Wednesday Wish: PAUMES Books

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"Ateliers London" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou"Ateliers Stockholme" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou"Ateliers Paris" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou
"Paris Brocante" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou"Home Offices" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou"London Vintage" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou

London Ateliers | Stockholm’s Ateliers | Ateliers de Paris
Bureaux à la Maison | Paris Brocante | London Vintage
All at £20.50

I first spotted these recherché PAUMES books a couple of years ago on the Yvestown blog. They’re published in Japan and I couldn’t find anywhere that stocked them.

I’ve just found out that they’re now available right here in the UK from the wonderful Boudie & Fou. There are 31 titles in total available on their website – one for each day of the month!!

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  1. Tanya says:

    I have quite a few. I hunted them down in Paris a few years ago. I found the Japanese shop on the net and walked for miles to find it, tucked away in centre villa, somewhere. (I didn't walk from Perpignan to Paris) ;-) It was bursting with Paumes books, I was in heaven ;-)

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