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Antique miniature pine table | H is for Home

Amongst the items we sourced this week was a very quirky piece. It’s a rustic Victorian pine kitchen table… but with a difference – it measures a mere 24 inches long & 8 inches high!

showing the turned leg of the miniature pine table

It’s a lovely period piece dating from the 19th century, beautifully made with turned legs and jointing – the wood having a wonderful, aged patina.

showing the patina of miniature pine table

We think it could possibly be an apprentice piece – the young craftsman displaying his skills before tackling a full-scale piece. We’ve seen miniature cabinets & chests before, but never a table.

showing the jointing on the underside of the miniature pine table

It’s lovely just to look at… but we’ve been trying to think of possible uses. A children’s or dolls’ tea party springs to mind. It would look great with one of those vintage miniature tea sets.

It’s the perfect size for a breakfast tray…

miniature table with Catherineholm Lotus kettle and studio pottery mug

…or tea ceremony. It could also function as a storage or display surface.

showing the worn edge of the miniature pine table

Anyway, if anyone has got the perfect use for it, we’ve just put it on the H is for Home website – it’s in the kitchen department. You won’t need a lot of space to give it a good home!