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Todmorden Market stall | H is for Home

We live in Todmorden – and run our website from here too.

It’s a small market town in the Pennine hills on the border between Lancashire & Yorkshire. Todmorden Market is one of its major assets.

Olives for sale on Todmorden outdoor market

Thursday is flea market day, with a mix of regular traders & one off stall holders having a clear out or raising money for charity.

Free cakes with the bric-a-brac on Todmorden Outdoor Market

We try to get there most weeks, trawling stalls for potential H is for Home stock. We’ve picked up all manner of things over the years – from 200 year old chairs to 1960s lamps.

Bric-a-brac for sale on Todmorden Flea Market

Some traders know what we like now and draw our attention to things they’ve got or will be getting hold of soon.

Bric-a-brac for sale on Todmorden Flea Market

After the second-hand stalls have been scoured, there’s a great place to stop for coffee – it has an unbelievable choice of teas & coffees all on display on their shelves… with home-made cakes and doughnuts to boot!

Exchange Coffee Co on Todmorden Indoor Market | H is for Home

Florist on Todmorden Indoor Market | H is for Home

Jams for sale on Todmorden Indoor Market | H is for Home

Also on the inside market are a florist, greengrocer, cheese stall, biscuit seller, haberdasher, butchers, bakers, but alas, no candlestick maker! Having said that, there’s Dawson’s – a great, traditional hardware stall that never fails to have that little brush or screw that no one else seems to stock. They, no doubt, have candlesticks… and the candles that go in them too!

Dawson's Hardware on Todmorden Indoor MArket | H is for Home

The market has at least 4 different butchers – everyone has their own regular or favourite. Ours is Paul Standsfield whose stall greets you as you enter through the main doors. He’s Fudge’s firm favourite too as he’ll always throw in a big, tasty beef or venison bone for him.

Standsfield Butchers on Todmorden Indoor Market | H is for Home

On other days of the week, the outside market has the usual range of food, clothing and homeware stalls.

Todmorden Outdoor Market | H is for Home

Cheese for sale on Todmorden Flea Market | H is for Home

Fruit & veg for sale on Todmorden Outdoor Market | H is for Home

Special mention has to go to Alexander Gourmet Med, a Mediterranean food specialist who’s usually there on a Saturday. Alex is extremely passionate & knowledgeable about everything he sells. He knows where it was made, which family made it, the methods they used and what makes it unique. We buy great olives & other antipasti, honey, chocolate, coffee, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. He’s an endless source of birthday & Christmas presents for friends & family!

Alexander Gourmet Med Mediterranean stall on Todmorden Outdoor Market | H is for Home

We hope you get the chance to visit one day!

  • Not too far from me then.I'm in Ashton-u-Lyne. That market looks worth a visit I might give it a try one day.

  • Great post. Feels like I was there. The market sounds fantastic. I had never heard the term stalls, but really like how that sounds. Take care.

  • Ooooh – I know what I'm going to be doing on Thursday now then!

  • Ooo gorgeous, I must visit sometime!