel of going through the menopause.

  • Laura Pritchard

    My daughter shouting out for me!

  • Petal Flowers

    thinking about only having a few hours to sleep

  • maria

    I get bad insomnia sometimes so just can’t sleep most days

  • Natalie Crossan

    I’ve got a sick child and the dog is in heat so that’s keeping me up most nights

  • Worrying about money – the usual!

  • Nicky Thompson

    Chronic pain and an overactive mind keep me awake.

  • Julie Howarth

    Worrying about everything and anything!

  • Cas Philip

    My son has been being bullied at school. I lie awake at night worrying about him and whether or not I am going in hard enough at the school to get it stopped.

  • Ren Taylor

    My hubbys snoring!!

  • Clare Hubbard

    My children πŸ™

  • Debi Newman

    Just thinking about random stuff that has happened throughout the day x

  • sarah birkett

    usually my husbands snoring, if not its the cat purring & snoring – not sure which is worse

  • amanda

    My 20 month old who wakes me up anything from 5 to 20 times every night! Maybe I could use this stuff on him?!!

  • amy p

    my partner snoring keeps me awake at night

  • Thinking and worrying, I could worry about anything and everything for hours.

  • clairdownham

    hubby snoring

  • Kelly Ann

    I suffer from insomnia, stresses of life keep me awake!

  • Ali Johnson

    I’m a real strees head so most things keep me awake at night. Although Hubby has become glued to The Waking Dead & some of the scenes are giving me nightmares although normally I don’t have problems with this type of show.

  • Bella Smyth

    I broke my back and is in constant pain were it fused incorectly so i often spend ages awake with little or no sleep!

  • L tabstar

    Depends on whats going on in my life, but mostly Stress and anxiety most probably.

  • Hayley Atkins

    I suffer with back pain which keeps me awake most nights.

  • Jennifer Gillies

    My thoughts keep me awake.

  • Carol Cross

    Snoring sid

  • Chloe Riley

    Worrying about work!

  • Ruth Harwood

    My mind whirring over the evens of the day xx

  • Beky Austerberry

    Stresses of everyday life

  • Layla

    My husband’s snoring.

  • Susiegee

    My husbands snoring or his fidgeting, over thinking things that have been said or done or struggling to breathe.

  • Claire Glace

    For me its menopause hot flushes, and anxiety and stress at times….

  • Tina Houlihan

    Worrying about everything and anything keeps me up and night.

  • emma walters

    the kids!!!

  • Mark Wells

    My wife’s snoring and a hungry cat ha ha

  • Lynn Neal

    Thinking about things!

  • Josh Dixon

    My wife tossing and turning keeps me awake!

  • h_igoe

    My mind just races with all of the things I need or should have done

  • debbie

    worries and thinking i just cant switch off sometimes xx

  • Bex Jones

    I have Fibromyalgia, M.E. and arthritis among other things, this means I can struggle to get a comfy position due to pain, or my mind won’t switch off so it keeps me awake… or I have restless legs, arms and body xxx

  • kat walsh

    Worrying about work related problems

  • dewgreenlady

    Nothing, I sleep like a baby

  • Jane Willis

    Everything! Sometimes my pillow is uncomfortable, sometimes my husband’s pain, sometimes my own snoring, sometimes the neighbour who goes to work at 4am, sometimes I have worries, sometimes i’m full of ideas for crafting and sometimes I just worry about not being asleep!


    My cat Wispa running around the house and up and down the stairs. She is very amusing though!

  • isabelle smith

    worries x

  • Kimberley Ryan

    everything, little noises, worry, children etc

  • Adeinne Tonner

    One thing that keeps me away at night is people snoring

  • Jules Smith Eley

    I worry about my children and money problems

  • Christina Palmer

    Won’t go into any detail but stress is the main problem

  • MrRichTea

    My kids!!!

  • madminx1

    If I have any solved worries

  • Tasha Hamilton

    I keep thinking about everything

  • Michelle Ferguson

    I sleep really easy and nothing keeps me awake

  • Dean Trenberth

    When it is too hot or the wond is howling

  • Sarah Ann

    I’m always thinking about things I have to do the next day and if I’m stressed or worried, that keeps me awake too.

  • craig austin

    the mrs fidgeting all the time

  • Amanda Walsh

    Its usually my insomniac kids that keep me awake!

  • Megan Kinsey

    Everything I have to do the next day usually!

  • Yolanda Davis


  • Natasha Mairs

    Thinking too much, feeling achy and too much light

  • Joanna Ford

    The thought of having to get up in the morning

  • Lucy Beckett

    My busy mind keeps me awake

  • Jayne Townson

    Stress and worrying about things, being too hot or too cold.

  • Kelly White

    Insomnia and also overthinking things

  • Lots of things to be honest

  • Mandy Betts

    My insomnia

  • Carole Nott

    thinking about things that dont really matter

  • Sheri Darby

    Worrying about my kids

  • Sarah Austin


  • Democrability

    The stress of my course and the general life situation keeps me up at night.

  • Michaela Hannah

    A lot of things going along, along with 2 young children who are often up and down during the night.

  • Madeline Estelle

    Im a social work student – It’s normally my concerns over vulnerable children!

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    Worrying about my daughter’s future. Will she saddle herself with huge amounts of debt to get educated, will she be able to afford a decent home to live in and how will climate change affect her πŸ™

  • stephanie lovatt

    My children normally

  • Laura Cooper

    Busy brain – i keep over thinking stupid things I can’t do anything about.

  • Julie

    My flipping neighbours unfortunately!

  • Stuart Johnston

    Anxiety keeps me awake

  • Donna Large

    my leg pain

  • Stef


  • Rebecca Howells

    worrying about anything and everything and pain and being too tired to sleep! (@PeanutHog)

  • Caroline Bourne

    My brain thinking too much

  • Sam Megansmummy Parkes

    Either my daughter getting into my bed or sleep paralysis that I occasionally suffer with

  • Julie Ward

    I’m not a bad sleeper, I just wake up a bit hot, throw the covers off, cool down and nod off again

  • Mrs Broomfield

    My husband’s snoring!

  • Dawn Andrews

    Chronic insomnia.

  • Sarah fielding

    Definitely my mind!

  • Mimicat

    Back pain.

  • sonya ritchie

    my hot flushes keep me awake so this would be perfect…. xx

  • Connie Pearce-Romayne


  • Natalie Gillham

    worries, tinnitus and an uncomfortable bed keep me awake at night

  • Jacqui Rushton

    Worrying about work the next day!

  • karen Durrant

    Pain and overheating which makes me itch

  • Allison Sherwood

    Usually worrying about stuff I don’t need to worry about

  • michelle

    Financial worries


    my hubby snoring!

  • denise

    worries re the house and unexpected problems installing our kitchen

  • Joanne Hutchings

    Usually my four year old little boy or worries about the day ahead.

  • Rachael O’Brien

    My two year old, the dog and the cat !! When they aren’t waking me up I wake up automatically anyway πŸ™

  • Emily CD

    My 3 week old baby!

  • Sandra Fortune

    I suffer from anxiety disorder which causes insomnia frequently so anything soothing would be helpful

  • Carlie Bryan

    our hamster, loves to chew on the bars!!! all night long and makes you think someone is breaking in, lol

  • Elzbieta Znyk

    Stress, worrying about kids, work.

  • Anne Johnson

    My husband snoring keeps me awake

  • Victoria Prince

    Planning keeps me awake!

  • Tess Max-Dav

    my husband’s snoring!

  • Sarah Wilson

    Everything! I’m a terrible sleeper.

  • Kate Kathurima

    i have suffered from insomnia since I was a child my brain wakes up when I go to bed

  • gemma raines

    sometimes my back ache and sore knees keeps me awake and my bf sometimes works nights so I worry about all kinds of stuff

  • Diane Nicholl

    Worrying about everything and anything

  • caroline tokes

    When I worry which is all the time I worry about everything including bumping into a lion

  • francis lee

    my cat likes to keep me awake at night, unusual i know but she is very needy

  • Teresa Sheldon

    Work,home lists of things to do ad get, wrapping to do presents to buy things to make my mind is a whirl at night

  • Tony Shannon

    If I get woken up it’s usually my other half going the loo or some idiot honking their car horn / car radio playing outside.

  • Paula Tarling

    I’m awful for thinking about all the things I have to do the following day and plan it in my head resulting in me being awake for hours x

  • Heather Crowe

    Stress and overthinking x

  • champaklal lad

    not being sleepy

  • Emma

    Stressing about work

  • Nick


  • work stress keeps me awake

  • Maria P

    my to-do-list πŸ™‚

  • Geoffroy Thomas

    Worrying about money and work

  • Victoria flynn

    Back pain and stresstress

  • sharon martin

    joint pain and partners snoring

  • GCforever

    My cats and my tinnitus both keep me awake.

  • Tammy Stevenson

    My daughter.. She is still breastfeeding so we get up 2-3 times each night

  • worrying about people.

  • Nancy Bradford

    Money worries and looking at my phone too much I think πŸ™‚

  • Marie

    I am a really deep sleeper and so nothing really keeps me awake at night. I guess I am quite lucky.

  • Adrian Bold

    I’m a loud snorer and I think I wake myself up sometimes πŸ™‚