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Viva Vegetables medium tote bags

Win one of these gorgeous tote bags – they’re from the Viva Vegetables range, one of the new Spring 2015 collections from the folks at Talented.

Even if you’re a complete carnivore, you’ll love this quirky range of colourful canvas bags. They’re both attractive and versatile.

Talented is an eco-company based in Sheffield specialising in creatively driven, sustainable accessories and tote bags. The brand celebrates the bag as an art form and collaborates with upcoming British artists, designers and print makers on a seasonal rotation.

Viva Vegetables is designed by American crafter Leslie Astor who now lives here in the UK. Leslie’s four designs pay homage to a few of Britain’s favourite vegetables. Large-scale prints of broccoli, carrots, beetroot and asparagus adorn the colourfully dyed canvas tote bags. Viva Vegetables small tote bags

The collection is inspired by the farmers’ market at Grand Army Plaza in New York City. When Leslie lived in Brooklyn, she and her family would visit the market every Saturday.

Leslie said:

“A tote bag gets out and about and exposed to a lot of eyes in a lot of different contexts: the subway, the office, the grocery store, the park – maybe all of those places in a day. Given that fact, I wanted my series of totes to be conversation starters, and I think they are.”

Viva Vegetables are made and printed at a fair-trade certified factory in India and are available in 2 sizes – medium tote bag and mini tote bag. They’re available to buy from the doodle bag website.

For your chance to win one, just comment below telling us which size & design you’d like and how you’d use it. To carry your lunch to work? A school bag for your child? To pop to the shops? Something else entirely? 🙂

Viva Vegetables tote bag

  • Jane Willis

    These are brilliant, I’d love them ALL. my favourite is the large tote in the Carrot design, and I’d use it for taking a gift of home grown vegetables when I go to visit friends and family

  • Nadia Stanbridge

    All these bags are gorgeous …. I would go for the yellow “Beets” design – the square-ish one ….. This would cheer me up when I go to the supermarket as I hate shopping!

  • Carrot bag perfect for my vegetable shopping

  • David PH

    Definitely the medium tote with the beets on it for me. I feel like beetroot is such an underappreciated and underused vegetable and I would like to do my bit in promoting just how good they are whilst doing my shopping!

  • Maya Russell

    I like the Broccoli design, medium size and I’d use it for general ‘popping to the shops’ shopping.

  • Hazel Rea

    These are gorgeous – my favourite is the large tote with the carrot design. Apart from shopping I think this deserves to be taken to the beach so a wider audience can see it!

  • Janet Bennett

    Love them all, but the Broccoli one is my favourite, as I’m always buying broccoli, my favourite vegetable

  • ashleigh allan

    Carrot Bag for visits to the supermarket!

  • jennie kerley

    Love the medium asparagus tote ,This would be Ideal for visiting my local greengrocer twice a week and for summer picnics

  • The large carrots tote would be ideal for shopping

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Id love the carrots tote and use it for grocery shopping!

  • Helen Battle

    I really like the Beetroot design and i would use the Medium sized bag for all my shopping needs


    I love the Carrots design, I’d use it to carry my fresh fruit & vegetable purchases

  • Patricia Owen

    I would love to win a large tote bag featuring the carrots. I know it would immediately appeal to my 2 year old granddaughter who carries a toy rabbit everywhere with her. We would enjoy our outings with all our needs in this eyecatching bag.

  • Tracey Peach

    I love the large black broccoli bag & I would use it to carry home my vegetable shopping

  • winnie

    i love the asparagus one – would use it to take my lunch to work

  • Janet H

    I love the large broccoli tote which I would use for all my shopping. Great design and colours, I love it.

  • Broccoli bag is my favourites

  • claire woods

    Carrot mini tote bag to carry my lunchbox into work, and other items I like to take with me but don’t put in my handbag.

  • Lisa Bryce

    These are so cool! I’d love the carrots tote, reminds me of my crazy hair…! What size…? Too hard! Both mini and medium would be useful. Maybe medium more so though 🙂

  • iain maciver

    Carrot bag perfect for my vegetable shopping

  • Sandra Clarke

    I like the small carrots bag which is ideal for popping fruit or veg in when I nip to the supermarket.

  • Sarah Taylor-Fergusson

    I’d choose the mini tote in BEETS (I love the abbreviated word BEETS as well as the colour yellow’s bold design) and I’d take it to the pub instead of a clutch bag – just to be refreshing.

  • Karl Borowy

    for everyday use

  • Angie Hoggett

    I love the beets bag for taking on holiday for my shopping

  • Odul Bozkurt

    Carrots carrots carrots for me!

  • I love the carrot one, perfect for market shopping

  • I love the carrot one, perfect for market shopping

  • Liam Bishop

    The large carrots, would be great for food shopping!

  • laura herrell

    Mini Beets Baby!?!??? Xxxxx

  • Susan Sargent

    The medium carrot tote, would be great for everyday use.

  • elaine dale

    large black broccoli bag and would use as overnight bag

  • Maggie Lee-Roberts

    Stunning design, very eye catching and a reminder about eating five a day!

  • Maxine Owen

    These are great! Would use them for my shopping & carrying books to and from university!

  • Jessica Powell

    The large carrots tote is my fave, I’d use it for the food shopping. x

  • aaron broad

    I would like the Broccoli one looks awesome in medium x

  • Kasia

    I love the Broccoli Medium Tote! It’s just perfect for everyday shopping 🙂

  • sophie181818

    Loving The Carrots Tote! Perfect to keep in the car ready for when I have to do the shopping!

  • Kenneth Coleman

    My wife would love the medium Beetroot bag to carry home our shopping from the supermarket.

  • Angela Turley

    As I would use it to carry my daughters library books in, I would have to say a medium carrot design would be perfect (carrots are her fave food!!)

  • Sandra Lane

    The large Beets one is so colourful. I’d use it for going to the market to buy my fruit and veg.


    Large Broccoli would be great. Would be just perfect for all the vegetable groceries. Could fit them all in one bag

  • joanne darnell

    love the carrott

  • Tracey Parker

    The large carrot bag

  • nicola clarkson

    The large broccoli, id use mine to go to the market to get my veg

  • Andrea Fletcher

    The large carrot bag would be good to take to the supermarket.

  • zoe

    I’d use it for food shopping of course 🙂 large asparagus please

  • Kevin Honey

    I’d like the Asparagus for my weekly shop (it only comes in one size!)

  • I’m always looking for bags to do the shopping but would like the carrots one best.

  • Paula Readings

    A large carrot bag, for large carrots!! lovely bag, very useful.

  • large beets please – would use it to do my weekly fruit & veg shop at my local greengrocers x

  • Tracey Ashburn

    Love them so unique quirky and fun. Love them all especially the BEETS bags. Any size would suit me. They make shopping fun .

  • Tracy Newton

    I love the large carrot tote bag. It would make a great beach bag for our next holiday.

  • Paul Ballantine

    The carrot bag is brill 🙂 hope I win it

  • Lynne OConnor

    I love them all, but especially the medium broccoli for stocking up in the market

  • Penny Jenkins

    I love the carrots tote bag. I’d use it for my supermarket shopping, so I’m not using up plastic bags that are bad for the environment. Great giveaway!

  • laura stewart

    i like the Broccoli one xx

  • Paula Barker

    The beets bag, just what I need to carry my lunch to work

  • Christine Hall

    The beet bag but they are all lovely. Perfect for our camping trips

  • Rachel Butterworth

    I really love the yellow beets medium tote. I’d use it for the market or just for general shopping. It’s so bright and eye catching, I know no one else I know will have one like it.

  • jayne hall

    love the big carrots great for munching raw

  • ChrisM Baker

    Just what I need to brighten up my day, a conversation piece and a real statement. I love them all

  • dawn f

    id love the Beets bag for when we go to the market to stock up on our fruit and veg

  • Hayley Lynch


  • i love the carrot bag! Id use it for vegetable shopping!

  • Laura F

    Carrots medium tote to bring home my shopping.

    • El Weaver

      Either beets or broccoli (too cute to decide!), the larger one and I would use it to carry my papers to work!
      Fingers crossed!

  • Rebecca Whitby

    Broccoli all the way! It’s in black and it’s a superfood!

  • Tim Woolfenden

    ‘er indoors loves the carrot bag!!

  • Jennifer Toal

    Love it would be great to take shopping

  • Nancy Cullinane

    I love the carrot design!

  • Sinead ORourke

    I would give this bag to my wonderful sister. I know she would love the Beets Medium Tote & she would use it for her supermarket shopping.

  • Tracey Morgan

    The Broccoli Bag

  • Love the carrot bag. Id use it to separate my veggies when out shopping.

  • Stewart Osborn

    Carrot bag for shopping x

  • Ruth Harwood

    The Blue Carrots bag is awesome, I’d use it to carry not only carrots, but other veg and perhaps library books and other purchases…

  • Harley

    The square beets one would be fab for shopping x

  • Dawn Andrews

    I’d love a large carrots one for my fruit and veg shopping.

  • Tom Webber

    I’d love the carrot one, because I bloom in’ love carrots. It’d be for every day use.

  • Sarah Davies

    The Carrots medium tote, for picking my runner beans I don’t grow carrots and they would dirty the beautiful bag too much!

  • Sue McCarthy

    I’d use it for shopping. The carrot design is my favourite

  • angela edmonds

    would love the medium cheery yellow beets tote bag which I would use for general shopping

  • Scott Fallon

    I would give it to my mum.
    Medium- Carrots

  • Elizabeth Smith

    what great designs! I’d have a medium beetroot bag and keep it in the dogs’ bike trailer because I often combine a dog walk with the odd bit of shopping and am mindful that in a few months time there will no longer be ‘free’ carrier bags

  • Angela Kelly

    I like the carrot bag, I’d carry everything around in it

  • katherine grieve

    I would love a medium beets bag to carry all my veg home from the greengrocers in xx

  • sharon mead

    the medium tote in carrot design. love the colour and would use is for shopping

  • claire nutman

    I would choose carrots design, and use for my groceries shopping x

  • Heather Haigh

    I’d like a large bees bag. I’d use it for shopping at the local market.

  • Suzanne

    The large asparagus bag would be lovely, please.

  • maya sheldon

    oh my gosh they’re adorable! i would love one!

  • Jim Milligan

    Beets me! Shopping?

  • Charlotte Cottam

    the large tote bag with the asparagus bag would be perfect for picking up the bits and bobs I need when walking into town

  • Fiona S

    I’d love medium beets bag please! I’d use it to go shopping.

  • CJ Smith

    All these bags are gorgeous, I would go for the yellow ‘Beets’ design – the square-ish one ….. This would cheer me up when I go to the supermarket as I hate shopping!

  • Anthony Harrington

    they are all fab, my fav is the Beets!

  • Andrew Hindley

    I like the Broccoli bag to use when I am shopping for vegetables

  • Jennifer

    medium carrots please – my favourite veg 🙂

  • Kate Cass

    I use it all the time, shopping at the local green grocers, to the market and to the supermarket. They’re great!

  • Emily Hutchinson

    I’d choose a big broccoli bag. I’d give it to my sister because I think she’d adore it.

  • Lisa Auger

    The Yellow Beets one is my favourite. I would use it food shopping.

  • Julie Ward

    The medium carrot bag for shopping

  • Beets bag, great!!

  • Laura Costello

    Love the medium carrots!

  • J Schofield

    I would love the Carrots one in medium. Perfect for shopping

  • Lindsey M

    I love the large beets bag. It would be great for my shopping trips. Plenty of room to stop everything getting squashed together

  • Black Broccoli Bag – Ideal For Weekly Shop 🙂

  • Frances Heaton

    I would love the large yellow Beets tote, it would be great to use for my supermarket shopping. Help to save the planet too!

  • Sarah Birkett

    I love the carrots design, shopping size I think, so useful for everything

  • richard hill

    short handled carrot bag would be great for our bunny shopping

  • Caroline H

    I love the medium beets design. I think I’d actually use it as bright, fun storage in the kitchen for my other shopping bags!

  • donna l jones

    I like the Broccoli bag when im shopping

  • Cat Culmer

    I love the medium Asparagus tote, it would be perfect to use as a work bag

  • Rue

    Medium beets for me, for my crochet work.

  • emma falvi

    i love the carrot and a medium, as i would use it for my small shopping

  • Kate Cass

    I would love a Large carrots although I would truly be happy with any as it took me a while to choose the Carrots! I would use it for so many different things, from shopping, to going out with the children for carrying pack lunches and drinks etc, I would probably take it with me wherever I went to keep my books, magazines etc in just great looking bags!thank you fir the chance!

  • Victoria L

    I like the carrot tote and would use it to shop for veg at the local farmers market.

  • Susan B

    Gosh, these are great fun! I’d love the medium asparagus tote to carry my veg fome from the local fruit and veg store.

  • Stephanie Lear

    I would love the large carrot bag to take to the fruit and veg market with my little boy to load up our shopping for the week and carrots are his favourite!

  • Donna Caldwell

    I love the yellow Beetroot it would be wonderful for shopping around the local farmers market or car boot sales

  • dionne


  • Broccoli Mini Tote Bag for my veg shopping 🙂

  • Sheri Darby

    I’d love the medium Asparagus one, to carry home all my fruit and veg

  • leanne weir

    I like the Broccoli design,


    The large Carrot bag is fabulous. I would use it for a trip to the local monthly Farmers Market.

  • Stephanie Whitehouse

    I’d use it to keep root veg from the allotment in the pantry, so I think the beets medium

  • Anne Eames

    I love the large tote carrot design – I would use it to collect produce from my allotment

  • Pip Bennett

    I love the carrot bag and I would use it to do my food shopping with. I try to keep reusable bags in the car aallthe time so I never have to use a plastic carrier bag 🙂

  • Kim Styles

    I would love a medium Beets tote bag and I would use it for work for my books,brolly and lunch etc

  • Claire Barker

    I would love the large Broccoli tote and I would use it every time I go shopping.

  • claire little

    I love the large carrot tote and it would be my new shopping bags.

  • Anne Woodthorpe

    Large carrot would be great 😉

  • Allan Fullarton

    The carrot bag is brilliant.

  • Victoria Prince

    I love the medium carrot design and I would use it when I go food shopping

  • Ann Williams

    These are great designs and so practical, too. Would love a medium tote to use when shopping at our local Farmer’s Market. I think the broccoli design is very smart so that would be my choice.

  • Diana

    Large with carrots 🙂 Would take it shopping every time I go 🙂

  • Liz Marriott

    Large – any design except beetroot (devil’s vegetable!)

  • jo liddmeent

    I would use mine for shopping at my local market for fruit and vegetable and I like the Beets in medium size.

  • Pauline Wilson

    I’d love a large carrots tote to carry to work and take my shopping home afterwards

  • I would love the mini Carrot tote bag! It would be perfect for carrying my lunch to work everyday! my nickname is carrot top! xx

  • Bee Harvey

    I’d like the small carrot tote bag. I’d use it to carry my laptop when I’m going to the library as my current bag is too small.

  • Karen Lloyd

    Beets medium please, love them all though.

  • Vicky Osborne

    I love them all but the Beets tote is my favourite and i would use for shopping

  • Isabelle Smith

    square beets one!! is so cool

  • Helen A

    Id love the carrots tote, will use to do my food shopping well cool x

  • Siobhan Lucy

    I’d use all of them, but I live the carrot tote and would use if as a gym bag 🙂

  • Kate Phillips

    I’d be happy to use any of them as they’re great. I would find the medium brocolli one ideal for shopping. Thankyou.

  • Denise S

    large beets bag for carying home grown goodies from the allotment

  • Susan Hoggett

    any they are all cool

  • Felicity Smith

    the large carrots would be my favourite but they are all cute


    big carrots bag would be great for shopping

  • Victoria Wale

    I love these!!! I’d like a Carrots bag – I’d use it for our trips to the farmers market! x

  • James McKenna

    I like the beet design, they’re nice and original!

  • Kirsty Woods

    I would like the carrot bag

  • Laura Vitty

    I’d like the large carrots bag to use for my weekly shop 🙂

  • karen Howden

    I would like a carrot bag

  • Sarah Phillips

    All of these bags are just brilliant! For me I would use them when going to the allotment and the beets bag in large is my fave!

  • lisa tebbutt

    the carrot bag i like