Tuesday Huesday: Observatory Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad

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two tone purple building in Observatory Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Photo credit: Rachel Rochford

I was browsing Pinterest (yes, I haunt the boards there on an almost daily basis!) looking for photos of Trinidad, the place where I grew up.

Whilst there, I stumbled upon the photography of Rachel Rochford. This image is one of my favourites of Rachel’s, it was taken in Observatory Street, Port of Spain. I love the composition, the colour and the quintessential ‘Trinidadian-ness’ of the building – the bright, three-toned walls, the wrought iron ‘burglar proofing’ at the windows & doors, the corrugated metal roof and the Rasta with his KFC drink & snack!

Rachel’s posted lots more of her wonderfully observational images on Tumblr, she’s a very talented photographer – and ceramicist, and painter, and jeweller (I spied a pair of earrings I love, but alas they’re sold!). Visit her Red Fire Innovations website to see more of her splendid work!