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three vintage hand painted wooden houses

These were an interesting little buy last week.

vintage handmade hand painted wooden house with red roof and door

A group of three vintage handmade toy houses.

detail of blue vintage wooden house detail of yellow vintage wooden house

They’re constructed of ply around a solid block of wood – then painted.

underside of handmade hand painted wooden house

We’re not sure when they date from, although they obviously have a bit of age – 1940s/50s probably.

vintage handmade hand painted wooden house with yellow roof & door

We love these naive toys and folk art.

vintage handmade hand painted wooden house with blue roof & door

Probably made by dad or grandad for a young child… very sweet!

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  • http://verykerryberry.blogspot.com Kerry

    Are these for sale?- could you email me the cost?- I am in the uk, thank you

    • http://www.hisforhome.com Adelle & Justin,

      Hi Kerry – yes, they're going to be for sale soon.

  • Sally

    They look just like the houses from 'The Village with Three Corners' – children's reading books from the 1960s that I used to read as a child!

    The only picture I could find of the village is here:
    But there is a wikipedia entry on the books:

    • http://www.hisforhome.com Adelle & Justin,

      Hi Sally,

      Thanks so much for the info – we think you're right – we've just done a bit more research and came across this blog post with an illustration of a house that looks identical to the red one we have! http://www.childofthe1980s.com/2008/04/15/roger-r

  • http://www.hisforhome.com Adelle & Justin,

    We've just had a look and lots of these books are still available on Amazon! http://amzn.to/dkpGC7