Say Cheese!

We were having our end of day glass of wine with some amazing cheese, wondering what to write for this week’s blog post… why not talk about cheese?  We do love a bit of cheese in this house!

Of course you need something to store it in…

…to cut it on…

…and to serve it upon

Todmorden now has its own cheese-maker called Pextenement Cheese Co. They produce a lovely cheese called East Lee Soft – it’s absolutely perfect with crackers or oatcakes. We’re looking forward to trying the cheddar and Camembert-style cheeses they’re currently developing.

We’re quite well served with cheese retailers in our area. Special mention must go to The Cheese Place in Haworth. It’s about half an hour’s drive away, but well worth the trip. Friendly, knowledgeable owners – and great cheese.

So if we’re ever undecided as to which direction to head out… we think of those wise words from Wallace –  “Gromit, that’s it… cheese… we’ll go somewhere where there’s cheese!”

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5 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. I'm feeling homesick for some yummy British cheese and also some of those GORGEOUS cheese boards / bells (?) would go down a treat too….I can barely pick a fave, but if pushed (very hard), I'd say the big red one, the one below, shaped like an old fashioned uncut loaf of Hovis, or the V&B Acapulco…. I must come to Todmorden one day (with a truck full of money….to return with a truck with no money, but stacked high with some / many of your lovely goodies!!!)

    1. I think my fave is the Rorstrand Picknick. Are you back in the UK at all over the holidays? We're really enjoying all this snow – it's absolutely beautiful! Hope you have a merry Christmas! Adelle x

  2. i LOVE cheese….and i love all these lovely cheese acoutraments (not sure if i spelled that properly or if it's even the right word choice for this situation, but i'm sticking with it). so fun!

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