Wake up and smell the coffee beans!

Win 2 kilos of Caprissimo coffee beans | H is for Home

Late last year, we shared our The Coffee Mate Caprissimo coffee bean review here on our blog. Today, we’re happy to be offering one of our readers 2 kilograms of the same coffee beans (worth £33). The prize bundle consists of:

2 kilograms of Caprissimo coffee beans from The Coffee Mate | H is for Home

Nothing beats a home-made cup of coffee using beans that you’ve freshly ground yourself… from your favourite cup… and just the way you like it! We’ve really been enjoying our morning cup of Caprissimo coffee.. we’re down to our final half a bag.

Cup of coffee using freshly ground coffee beans | H is for Home

For a chance to win the beans, just let us know how you like your coffee. It’s a flat white with soya, no sugar for me!

2 kilos of Caprissimo coffee beans

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