5 ways to dress awkward windows

Unusual exterior windows on a housecredit

Whether it’s their size, shape or location – some windows can be awkward to dress. Here are a few tips to solve the potential difficulties.

VELUX blackout blinds

Dormer windows and roof lights

Windows in attic rooms and loft conversions are often difficult to dress. Windows that slope at an angle are best served by roller blinds. If the room at the top of the house is being used as a bedroom, stopping the bright sunlight from waking you up each morning can be something of a challenge. Luckily, VELUX Blinds are available in blackout options to remedy this problem.

Large bedroom bay windowcredit

Bay windows

Roman or Venetian blinds are often the best solution here. The latter can require lots of dusting but you can get a special tool to make light work of this. And if it’s curtains you want, bay window kits are available to buy that contain curved curtain poles or tracks.

Sitting room with white bottom up blindscredit

Overlooked windows

If you live on a busy main road or there are other people’s windows facing yours at the same height, bottom up blinds are a great solution. This is especially the case if you have a lovely view out of the top of the window but people can peer in at the bottom. Fitting bottom up blinds in our front lounge has been on our ‘to do’ list for quite a while – we could easily block out the view of passing traffic to leave a far more attractive view of the trees and church steeple beyond. We must get that done soon!

Bathroom with patterned opaque film on windowscredit

Bathroom windows

Again, roller blinds are a common solution. Or perhaps try an opaque adhesive film which restricts people’s view into this private space, but still allows light to pour in. It also avoids the need for fabrics which can get wet and attract mould.

Half moon windows with custom made shutterscredit

Arched or angled windows

Custom-made shutters might be the best answer here as they really enhance unusual shapes. Cobbling something together will probably look messy – and just installing a plain rectangular ‘off the shelf’ solution won’t maximise the potential of an interesting house feature.