Tuesday Huesday: C R W Nevinson

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C R W Nevinson's "Marching Men" painting

This striking painting from 1914, entitled ‘Returning to the Trenches‘ is by C R W Nevinson, considered one of Britain’s greatest war artists. The image conveys the movement and sound of the marching troops so vividly. I prefer his earlier style of work of which this is my favourite example – much influenced by the Futurist and Vorticist Movements.

You can see a larger selection of his work on the Bridgeman Art, Culture, History website. There’s a very rare book entitled, ‘C.R.W.Nevinson: The Twentieth Century‘ by Richard Ingleby. There are currently only two copies available on Amazon – the cheaper being a mere £260.64!

  • Caroline O'Reil

    If anyone is in London you can see the originals at the London Print Show at The Royal Academy. Open today, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd.