5 mistakes you’re (probably) making in your bathroom design

White contemporary bathroom designcredit

We all think you don’t want a large, free-standing bath in a small room. But sometimes, it’s the smallest (and quirkiest) of design decisions that can actually do the most injustice to what should be the best room in the house. Illuminated Mirrors lists some of the most common bathroom design mistakes and how to avoid them.

Bathroom towelscredit

Not considering the colour/material of your towels

Ok, ok. It sounds like an odd choice, but linens and towels are actually one of the biggest causes of bathroom chaos – not because theyre left on the floor, but because of their colour. Darker shades can leave pieces of fluff absolutely everywhere meaning, while your room might look gorgeous when guests arrive, one rub of wet hands and bits of dark material will make even the newest of suites look grubby. Consider the fluff your different towels will leave, as well as the material they’re made of when buying – a small decision, but one you’ll be grateful for when it comes to the weekly clean.

On the other end of the scale, dazzling whites only stay dazzling for a brief length of time when they’re used as much as a towel is. Opt for shades of cream or muted colours – not only do they bring a statement to your room, but they also save you cleaning/replacement costs in the future.

Illuminated bathroom mirror

Putting mirrors in the wrong place

We’ve all heard the age-old trick that a mirror can add more space, right? However, where you put the mirror is as important as putting it up itself. Consider the places where light is most likely to hit, and avoid placing opposite dirty laundry or parts of the bathroom that need a touch of repair. Reflecting dirty areas of the room or piles of washing will make your room feel smaller and more cluttered – try and position your mirror so it reflects the brightest and lightest areas – whichever feature you wish you had double of (bar the toilet) is always a good start.

Illuminated bathroom cabinet

Poor lighting

Linked directly to the above, insufficient lighting is one of the biggest crimes you can make in your bathroom – it adds a grubby touch to even the cleanest of rooms and makes doing make-up, shaving or general pampering near impossible. It’s a particular problem in rooms with dark features making things like your mirror (in the right place) and clever additional lighting vital. For example, when choosing a cabinet, consider options that come with in-built LED lighting – a small touch, but something that makes a real difference to dark rooms (and as they’re energy saving, your electricity bill too!).

Bulit in bathroom storagecredit

Not considering storage

What’s a bathroom without all the lotions, potions and general commotion that makes us look beautiful? Male or female, we’re all guilty of storing a few too many bottles at the side of the bath or on shelves – however, all these wonderful items can make your bathroom look smaller, dirtier, more cluttered and generally less of a haven. Consider proper storage when you’re designing – making it a feature, rather than a necessity.

Wicker baskets, for example, can look beautiful in the right style of room while metallic, cool cabinets can hold a huge amount in more modern rooms. Think of your theme and what storage can be linked to it – nautical bathrooms, as an example, could really be brought to life using faux fishing crates. Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment – you can always remove storage solutions if they don’t work!

Louvred windows providing bathroom ventilationcredit

Bad ventilation

No matter how nice the bath potions used, a poorly ventilated bathroom will always smell damp and be a haven for mould. One of the most common offences in the bathroom lies in lack of airflow – either ignoring an extractor fan or a good old-fashioned window. Consider where you can have your ventilation source before any other design or you’ll pay the price in a worn looking bathroom fairly quickly. While a window wide open is always the best trick for a touch of fresh air, consider a) what you’ll do when it’s freezing cold and b) the amount of dirt the open window will bring in. Having a proper think about small niggles like this before finalising any designs can increase the longevity of your brand new suite and avoid any issues in the long-term, keeping your bathroom beautiful for longer.

Your bathroom should be the best room in the house. A few simple changes can make it just that – no matter how big it is. Consider light, air and space and you’ll be onto the best path with a room you can enjoy for a long time.